I Am Miss America
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I Am Miss America

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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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We have recently recorded our first ep that we have been selling at shows. It has for songs on it.
It is currently on myspace and our website


Feeling a bit camera shy


A hot summer day in a small town in mid Nebraska we find four good boys. The year is 2006 and the month is June, and these four boys have had quite enough of the city pool. Billy Jessup and his gang had taken it over anyway and they wouldn’t let anyone go off the high dive. So in extreme desperation to do something constructive and to get chicks the four started what we call in the biz a rock and roll band. You see when a group of boys/men meet in the middle of Nebraska with absolutely nothing in common, but the desire to bring pain to the masses a band such as this is formed.

This desire grows with time and practice, and when enough time passes the will to rock grows stronger and the desire overtakes their very souls.

Sorry everyone Aaron was typing. He gets a little carried away. Actually Marty started writing some songs and he’s like hey this stuff is really frickin good. I should get a drummer and a bass player to play with me. So seeing how Devon and Aaron were just sitting around watching “Deal or No Deal” he asked them to join. The three started to make music together. Music that made officers of the law stop by at 10 a.m. thinking there was a rockin’ party taking place. Sir we are not partying we are practicing and who parties at this hour in the morning really.

In a small garage in a simple south central Nebraska town, represent, songs were written and rehearsed. But with no singer ahh you begin to see the problem. When Marty suggested longtime friend, bandmate, and bedfellow Cody who was currently residing in McCook. A phone call from Marty to Cody was made and the first full band practice was set for the following weekend. When the four were together something just clicked. Three songs were finished in that initial practice with more shortly to come. The four quickly recorded a four track and started playing shows. Wherever they seemed to go they were getting positive responses from the people watching. And so the writings of the four boys end here, but the experience that is I Am Miss America has only just begun. And Curtain.