Messengers of Christ Media (MCM)

Messengers of Christ Media (MCM)

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MCM brings an organic Christian aesthetic to modern hip hop music. Home grown beats and carefully crafted word play are the ingredients to the musical soul food provided by Namuh Stay and J.Avail. This is timeless music that honors the timeless Creator of the universe.


During the summer of 1992, in Columbus, Ohio, a young Justin Robinson (J.Avail) and an even younger Brandon Hudson (Namuh Stay) crossed paths for the first time. Introduced at a church cookout, the two quickly became close friends. In their youth, Justin and Brandon shared a love for music. From singing together in the church choir to making up raps on the walk home from summer camp, the young men were always engaging their creative minds in artistic expression.

In 1996, Justin and his mother moved to Phoenix, Arizona. Although hundreds of miles apart, the “brothers from another mother” kept in touch and hung out whenever Justin was back in Columbus to visit family. God kept them close as it was and is His will for them to remain close friends and eventually become brothers in Christ.

Upon graduation from high school in 2000, Justin attended the University of Arkansas where he began to develop the use of his God given talents. In 2001, he purchased his first beat machine and acquired the desire to get involved in the music industry. After two years in Arkansas, Justin relocated to Dallas, Texas. While in Dallas, he seriously enhanced his production skills, obtaining certification and training from Mediatech Institute’s Dallas Sound Lab.

Meanwhile, back in Columbus, Brandon graduated from high school in 2002. The summer before entering college at Duke University, he visited Justin in Dallas and heard for the first time the early sounds of the producer who would one day be his musical comrade. As a freshman at Duke, Brandon endeavored into the realm of the hip-hop emcee. Throughout the next four years, he would greatly enhance his lyrical and rhyming ability, so much that he grabbed the attention of his close friend with some of the tracks that he made.

In December of 2005, Justin and Brandon decided that they would embark upon a musical venture that combined their two talents. Justin had married and relocated to Sacramento, California, and Brandon agreed to move out West upon graduation from Duke in May 2006. At the time, neither young man was focused on making Christian music. However, with the encouragement of his wife (men listen to your wives), Justin began to transform his mindset on how to praise God with his musical talents. He shared this with Brandon and a spiritual metamorphosis began to take place. Then during the summer of 2006, God called both young men to start a journey together as Messengers of Christ.


LP: I Am Not A Rapper (2008)

Set List

A typical set consists of 5-6 songs covering any of the following:

"Let It Shine"
"Minding My Biz"
"Do It For Love"
"I Am Not A Rapper"
"The Real King Of Kings"
"Lean On God"
"I Spy (Watch Out)"
"You Gots To Know"
"Living Water"
"Hustler For God"

The set can be adjusted for more or less time depending on the needs of the event.