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"Rock The Block hip hop fest @ Southpaw in August (Styles P, Freeway, Metermaids & more)"

Though daily tickets are now sold out, you can still buy tickets for both nights of The Rock The Block Fest going down at Southpaw on August 6th & 7th. The curiously Thursday-Friday festival scheduled the mighty Styles P (my favorite performer at Brooklyn Hip Hop Fest) for Aug 6th, with State Property mainstay and recent Cash Money signee Freeway filling the slot for Aug 7th. Metermaids and NSR as well as Hezekiah and Kimberly Nicole get the assist for days one and two respectively.

http://www.brooklynvegan.com/archives/2009/07/rock_the_block.html - brooklynvegan

"NSR's Journey On Stage"

Would you like to know what it was like for NSR to share the stage with Styles P.?
Watch this mini documentary of one of hip hop's underground rapper's journey to the stage.
http://www.iheartdilla.com/2009/08/nsrs-journey-on-stage.html - iheartdilla.com

"Rock the Block ‘09"

This weekend, the Rock the Block Fest at Southpaw confirmed in every way my lifelong obsession with the LOX. Billed as “Styles P plus Special Guests,” I decided not to inflate my hopes of a possible reunion. But when Bodega’s own NSR, also opening for The Ghost, confirmed the rumored appearance, I could hardly contain my excitement. Posted up at the bar sipping on two for one Heinekens with my photo-man, we watched the openers do their thing in anticipation of the epochal auditory destruction that would surely ensue.

The Metermaids, a rap-rock hybrid with a sound akin to a modern-day hipster Fred Durst, were considerably underwhelming. Although their band was tough, it was difficult to feel the over-accentuated, painfully and pedantically on-beat flows of the vocalists. Following them was NSR, the uptown (no, not harlem) representative with a distinctively individual aesthetic and style. The self-proclaimed “Boat Shoe King” refrains from self-aggrandizement and falsehoods—he’s unabashedly about boat shoes, v-necks, blunts, girls, whole foods, and white people rap. His honesty was refreshing and his energy was electric. Coming through to the undersized venue with a troop of blonde upper-west side groupies comically out of place at a Styles P show, NSR kept it a hundred and ten and definitely had me rocking, and got a few laughs in the process.
http://www.brooklynbodega.com/2009/08/11/rock-the-block-09/ - brooklynbodega.com

"Aren't You Adrien Brody? - NSR Interview"

http://the-quotable.blogspot.com/2009/08/she-said-arent-you-adrien-brody-i-get.html - The-Quotable

"What's Good? NSR"

PART ONE: http://retaildj.com/2010/01/25/whats-good-nsr-part-one/

- RetailDJ.com

"It's NSR- Mr. Adrien Brody If You're Nasty!"

http://www.stillonvinyl.com/2009/09/its-nsr-mr-adrien-brody-if-youre-nasty.html - Still On Vinyl


Ithaca Dreams - Compilation (2006)
Put it on Black - Song (2008)
Adrien Brody - Song (2009)
Know I Couldn't - Song (2009)
Topsiderz with Dash Speaks - Song (7.15.09)
The Darling Limited - EP (9.1.09)
Memory Laine (group)- The Spotlight EP (12.28.09)



Rapper, performer, all around lover.

NSR, commonly referred to as "The Young Adrien Brody," is a native New Yorker, haling from the Upper West Side of Manhattan. For as long as he can remember, music has been an integral part of his life. After graduating from "My First Sony" stage, he picked up the drums, bass, and guitar. With an innate sense of rhythm and showmanship, NSR began performing on Manhattan street corners and Middle School talent shows. NSR's love of performance brought him to the famous LaGuardia School of Performing Arts where he majored in drama. It wasn't long before NSR fell in love with hip-hop, skateboarding, and girls. These cultural staples influenced NSR's youth; however, his passion for music in particular proved to be more than just a phase.

At Ithaca College, where he hosted his own weekly radio show, NSR continued to develop as an artist. After graduation, NSR continued to build his network in NYC and beyond. He took a job working for Nike, but a three-month, spiritual hiatus around the world sparked a realization that music was truly his passion. NSR cites that his journey "proved that no matter where I was whether it was New York or Egypt, I couldn't hide from this sense of inevitability. I ate, slept, and breathed performing my whole life and I lost it for a brief moment strapped to a desk 10 hours a day. I wanted to take a chance on doing what I loved for a living. I just needed to go in."

Upon his return from the Middle East, NSR honored his commitment to share his art with the world. His single, "Adrien Brody," has been building buzz for several months now and has received praise from several established artists. With his special blend of wit, charm and authenticity, NSR has a knack for taking everyday situations and communicating them over a beat. Whether it's a commentary on gentrification, the male/female bar dynamic, or celebrity look-a-likes, the genuineness of this emcee is evident. He is definitely a talent worth watching. His debut EP entitled, "The Darling Limited" is being released on September 1.

Update: NSR opened for the legendary NYC hip hop group The LOX on August 6! And his record, "Better With You" is getting spun regularly by some of the Lower East Side's finest DJ's, Samuel French and Ian Boyd.