Pat G

Pat G

 Austin, Texas, USA
SoloHip HopChristian

Pat G is an international rapper with a positive attitude. His music has an energetic, dynamic and entertaining side, but more importantly, a deep message related to values of positivity, motivation, inspiration and Christian faith.


Pat G is an international rapper based in Austin, Texas.

His vision defines the cliches of the hip-hop scene, and Pat is known for his positive and uplifting attitude. His songs are family-friendly, yet energetic and inspiring.

Pat loves to motivate his audience through his lyrics, and knows how to make his message appealing with a massive flow, echoing the work of artists like Nas, Lupe Fiasco or Lecrae, but with a clean and positive twist.

Originally from Temple, Texas, Pat relocated to Austin, where he keeps pursuing music and working on his craft to become an even better performer, one tune at a time. He set out to combine his dedicated Christian faith with his passion for rap, and ever since then, he never looked back. Pat uses music to share his values, and hopefully inspire and educate people who will listen. He has a true passion for gathering people together and tell them stories about his faith and ideals through life.

Pat’s songs boast his unique lyrical mastery, as well as his ability to turn a beat into a powerhouse of groove and melody - always following his own motto: “Be relentless, I don’t just talk it, I live it”. This skilled wordsmith and performer has a smooth and consistent flow, which sits perfectly well within the mix.

Don’t miss his recent single release, “It’s too late”, which is currently available on the web.

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The In Between

Written By: Pat G.

(Verse 1)

Cherry pick for a banana split
make some room
for the fruit of the loom
life is sweet
like a ripe georgia peach
even bitter
like bitin into a big apple seed
but either way
what i heard through the grapevine
anything is possible
it just takes time
cut the cornrows
see ya later
now im in produce
so yall can see the fruits of my labors

4x - Yeah, and it's just like that, HA!
I get the last laugh

(Verse 2)

Moving forward
still going for it
dirty white forces
swangin my momma ford taurus
back in 04
i had the nappy fro
man yall dudes is late
i been rockin the nappy fro
broke away from society's ideologies
without apology
progress more within myself
no cares for
who's hot who's not
imma keep rappin
til they bring back the boondocks
break dancin and an extra large boom box

(Chorus 2)
Yea, and it's just like that, Ha!
I get the last laugh


"Check it, I'm Pat G from Temple, Tx
hometown pride, no doubtin, no second guessin" - Pat G

Set List

Be Relentless!