Redrobot plays concise indie pop/rock that is subtly complex when analyzed. They write three minute songs that convey many emotions and ideas without meandering into pointlessness. If you like well written songs littered with irony, self reflection, and a tinge of hope- you will like Redrobot.


redrobot is named after an obscure Soviet built weapon prototype that was hoped to be considered a “killing machine.” It was tested mostly in parts of China in the late 1940’s and early 50’s. It later became more widely known as [translated from a Chinese dialect] “a useless piece of crap,” as all the machine could do was “rough people up a bit,” and later when modified, “make a mean cappuccino.” In the Seventies, special transistors from the redrobot were implemented into a perhaps more obscure musical instrument of the same name. It was said to sound like, “a million spoiled children at Christmas time in a 15x15 toy store somewhere on Long Island crying about the out of stock nature of the latest and greatest useless toy which will someday invariably be refusing to decompose in a junkyard in Jersey as it’s made out of a space age plastic that will outlast all organic material on this planet.” This is a rave review for sure and one of the main inspirations for the band redrobot’s music. If you can picture that description, translate it into some kind of auditory brain data and then hum along and stomp your feet, you can love redrobot as millions if not hundreds of people do.
You now know the essence of redrobot [also available in a wonderful new scent exclusively at finer fragrance counters not near you]. Proceed with extreme prejudice as most of us do.


the album "Nemesis" is now finished and on college radio throughout the country. It has charted on 15 stations so far with heavy plays on the song "Wicked Boss" and "Puke Remains." We are currently talking with a few labels and playing out to packed shows in and around NYC.

Set List

Typical set list is ten songs right now. We have enough material rehearsed for an hour long set. We could fill an hour and a half with enough notice.