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ReP is short for "Representin' Extraordinary Poetry"....I consist of everything you dream from your favorite artist...confidence, good music, attitude & therapeutic fun....I am a solo act but I perform with a band most of the time...let me be your entertainment!


Born Adrian Sandy native of Brooklyn, New York, better known by his stage name ReP (short for Representin’ Extraordinary Poetry) knew without a doubt that music was his individuality. Yet, it seemed every step brought new adversity, as if he was Indiana Jones maneuvering around obstacles in the temple of doom. Growing up in the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Crown Heights and Flatbush where life can easily consume you, ReP stayed focus exercising his gift on the streets often. A week after his 13th birthday, ReP’s mother died which had a significant effect on his character and subsequently his music. Now a stronger artist, ReP is gaining the ear of the world through his vibrant and vivid lyrics.

Inspired by alternative hip hop groups like OutKast and A Tribe Called Quest, ReP gravitated to diversity early in the game. As his reputation began to build a snowball effect, more people began to appreciate ReP’s unique style, for his onbeat cadence mixed with experimental hip-hop. His grind caught the attention of some notable names in the music industry like multi-platinum producer Devo Springsteen and B. Darius, to name a few. Devo Springsteen saying “This kid I keep bumping into and the places I’m at is hard to get too”.

The intense journey that the young melodramatic is on has not even come close to an end. He’s gaining momentum and may say it’s because of his easy style, his lack of profanity, and an outspoken yet bashful nature that makes him very likeable. Additionally, his music is infectious and has been called exciting, epic, witty, and moving, which is what caught the ear of Trevor Gale Sr. VP of SEASAC signing him as an artist/writer.

Currently ReP’s catolog consists of over 100 tracks and counting, some of which have been featured on popular albums, mixtapes and a freshmen project titled “Rooftop Persona”. Not afraid to step out his comfort zone ReP has contributed his pen, writing for other artist. He has worked with artist such as Grammy Award Winner Spoken Word Poet J.Ivy, and CMJ favorites like Modern Science, FatKids Dodgeball as well as artist like Yung Texxu$, Stalley, DirtBag, Da$H, Sam Scarfo, Grammy Award Winner Producer Devo Springsteen and more. ReP aims high looking directly at the future, doing what he does best - making prolific music thru incredible expression and lyrics, yet this is only the beginning to one of the greatest stories untold!


Pride Expression

Written By: Adrian "ReP" Sandy

Pride Expressions

Verse I
My black is beauty, mo' power too my ppl/
Any pictures better when u add a Lil green to it/
Tho I'd neva sell out cuz my pride is lyke my theme music/
Got my heart beatin', plz don't see me as abusive/
No black eyes and no bruises/
I grind hard tho sometimes I over do it/
Lost in my thoughts, no im lost in da music/
think highly myself, do you kno what da roof is/
I thank God for it, da talents God given/
Y'all niggas tripping I don't kno what Life y'all livin/
I'm not perfect but I gotta purpose/
I'm da voice to da ppl and I gotta serve it/
Alot hatas wanna surface pourin hatred lyke a detergent/
and their words are neva clean puttin stains on my jersey/
Sticks n stones can break ur bones
but words can't hurt me/
you really don't deserve me/

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Verse II
I'm lovin life while I'm livin and livin while I'm lovin it/
Tomorrow is anotha day and I don't wanna run from it/
Nothin is foreva so is erythin fo' nothin/
Cuz life will throw u many things, I try n overcome it/
David killed Goliath, well I'm tryna aim da highest/
why dey tryna bring me down lyke a plane that isn't flyin/
wheneva in da darkness, light always to shines da brightest/
an hatas wanna spite it, cuz dey ain't nothin' lyke it/
no you don't gotta listen, no you don't gotta bite it/
cuz I kno da truth hurts, make u wanna throw some ice on it/
married too my pride, go and throw some rice fo' us/
cuz even if u blind you can read da vibes of us/
life is love so yourself and since you only live once put your trust as well/

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ReP’s catalog currently consists of over 100 tracks (and counting!) some of which have been featured on albums and mixtapes such as:
New Jack Kingz Vol.1 & Vol. 2
Dopehouse Productions Industry Promo “Can You Hear Me Now”
D3 Don Diva's DVD Mag
DJ Blurray Throw-Aways Vol. 2 - Unfinished Business
I Killed Hip Hop Mixtape
Underground Veteran 1.5 Mixtape compilation
DJ PMT We Are Mixtapes Vol. 30
Rooftop Persona Album SoundCheck vol.7 (2012)
Just To Get A ReP mixtape (2012)

Set List

4 dynamic microphones ( preferably shure sm58)
drums set
10 water bottles