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Single - if u like my a$$ a smashing club track



Robinson De Los Santos, better known as i.am.romeo, is a living proof that rhythm does flow through the musical veins of a privileged few. True artistry is not something you can acquire; it is something you are born with!

With an unique voice and his musically inclined ear, i.am.romeo was bred to be a artist/songwriter/producer from a very young age. It was his love for harmonies and beats that
helped mold him into the well-rounded aritst that he is today.

Having fallen in love with Dance and R&B songs, i.am.romeo continued to develop and nurture his songwriting and producing skills. It takes a certain vision to blend opposing genres like Pop, R&B, Electro and Dance music into a HIT track. Romeos secret? Staying true to his own and unique style and pursuing what he really loves.

i.am.romeo has produced and written songs for some good artists and he’s getting more requests.

With a masterplan in his mind, i.am.romeo wants nothing more than to be known for making good and hot music.

i.am.romeo also hopes to reach out to a larger audience with his dance-electrolatino-pop-latin-dub-R&B flow, a fusion of genres that has made an appearance in the music industry today.

Nothing makes him happier than music. NO ONE can stop him from reaching his main GOAL ! – TO BUILD an ENTERTAINMENT EMPIRE! LIKE HE ALWAYS SAYS “METELE CANDELA!!"