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Hornepayne, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Hornepayne, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Country Singer/Songwriter




"Socan Music Canada welcomes Sacha on there website."

Sacha has been busy writing and recording new songs in 2013. The single “Music Row,” a song about Nashville, hit the airwaves this summer, in preparation for her trip to the city this past August. - Howard Druckman

"Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA)"

"Music Row" a song about Nashville, chasing a dream. - Canadian Country Music Association

"CBC Radio Fresh Air 99.1FM Presents Sacha"

Sacha Visagie has a musical dream. She wants to make her name as a professional singer/songwriter. And she's made a good start with her first EP, called Sacha. Sacha joined Mary to talk about the challenges of making it in the music biz. - Mary Ito

"KX 96 Radio Host Jeunesse Montgomery Spencer "Her voice is soft as cotton candy and sweeter than honey.""

Today’s playlist share is ‘Music Row’ by Sacha. Her voice is soft as cotton candy and sweeter than honey. Her sound and the lyrics created so much imagery for me from my first listen. I imagined a bright eyed girl waking up and realizing her dreams and following the stars to Nashville.

Now, while there is plenty of softness and sweetness in this journey, there is also determination. That drive took her and her ‘guitar full of dreams’ to Nashville this past summer to play the Opry Mills Radio Showcase, Perry County Music on Main and at Hotel Indigo Nashville.

Let this song inspire you to follow your dreams too: - Jeunesse Montgomery Spencer

"Much Talks : Anti-Bullying/Sacha "Stix N Stones""

Bullying is an issue that affects many of us. Whether mild or severe, it's something that can negatively impact our lives, our relationships, schooling, mental health, etc. Bullying is something MuchMusic takes a hard stance against.

We encourage our audience to join us in standing up against bullying. - Much Music

"Oshawa Singer/Songwriter's first EP impresses Sacha Visagie hitting the right notes"

OSHAWA -- Sacha Visagie didn't set out to write an anti-bullying song. But the Oshawa singer/songwriter says Stix N Stones turned into one, and it's struck a nerve, with Visagie playing it in schools across Durham.
The song is on her first solo EP, Sacha, released earlier this year.

"I love the feedback coming from the kids," she says.

"The last school I was at (Vimy Ridge P.S. in Ajax), it was mayhem. Buses were leaving and everybody wanted me to sign their shirts."

Visagie explains she was just playing her guitar one day, coming up with a melody.

"(The song) was going in one direction when the words and sticks and stones came into my head," she says.

She laughed to herself, thinking it sounded kind of hokey. But once the song was finished, Visagie realized it had a strong, empowering, anti-bullying message. And that was fine with her.

"I want to encourage people in my songs," she says.

The song has its origin in a real-life experience. Born in Montreal, Visagie grew up in Warkworth, moving to Oshawa in Grade 7. As a member of the only black family in Warkworth, she remembers being called names. One rough day, she was on her way home, crying, when a kind woman stopped her to find out what was wrong and taught her the stick and stones expression.

"She made me feel better," Visagie says. "She knelt down and looked me in the eye and had me repeat (the expression)."

But she notes she changed the expression around in her song "because I think words do hurt."

Visagie sings, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but the words you say will fall flat to the ground, you're never gonna break me down."

This is the Day was written for a friend's wedding while Nothing to Lose is about changing one's life and priorities.

"All of my songs, they're all inspired by people's needs," she says. "I like to write about life, deeper, beneath-the-surface songs... anything that will inspire and bring hope, tell a story.

"Music's such a powerful tool."

Visagie says she has a lot of new original material and is eyeing a full-length album release in 2013. But at the moment she's working on a video for Stix N Stones.

Visagie says, "music's always been a part of my life." She played music with her twin sister but is looking to reach more people, in Canada, the U.S. and around the world. She has sung on CBC Radio, performed in Dallas, Texas this summer and is playing more local gigs.

Even more good things are in the works, with Visagie saying "opportunities are coming up I can't mention right now." - Durham Region News, Mike Ruta

"Rising Canadian star, Sacha has also shown support to the anti-bullying movement."

"I released an EP CD this past summer. One of the songs I released was a song called "Stix N Stones" and I have started a school tour because of this song. I am hoping to get more support so that the message of this song can get across to many who suffer this abuse." - Virgin Radio 99.9FM

"Rising Canadian star, Sacha has also shown support to the anti-bullying movement."

"I released an EP CD this past summer. One of the songs I released was a song called "Stix N Stones" and I have started a school tour because of this song. I am hoping to get more support so that the message of this song can get across to many who suffer this abuse." - 99.9 FM Virgin Radio

"Durham Live Welcomes Sacha"

This Canadian Singer/Songwriter and Composer, got her Acoustic, Country, Folk, background from being rooted and grounded in the small town of Warkworth, Ontario. - Durham Live!

"Tom Thomson Arts Festival"

Sacha, a Canadian Singer/Songwriter, made her debut with her single "Nothing to Lose" which has been played on CBC radio. Her songs emanate messages of inspiration and empowerment and her Folk/Acoustic/Country background have opened doors for her to share her music in Dallas Texas, Festivals, Showcases and more. Discover more of Sachas music on itunes, or contact her on the links below for info on recieving her new EP! - Matthew Standen

"VOICES Showcase Rocks the Revival in Toronto"

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Aug. 7, 2012) - VOICES 2012, presented by Inspired Productions, showcasing some of the brightest singer/songwriters on the scene today. Revival, 783 College Street Toronto, FRIDAY AUGUST 10, 2012 - 8 pm.
Inspired Productions is a not-for-profit music organization dedicated to emerging Canadian singers providing an online resource for artist development, gig and performance opportunities. We are proud of our VOICES showcase and the exposure it provides to these exciting artists.
We invite media and music industry professionals to participate in fostering our rich local talent.
Sacha - SoJay - Emrah Kento - Jessica Lajner - Craig Sharpe - Arlene Paculan - and special Guest Flowerchild.
Be there - Support Canada's Talent.
For Info and Tickets contact - Market Wire - Inspired Productions

"Cobourg Music Experience"

Sacha Visagie plays the bandshell at Victoria Park
- Snap Norththumberland

"Cobourg Music"

Sacha Visagie is a singer/songwriter whose honesty rings through each chord she plays.
She seamlessly mixes elements of pop/folk/rock and country and is one to watch in scene.

We are thrilled to have Sacha as part of our talented line-up! - Cobourg Music Experience

"Girls Night / Females Performed at The Fox and the Fiddle"

Mariam, Leela, Sacha & Katrina were the performers that night. - Snap Pickering

"Glacier News"

Sacha Visagie is the real deal with her single, ‘Nothing to Lose’ - Glacier Ridge Media

"Get Real Live Radio, Calgary"

Today we have singer/songwriter, Sacha Visagie joining us with her new single 'Nothing to Lose'. - Susan And Scott From Get Real Live Radio Calgary


Single "Nothing To Lose" April 9th 2012
Single "Stix N Stones" June 1st 2012
Single "This Is The Day" July 5th 2012
Music Video "Stix N Stones" May 31st 2012



Sacha, currently residing in the Greater Toronto Area, was born in Montreal Quebec. The Canadian Singer/Songwriter/Entertainer, and composer, got her Country, Folk background, from being rooted and grounded in the small town of Warkworth Ontario. She is known for her single “Stix N Stones”, an Anti-bullying anthem, which received airplay on CBC radio, including a radio interview at the station. The debut of her self titled EP (2012) has landed her opportunity to play many venues such as Country music showcases in Canada and Nashville, We Day Fundraiser events, weddings, private events, National Anthem and half-time performances at the General Motors Center, Ribfest and other various festivals, including an all expenses paid  for trip giving her the opportunity to play at a festival in Dallas Texas. The success of her single “Stix N Stones” has also caught the attention of media sources such as 99.9fm Virgin Radio, posting Sacha as “Rising Canadian Star” on their anti-bullying site along with link to her song. Much Music recently added her music video to their anti-bullying site, amongst videos of major Artists in support of this cause. Teenz Fav awards and Harry Jerome Awards ( televised event), were both hosted at the Metro Toronto Convention Center where Sacha had the honor to perform for audiences of 1000 plus guests, alongside some very well known acts of Canada and U.S. Other media exposure from local television and news appearances, radio interviews, article features in local news papers and in other cities, have helped Sacha to expand on her current School Tour.  KX96fm was one of the stations which promoted on air her event for the premiere of her music video for “Stix N Stones, was held at Empire movie theatres in Whitby, where nearly 400 persons attended to watch the music video along with live full band showcase by the Songstress. Not only has the message and song reached people in Canada, but it has captured the hearts of people afar, in 170 Countries plus. Numbers of fan videos have been made by youth using a Video Star App, featuring the song which allowed for even greater exposure of "Stix N Stones" and the message it carries.

Currently, the release of Sacha’s latest Album “Just Like You” (School Tour edition), has created a new buzz for the Artist, as she embarks on her 2014-2015 Live School Tour performances, gaining the support of  School boards throughout the GTA, and abroad. CBC radio supported the launch of the album by playing the single “Just Like You” on their rush hour program “Here and Now”, causing an immediate response of a few listeners getting in contact with Sacha, creating more invites for the performer and CD sales through listeners. The lyric video, within a month of the release is nearing 14,000 views, along with what seems to be an endless amount of fan videos made from youth globally on the You Tube search engine under “Just Like You fan videos”. Itunes digital download is not the only source of the album making it’s way to the fans, yet requests have been made from new followers to have hard copies mailed not only in Canada and the U.S, but now internationally, which was a clear indicator that an official music video for this single is the next step to take. The Album is full of songs with fun catchy rhythms and hooks, infused with mandolin, doboro, banjo, and more. The messages through her songs, leaves many feeling inspired, encouraged and empowered. The telling of a story, some even of her own, are what makes these songs relatable to the listeners, and reaches a demographic from many, young and mature, creating a demand for her music. She is recognized as a “Fresh face” and “Fresh sound” on the Country Music scene, being what is believed to be the first Canadian Black female Country singer, a unique advantage which sparked attention and interest of a couple publicists from Music row Nashville. As an independent Artist, Sacha has carved a niche for herself to afford her a promising road ahead in her dreams and her mission statement which goes as such...


“I’m a musical messenger, changing the world one song at a time!”


Download Sacha’s New Album “Just Like You” today on itunes!!

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