I Am Sam

I Am Sam


I Am Sam. Songs with a groove and a point. Where Mraz and Jack Johnson meet the classic lyrics of Squeeze. All in a mixing bowl with some hip hop and reggae sauce thrown in! www.myspace.com/iamsammusic check out the vibe:- www.youtube.com/iamsammusic


Born and bred in the UK, the lyrical style of the late 70's and early 80's London bands crashes headlong into the soft pop acoustic groove songs I Am Sam performs today. Such an edge over other bands has he, due to the songwriting craft he has honed since school and various successful bands since. That coupled with the strange mix of relevant lyrics, laid back groove and more rarely a London vocal make him a unique and (as yet) unsigned talent.


Album - A Sober Thought
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Set List

A typical set varies between 45 - 90 mins. Mainly consisting of tracks from 'A Sober Thought' and a few new ones...