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“I think courage, sets me apart from most rappers these days” says the Hip Hop newcomer and New Jersey native IAM SINCIIR. “I have no problem being personal since there’s a real piece of me on everything I record.” For some, using a phrase as an artist name in Hip Hop will come off unusual but IAM SINCIIR wants fans to know before pressing play, his music provides something that can’t be duplicated because it comes from his heart. The young, energetic, raspy voice emcee uses a style that invites music fans to his exclusive interpretation of todays always evolving and wired culture. The deep and bassy sound of his voice lays smoothly on each beat as he sets the tone of the song, creating the mood that captures every listener. “I create images with my music. Before the song ends you will have an unforgettable experience, I guarantee it.”

Born Taylor Lewis, it was courage that helped him to stay alive 22 years ago as he drew his first breath as an infant. His biological mother was fighting a drug addiction during her pregnancy causing SINCIIR to fight the first 6 months of his life because of blood poison. Through time he learned that his battles wouldn't stop there, from being born with the sickle trait to also having a couple of personality disorders. “Most teenagers go through a phase where they’re mad at the world. Growing up, I think I was the only one around me who had a legitimate reason.” Also, at the age of 12, it was revealed to him that he was adopted. This caused SINCIIR to have an identity crisis and started a downward spiral of negativity.

After getting his jaw broken and wired shut from a fight, SINCIIR’s mother felt that she needed to do something before her son would be forever trapped in hate. She took her son and moved to Southwest Florida. It was not until a court ordered house arrest because of threats to a male high school classmate that SINCIIR started to change his ways as he fell in love with Hip Hop. The messages in the music opened his eyes as if the songs spoke to him directly. This connection started a daily therapy of writing rhymes to express his feelings. After seeing how natural it was to express himself with lyrics and the positive reactions to his early recordings; SINCIIR knew that he found his true identity as a Hip Hop artist and wanted to do it for the rest of his life. That moment allowed SINCIIR to drop the dark clouds that surrounded him from birth and start a new path to achieving greatness. “That’s why I always show gratitude to the legends before me while reminding my generation and the next ones after that a person’s voice is a powerful tool. Music literally saved my life.”

After five years of musical growth and development; I AM SINCIIR has worked hard to combine his natural talent with a complete set of skills that gives him a limitless range to create whatever he wants. “I look at every song as an opportunity to have a conversation with whoever is listening. Music can be the soundtrack to someone’s life.” With youthful ambition mixed with a relentless desire to be remembered as one of the best in his era, IAM SINCIIR shows that his heart is one thing music fans will never have to question