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According to iaMSipp, “to be successful in this game of rap, you must have a strong work ethic, possess the ability to create music that appeals to a broad audience, and you must be extremely charismatic.” iaMSipp have all those elements and the right attitude to be successful.

Born in Yazoo city, a small town in Mississippi, iaMSipp formely known as Mr. Sipp has a catalogue of 4 mixtapes and numerous videos. iaMSipp has been working hard to build his fan base online and in his hometown. iaMSipp’s radio spins and online buzz attracted the attention of independent label, Swagger House Entertainment, based in Oakland, California.

Armed with his hot new single and video “Barbie” featuring the legendary Spice 1, and the support of Swagger House Ent, iaMSipp is ready to travel to the next level on his road to success.

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On My S Word