BandHip Hop

Genre = pop-hop, cross marketable to urban and suburban crowds. Huge female following and she's a lyricist so men enjoy her music as well. Stage presence is off the charts.


Bed-Stuy Brooklyn is where it all began for the young MC by the name of SIYA. Born 1987 this aspiring superstar was raised by her Grandmother in the Eleanor Roosevelt housing projects in Brooklyn which happens to be one of the roughest housing projects of the five boroughs.

Siya began rapping at the tender age of seven. While in elementary school and throughout her high school years Siya entered every contest and talent show possible throughout the five boroughs. Siya has performed along with WyClef Jean at the world famous B.B. Kings as well as opened up for Fat Joe and Fabulous during a concert at Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, New York. She eventually started performing on local college tours. After joining up with Toya of Bad Boy Records, meda of universal src division, and Zab Judah’s label, Siya was offered featured spots on the popular street “Smack” and “Drahma magazine” DVD’s.

In 2003 her original team separated however she remained close with Meda and Zab and received support from her fans. Siya at that point began marketing and managing herself to different venues and promoters. As Siya networked and continued performing in one club after another, her reputation and popularity excelled. Siya is now ready for the next level. 2008 has been a great year for Siya she has released two albums an EP by the name of “7 for 7″ and her popular mixtape “Follow My Lead” hosted by Dj Nu which lead to her headlining her own mini “follow my lead” tour which hit every major club from New York to Miami. Siya was also featured on German radio and a German television show called traxx arte which was viewed by 15 million viewers which gained her a great following overseas not only in Germany but in Sweden as well. Siya is now looking forward to a promising and extremely successful career in the music industry.


Mixtapes only.

"State of Mind" set to release in February 2010.

Set List

10-20 minute set. She usually performs the 1st verse and hook of her song. Holds the audience attention.
Brooklyn Girl freestyle
Flying Alone
Fly Dope
Fade Away
We On It ft. Mums FP