I Am Spartacus

I Am Spartacus


I Am Spartacus! is my filthy brand of skag & bone-pikey-indie, Just finished recorded my debut album, 'At Home With The Devil' with super producer Jonny Singh.

Due to be released in May 2011 on SiZe Records UK.




Luke Justice Telford (born 26 October 1985) known by his stage name I Am Spartacus, is a 25-year-old English songwriter born in the shadow of Sellafield, in Cumbria.

Raised on a healthy diet, of Bowie, Van Morrison and The Beatles he picked up the guitar at an early age. Hampered by broken hearts and broken bones, his style somewhat developed to overcome the obstacles he faced in life. Into his teens he discovered Jeff Buckley, Elliott Smith and Joy Division and was mesmerized by their haunting melodies and atmospheric overtones. He slipped in and out of bands, never feeling as though he belonged.

Upon moving to London in 2005 his love of melody, strange chord shapes and alcohol brought rough demos showcasing lyrical wit, harmonies, heartbreak and late nights. His growing disdain for city life and city prices saw him move back to his home, where he set about prolifically writing, recording and performing.

His musical style is hard to place, but incorporates elements of skag, bone and pikey-indie.

In 2009 after recording a second demo entitled “I Am Spartacus & This Is England” which highlighted a more embellished style and relentless gigging, he built up a loyal army of followers, and was invited to play with artists such as Little Comets, Detroit Social Club and Twisted Wheel aswell as appearing at such festivals as Kendal Calling, Cockrock and Hungry Pigeon.

At the start of 2010, he was nominated as a finalist in the Emerging Talent Awards, and later on that year he sat down to record his debut album; “At Home With Devil” with super producer/imaginer Jonny Singh.
The first single, ‘This Is England’ was released as an exclusive download on 17 December 2010 on tourdates.co.uk and after a week of release entered the unsigned chart at the Number 1 spot. Where it stayed for 6 weeks. At the time of writing the song had been a fixture in the unsigned Top 20 for three and a half monthes.

Due for release in May 2011, “At Home with Devil” promises surprises, heartbreak, spontaneous dancing and euphoric sing-alongs. With numerous gigs and festival appearances already set aside, this is just the beginning.

A number of videos featuring live footage along with promos for the debut album can be found at : www.youtube.com/sizerecordsuk


I Am Spartacus & This Is England (demo) - 2009

At Home With The Demos (Limited gig only CD) - Nov 2010

Live @ The Civic Hall (Limited LIve Bootleg CD) - Nov 2010

This Is England (Download Only Debut Single) - Dec 2010

Live @ ReSession (web exclusive bootleg) - Feb 2011

Set List

Current setlist (spring 2011.. varies every show)

Lawrence Take Agaba (Parts I & III)
Snake Hips
I Want You To Remember
Rise From You Grave
Forever Young
Shoot Me Down
You're A Liar & A Cheat & A Dirty,Dirty Thief (You Treat Me Like An Animal)
Pretty In Pink
Take My Bones
This Is England
A Graph of X=Y