I am the Heat

I am the Heat


Brooklyn based I am the Heat draws inspiration from Television, Talking Heads and Yo La Tengo. A fusion of rock, pop, post-punk, garage, art rock and electro, they create an upbeat and catchy sound with a powerful mix of hooks, melodies, percussiveness and danceable bass lines.


Since 2005, Brooklyn based I am the Heat has spent the last few years recording, touring the NYC club circuit and steadily building a following. Their music draws inspiration from Television, Talking Heads, Yo La Tengo, The Pixies and Wolf Parade, a fusion of rock, pop, post-punk, garage, art rock and electro. I am the Heat melds elements of their favorite genres into a powerful mix of hooks, melodies, danceable bass lines and percussiveness, creating an upbeat and catchy sound.

Their most recent recording, the Naked EP (2007), is their most polished and mature work yet. Forever pushing the boundaries of their music, I am the Heat is poised to enter into their most exciting phase yet.

The band spent its infancy during the spring of 2005 in the Manhattan basement of drummer James Silverman, where he and guitarist/vocalist Jameson Edwards wrote songs on borrowed equipment. They were joined almost immediately by bassist/guitarist/vocalist Nash Astor, with whom Jameson had played while at Oberlin College.

Having played nearly as many parties as they had formal practices, the band decided they needed a denser sound and adopted guitarist/vocalist Jon Whiten. Whiten left shortly after recording the Cars Like Oceans EP and was replaced by guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist Burny Pelsmajer, a college friend of Nash and Jameson. Many shows and two EPs later, Nash left the band to pursue solo project Astor Twin.

With the recent addition of bassist Anthony Dines, infusing the band with a unique drive and danceable energy, I am the Heat’s members now hail from the New York, San Francisco, Providence and Cleveland. All four members have a diverse musical pedigree, having performed with projects ranging in style from rock to punk to free jazz to drum and bass.


Naked EP (2007)
Silver Skies EP (2006)
Cars Like Oceans EP (2006)

Set List

1. Silver Skies
2. Hollywood
3. Rock Paper Scissors
4. Killing Scene
5. Radio
6. Ordinary
7. Tiny Tigers
8. What Would Lou Reed Do?
9. Lane Split

Total time: around 40 minutes