Tommy B

Tommy B

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an independent artist. with an independent record label,"Life of Luxury". I strive to get to the top. I'll do whatever it takes to get there, and show the world that I am the next star. I'm here to show my life of luxury.. and the question is what is yours..


Thomas Scott Berry Jr; AkA “Tommy B”

Born: Woodland Hills, CA.

Raised in: Las Vegas

Strong Family entertainment ties, shaped his life from an early age. His exposure to music, (all genres), acting, and dance performance, cultivated his understanding of the arts, and its importance in communication. Ever the center of attention; from class clown, school plays, family reunions, Tommy B, enjoyed performing for others. His desire to make people laugh became a passion. Inspired by pop, rock, hip hop, jazz, an acute fascination of word play and skills executed while performing in dance, Tommy B, began experimenting writing bars for free verse as a means of artistic communication. His brother, who resides in California, introduced TB to “Live Rap” performance. His brothers passion, for this art form, spilled over into “Tommy B’s” life. What began as a hobby has now become the driving force of LOL Records.