Tyler Clarensau

Tyler Clarensau


Acoustic guitar players are a dime a dozen, but finding one with a perfect mix of passion and maturity is nearly impossible. Congratulations... you just found one.


Make a difference.

After 15 years of drumming, 10 years on the piano, 6 years playing bass guitar, and 5 years with a guitar in his hands, 21 year old Tyler Clarensau heard this call from God. After playing in countless bands, and touring the nation with two of those (Dear Augustine & Whitley), Clarensau decided it was time to make a difference. Sick of the meaningless songs and shallow entertainment that came from his voice, Tyler has taken a new direction.

Blending acoustic pop, folk, and electronic elements, Clarensau brings something new to the ear. With comparisons such as Lifehouse, Denison Witmer, John Mayer, Matt Wertz, Jimmy Eat World, Jack Johnson, and Shawn McDonald, the talent of Clarensau shines through with every chord and pitch. And with songs about his journey (and struggle) of faith, his marriage, and many of his past experiences, Tyler’s show is one you won’t want to miss.

Tyler is no amateur in the music scene. His songs have been listened to over 87,000 times online (as of 4/25/06), 53,000 of which have been since December of 2005. He has shared the stage with many national touring acts, such as Haste the Day, Sherwood, Bradley Hathaway, Spoken, and Waking Ashland (see attached resume for full list). He has also been a part of numerous “self-released” (no record label support) recordings. As mentioned above, Tyler has toured numerous times over the last year and a half, and played over 150 shows in that time period.

Though Tyler has been in church since the second week of his life (and he’s been a pastor’s kid for the majority of that time), his testimony is one of ups and downs, miracles, and a definite call of God on his life. At the age of 15 in a youth service, he was healed from a genetic leg problem (one that had caused multiple surgeries and therapy), and his story was in Newsweek, Reader’s Digest, and many other national publications. “I’ve seen God work in so many ways in my life,” says Tyler. “But this is still a journey for me. I mess up, I’m so far from perfect, but part of the journey is getting back up again, and that’s the message I want to share with people.”

Another ringing theme in Tyler’s music is the idea of excitement. “Living for God doesn’t have to be boring,” he says with a smile. “Too many people have the idea that it’s just a bunch of rules. God made this amazing world for us to enjoy, and I don’t understand why we act like we can’t have fun while we’re on it!”


Katie's Song

Written By: Tyler Clarensau

You stole my heart, my lover, my bride
And it happened with just one glimpse of your eye

Verse 1
I looked forward to that Tuesday
When I'd pick you up from work
Our soundtrack was "Red meets Blue"
On our way to dinner downtown
To a place we call our own
But that was just the beginning
Now over two years have gone by

And I can't wait for two more years to go by
So I can prove my love will stop at nothing


Verse 2
Now we live in this apartment
With our flame still burning bright
And I grab this guitar when you lay your head to sleep at night
And I sing a love song
That sounds like fantasy
But no, it's you and me
No, it's you and me

Pre-Chorus 2
And I can't wait for forty years to go by
So I can prove my love will stop at nothing
I'll stop at nothing



You and Me EP- 2006
Scare Yourself- 2006
This Perfect Night EP - 2004

Set List

30 minutes to 2 hours. Tyler plays 95% originals, but has covered songs including "With or Without You" by U2 and "Golddigger" by Kanye West.