i am wax

i am wax


U2 being beaten by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club... Detroit Indie Rock...


Proud to be a Detroit band, but...
Playing at the historical CBGB's in New York has revitalized our commitment to follow our dreams.
"i am wax" has opened for quite a diverse list of acts.
From "Kid Rock" to "The Verve Pipe", the music stays true and passionately impacts the audience.
While this band may have started out as a solo project, it has now grown to a five piece "sonic" explosion.

Through the constant dedication and perseverance toward creating, "i am wax" creates a style of music that is eclectic and reaches the ears of both urban and rural listeners.
"i am wax" is now leading the tradition of this passionate, alternative, straightforward music developing in the Detroit area. It is our mission to bring this unique yet hook driven alternative rock to the world.
Developing a cutting edge sound in this era is a difficult task. Fortunately, this band has a variety of influences and musical experiences. Accessing influences from classical piano, to heavy "punk rock" driven guitar, "i am wax" continues to stretch their interests.


3 song radio promo EP
"i am wax" LIVE EP
62.5 cents a song LP

Set List

We typically play one or two 45 minute sets.
Our sets are primarily original material with a few cover songs changed/arranged to fit our style.