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An aspiring teenager with ambitions to share his life stories and experiences of growing up in the ATL joined by the hard hitting and sultry production of Fusion Funk.

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Yung C Music

Written By: Cornelius Weatherspoon, Michael Henry, & Quentin Primas


Written By: Cornelius Weatherspoon, Michael Henry, Quentin Primas

With George Bush otta office, its time for change
YUNG C on the track- shooting up the charts like Wayne
Got a problem with school ant know course for rapping
Who’d ever thought I would make it happen?
Me, that’s who!!!!!!
A dream come true
I’m just getting started, YUNG Cs brand new
You can look me in the eyes; I got the heart of a lion
Been hit wit many slugs you can bet I ain’t dying
Rappin come naturally… I ain’t even trying
Future legendary lyricist
Ya’ll Bustas hearing this,
Ya’ll bustas fearing,
Ya’ll bustas don’t exissssst
Like poof be gone…
You moving outta ya home,
I’m taking over ya zone,
At the top all alone,
I’m claiming the throne
I can go on and on
But Imma leave it at this
Keep on rocking my shows
And making these hits
Because they making me rich
Come on catch you he the world saying
Come on come on catch you her the world say.
Come on

I wanna hear that, I need to hear that, I gotta hear that, Yung C music
I wanna hear that, I need to hear that, I gotta hear that, Yung C music

7 days out the week I can go with out sleep
And 6 days a week yo I mite not eat
And 5 days a week the sun I mite not see,
But I can’t go nann day with out a mic and these beats
Selling records out the trunk of my car
Everybody wants to know who I are
Cause my rhymes so unique like a flying car
I’m high like the moon, bright like the sun
I’m having fun,
Rapping a hobby, im hot like Mohobi
the stage is my desert
I burning up, so turn it up
I wanna, I wanna, I wanna to here that music
It’s what the fans be screaming like they just mite loose it ,
They beggin for my song on every station
It’s a Yung C movement all over the nation


Sometimes I rhyme slow sometimes I rhyme quick
But all the people saying is, man that boy sick
Can’t forget it- it ain’t hard
Let me be specific. Terrific.
Gotta be the best I can be,
Nothing less within me
Repetition leads to fame
But he perfection leads to glory,
Now listen to the story.
The second oldest out of six
My family way mo hard Dan dem bricks
Mama is a getta daddy is hustle
So I took the trade made me outta of spitta
Never Fictious im gone give it to you straight
You can look my in my eye or you can’t see it on my face
I’m on your ring tone-
I’m on your camera phone-
I’m in your head phones-
I’m always on
I’m on the radio,
It’s on the replay
Now all the people say
Go DJ let the record play


Imma Do Dat

Written By: Cornelius Weather, Michael Henry, Quentin Primas, DeMarquis Epps, DeShay Primas

“Imma Do Dat”

Written by: Yung C, Michael Henry, Quentin Primas, DeMarquis Epps, DeShay Primas

Imma buy me bad whip
big wheels, hella hit
Body kit, limo tint
Italian leather, wood grip
Superbad chick
I’m talking super duper thick
Wit Heart shaped hips
and dem Meagan Good Lips


Imma buy me da house on the hill
Plush green golf course
Ten cars or more
Anna basketball court
Nothin less than 5 carats
On all my fingas,
wardrobe stay fly
stackin, stackin, my paper
Like the Prince of Dubai


Imma do dat, who dat you already know
Sittin in the Lack pocket swoll wit bank rolls
Call me what you want, but you cant call me broke
Throw me some talk, you add a little mo
If I tell you Imma buy this, dat’s wat I mean
Paper stuck together ain’t nuthin in between,
I’m do something shawty you aint never ever seen
I’m buy me a island that ain’t never gone drop
Fusion funk records ain’t never gone flop
I told you back den I was really do this
All the homes in the hood like dats my ish
yeeeahh that my ish
By the time you heeear this I prolly be rich
And it ain’t no stoppin cause I do not quit.


Now I did dat wat dat I finish wat I started
Bought me a club just to throw a couple parties
Now I’m crunk’dup actin retarded
I say wat I mean and I finish wat I started
It’s alotta parts to the story that I’m telling
I’m the truth and baby girl you’re fiction
Call me a lie, homeboy you’re trippin
It’s another lesson to the stories I’m giving
All dat trash talk pimpin you can have it
Life like you can call dat magic
Riches in bank, I can triple yo salary
Nice diamond ring everything be a glare ta me
And you can go on and on until the end of me


Written By: Cornelius Weatherspoon & Quentin Primas

Internet Fling

Written By: Quentin Primas & Cornelius Weatherspoon

Internet Fling

Author: Quentin Primas & Cornelius Weatherspoon

I got a thing for you, thing for you, thing for you
I got a thing, got a thing, got a thing for you
Every photo of you, posted on my wall
Every video, I think I’ve seen them all

I got a thing for you, thing for you , thing for you
Got a thing, got a thing, got a thing for you
Gotta download you, you’re always on my screen
An open invitation my internet fling

My phone blowin up
Who’s this twitting me again
It’s her sayin, “Hi”
It’s your number 1 fan

Did you get my request, Did you add me as a friend
Did you get my letter yet, When well you be in town again

I replyed I’m unsure Did I meet you on tour
Or was it in Lenox mall or on my fan club blog

Can you send picture
Help me to remember
ASAP don’t wanna rush
But I’ll be gone in November

Wait a minute, Hold on
Was that you last week
Emailing me, telling me
That you and me should meet

Grab a bite, catch a movie
We could chill, catch a flight
You be my Vegas Lucky charm
While I’m rolling them dice

Whoa, ma sweet and aggressive
Slow, keep it coming cause I’m ready
No rush, take our time, keep it steady
I’m logging on right now to set it


YungC mixtape "The Remixes" Vol.1 + "The Heat" mixtape coming Dec 2009" "Jump" now in rotation, "Internet Fling" coming soon along with so much more...

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Internet Fling
Imma Do Dat