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Waukesha, Wisconsin, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2008 | SELF

Waukesha, Wisconsin, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2008
Band Pop Rock




"Sensational Sound!"

"We loved the sensational sound of Ian & The Dream"
(Television performance 2013) - Carol Meekins- Today's TMJ4

"Ian & The Dream Love to Live in the Moment"

For some musicians, winning a talent search or singing competition can launch a career. Sadly, not every band knows how to capitalize off of those victories. Ian Ash of Waukesha's Ian And The Dream said, "You can't just go for every junk opportunity out there you have to go with the ones that resonate with you."

Ash does know how to pick contests that work for his band. Ian And The Dream which consists of Ash (Guitar, keyboards, Lead Vocals), Chivo (Bass, Backing Vocals) and Brian Farvour (Drums) competed in Bodog’s Battle of the Bands and were named "Best Milwaukee Band," landing them performances in front of large Chicago crowds at the Metro and House of Blues.

Ash also won the title "Top Singer" at Waukesha County Fair, earning him an opening performance with the Beach Boys. He said that opening up for the Beach Boys was "Awesome. It was really neat getting praised by Bruce Johnston. He complimented my vocal performance, but to be able to get exposed to that many more people was important." Lucky for Ash, the band has continued to demonstrate a dedication to their craft after these competitions.

Ash realizes that promoting his band and his music is a constant battle. The band isn't where he wants it to be right now, but he has reached some of his goals and realizes that he has many more to achieve. When asked if he was happy with where he was today he said "I'm a happy person and I'm happy to be doing what I love. Am I satisfied yet with my career? So far yes, but in the long term if I were to drop dead tonight absolutely not."

Ian And The Dream constantly play thoughout Wisconsin. From being regulars at The Milwaukee Ale House and playing Summerfest the last three years to singing the National Anthem at a Lakeshore Chinooks game and being a regular part of the Waukesha music scene, Ian And The Dream show no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

Sometimes musicians get so wrapped up in where their next Milwaukee gig is that they forget about how important it is to attract a larger fan base and play bars or festivals in Waukesha. Ian And The Dream successfully bounce back and forth between the two cities.

Their next gig is at the Freeman Friday Night Live. It hosts great entertainment, artists, food and drinks every friday from June to October. Over the past decade it has helped rejuvenate the social scene of downtown Waukesha and helped give bands a place to reach new fans. Something that Ian And The Dream have been able to capture the last four years. Ash said, "It's just kind of celebrating Waukesha's guitar town history because Les Paul was born there and is buried right down the road from my house."

Ian And The Dream's first EP was dominated by catchy guitar riffs and solos. The second EP, "Saturn Of Stars" which I compare to an early Maroon 5 sound is more piano based. Ash said, "We decided this time around to take a little different direction still having the guitars in there of course, but letting the piano take over a little more and letting the guitar be a little more background accompaniment. I like the Maroon 5 comparison though because they're an inspiration for sure."

You can see Ian And The Dream perform songs from both EP's this Friday at Freeman Friday Night Live at 6:30pm. For more information go to www.waukeshafreemanfridaynightlive.com. - www.onmilwaukee.com

"Ian & The Dream EP- 5 Stars out of 5"

Ian & The Dream is Ian Ash on lead vocals, guitar, keyboards and drums, and Chivo on bass and vocals. They got together in 2008 specifically to compete for a major label contract at Bodog’s Battle Of The Bands competition. They walked away with the title of ‘Best Milwaukee Band’, and earned themselves some attention-grabbing shows, including a Beach Boys support slot.

Their higher profile brought them to the attention of Grammy winning producer Stephen Short, who recognised their songwriting talents and the musicianship to deliver results. Their debut release harks back to a time when attributes such as these really mattered, and Short’s expectations have been fulfilled, with interest.

If we must give a name to what they do, then power-pop is as good as any, and it’s exemplified by opening cut “We Know How to Fall”. It’s beautifully produced, contemporary, guitar-based pop, and punches its way out of the speakers. “Breathe” is less lively but what a fantastic one-two combination of choppy guitars and killer chorus. “Radio Blastin’” is begging to be taken out for a ride – windows down, of course – and “Honesty” brings the seven tracks to classy, serene halt.

They’re obviously in awe of the great pop-rock bands of the ‘60s and ‘70s, all the usual suspects, together with bands like Crowded House and Jellyfish. To bring things reasonably up to date, I’m sure fans of The Feeling and the Gallagher brothers will find much here to enjoy.
Rob F.

Ian & the Dream: Ian & the Dream

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- Leicester Bangs

"Ian And The Dream in Milwaukee's 4PM Magazine"

Click link to read Text! - 4PM Magazine

"Local Band Battling for $1 Million Record Deal"

Local band closer to winning battle of the bands. With first prize being a $1 million record deal, Ian Abrahamson is pulling out all the stops to land on top

With some songs already recorded, entering a battle of the bands contest seemed like a good idea to Ian Abrahamson and fellow band member Chivo.

- The Freeman

"Ian Ash wins fair's first Top Singer contest, will perform before Beach Boys"

WAUKESHA- Ian Ash of Waukesha crooned the Righteous Brothers' "Unchained Melody" to take top honors at the Waukesha County Fair's first Top Singer Contest.

"It's one of my favorite songs just to sing vocally because of the range and the expression and the emotion that goes into it," said the 25-year-old Ash. "I want to become a famous recording artist. That's what I want to do, get a major record deal, go on tour."

Besides winning a $250 cash prize, Ash will perform "Unchained Melody" on the Miller Lite Main Stage at the fair before the Beach Boys appear at 6 p.m. Sunday.

"I'm really thankful that the fair put on this opportunity to give me the opportunity to open for the Beach Boys because they're one of my favorite bands ever and they're right up there with the Beatles," Ash said. "I love The Beach Boys and I hope I get to meet them."

Ash is the front man for the band Ian and the Dream and he writes the group's songs, is the lead singer and he plays the guitar and keyboard.

"I started taking piano lessons and I guess it was right when I was 10 years old that I fell in love with music," Ash said. "I saw the Beatles Anthology come on TV when my parents were watching it and that was it for me. I wanted to learn guitar, I wanted to sing. From then on, it was all about singing and playing and writing." - Waukesha Freeman

"Local radio praises Ian & The Dream"

What does Milwaukee radio have to say about Ian & The Dream?

"These guys are really smart."

-Kramp and Adler, host of FM 102.1 morning show, via live broadcast on July 24th, 2009.

"Pardon my language, but this song (We Know How to Fall) is ... catchy as s***."

-Suzanne, host of FM 102.1 local music show, via a myspace message to the band
- FM 102.1 WLUM Milwaukee

"Ian & The Dream Share Their Sound with Studio A (Fox 6)"

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Summer is the best time in Milwaukee because there’s a ton of live music — outside. Local guys, Ian and the Dream, joined the Studio A team on Thursday, June 19th. Ian and the Dream will be performing at Waukesha’s Friday Night Live. - Fox 6

"Ian & The Dream- California Cauliflower"

Ian & The Dream’s “California Cauliflower” sounds like summertime. Remarkably sunny the songs are full of optimism. The poppy nature of the songs is undeniable as they are full of wonderful hooks. Lyrically the songs have plenty of hope in them as they sync up perfect with lush instrumentation. With a true sense of playfulness they are able to tap into the older classic pop groups.

Buy: http://www.amazon.com/California-Cauliflower-Ian-Dream/dp/B00L3RSNTO

Opening up with the smile of “Girl from California” the song is irresistibly sweet. Easily one of the highlights its flexibility works wonders. The vocals fit nicely with the overall vibe of the song which appears to live exclusively on the beach. Ian & The Dream get a bit jaunty with the smoothness of “Steppin’ On My Shoes”. Sonically they begin to move towards lighter territory deeper into the album with the sound getting stripped down a bit. “Wind Up When It’s Done” sounds akin to a long-lost Strokes song if the Strokes held onto their early 2000s cool. On “Fit for a King” the Beach Boys debt is obvious. Incredibly sweet their take on the Beach Boys appears to fit into the same style as latter day Beach Boys fans the High Llamas.

For the finale stretch of the album Ian & the Dream really stretch things out ending things off on two extended tracks. “Redeemable” goes out in a fantastic chaotic finale. On the closer “Aleatoric 9” Ian & the Dream end the collection with a bit of experimentation with heart. “California Cauliflower” is a laid-back album for lazy sunny weekends.

http://www.ianandthedream.com/ - Skope Magazine / Beach Sloth

"Power Pop Group Ian & The Dream Makes Waves"

As a new band, Ian and the Dream really lucked out.

The Milwaukee power pop act's first two EPs — a self-titled release in 2012 and "Saturns of Stars" in 2013 — were produced by a Grammy winner, Stephen Short. Short worked with the likes of Paul McCartney, Queen and Genesis at Trident Studios in London; won Grammys for his work for Chaka Khan and Christian band dc Talk; and managed the band Augustana early in its career. You may have even heard a song about him — "Steven's Last Night in Town" by Ben Folds Five.

But when Short was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2013, Dream frontman Ian Ash stepped up to produce the band's debut full-length album himself, "California Cauliflower," available Sept. 5 from digital music retailers and ianandthedream.com.

"He taught me so much, I couldn't have produced the last record on my own (otherwise)," Ash, 28, said of Short. "I was a songwriter and performer and he taught me how to be an arranger, how to make this drum beat better or this bass part better. I learned how to make records that serve the song."

Ian and the Dream is celebrating the album release at the fourth annual Yellow Phone Music Conference from Sept. 4 to 7. After panels and networking sessions at the Hyatt Regency on Sept. 5 and 6 for bands and music industry professionals — including a keynote presentation Sept. 5 with Elektra Records President Jeff Castelaz and Grammy-winning producer and Garbage drummer Butch Vig — 40 bands will play free shows at multiple locations in the Third Ward. For the lineup and more information, visit yellowphonemke.com.

Who's who: Ash (songwriter, lead vocals, guitar, keyboards); Matt "Chivo" Chivas, 29 (bassist); Brian Farvour, 32 (drums). Ash spoke for the band.

Day jobs: Ash is a private music teacher on the side. Chivas is a cook at a corporate cafeteria. Farvour is a talent placement specialist.

Early influences: When I was 10 years old I was the geek in school. All my friends were listening to rap music, but one day I came home and my parents had "The Beatles Anthology" on. I sat down and was glued to the TV. I had to learn to play guitar right away, and when I found out McCartney could play drums, bass guitar and piano, I had to learn all those, too.

First song you ever wrote: It was called "I'd Rather Have You," and as you can imagine with lyrics written by a 10-year-old, it was juvenile, about longing for an unrequited crush.

When the band formed: Chivo and I have lived in the same neighborhood in Waukesha. Around 2000, he rang my doorbell and asked to hang out, and at first I was like, "Nah, I'm busy." I called him a few hours later. He got me to come out of my shell and introduced me to other friends. We had a high school band together and around 2008 we formed Ian and the Dream. Brian joined 21/2 years ago. We had heard he was a great drummer through mutual friends.

Band name backstory: We always had this dream of being big, and it was always our dream to do music. And when I hear melodies in my head, it's like it comes from a dream world or the subconscious. And it goes well with my name.

First gig: We formed Ian and the Dream for this nationwide contest, the Bodog Battle of the Bands. The show was at the Rave and we defeated nearly 20 other bands and got to go on to the next round at the Metro (in Chicago). That was shocking to get so well received so soon.

Describe your sound: We take the oldies of the Beatles and the Beach Boys and mix in the modern textures of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Weezer.

Why the title "California Cauliflower": I met Brian Wilson last year with a girl I was seeing at the time. Brian had released this legendary album "Smile." On the album, there's a song where he talks about his favorite vegetables. So we were posing for a picture, and the girl I was with said, "Smile like your favorite vegetable!" He's very passive in social situations but all of a sudden he lit up and was chuckling.

Making the album: When we first started we said let's take our time, since I was (producing) on my own and would have to learn a couple things. Recording took place between May 2013 and April 2014. We did the whole thing in my basement; sometimes I'd work on it for six to eight hours in a day, calling up a friend for a tech question.

The songs were written in a two- to three-year frame leading up to that. Some of the songs Stephen didn't think were 100% at the time (we recorded the EPs), and since then I discovered how to make them 100% better. I write about whatever I'm thinking about my life. Sometimes it's about relationships, sometimes it was me pondering philosophically about what a friend was going through.

We wanted the record to sound like us. We're not worried about sounding modern or like everything else.

Favorite song on the album: I'd say "Girl from California." Sonically to me it's very pleasing and it's a nice, fully realized arrangement, supported well harmonically and rhythmically. It's the story of a typical band on the road and this guy meets a beautiful girl, and he may or may not get to know her better, but he's spending time with her and she's an exciting new person. It sets that sunshine mood and exploration of happiness and good vibrations.

Favorite cover to perform: We're steering away from them more these days, but my favorite is when we do "I Get Around" by the Beach Boys. Chivo takes over and sings falsetto, and everyone loves hearing that.

Best gig:Bastille Days and Summerfest this summer, or Metro back in the day. For me it's about that emotional connection. I love it when people are singing along and they walk over to the merchandise booth, not because they want to give us money, but because they were moved and will take that feeling with them beyond the show.

Compliments from a Beach Boy: In 2011 at the Waukesha County Fair, I had won a top singer contest and earned the right to open. It was a day I'll never forget. The audience was huge; it might have been the biggest audience we ever performed for, several thousand people. And as soon as we were finished, (the Beach Boys') Bruce Johnston was on the side of the stage, clapping for me. He told me, "You did a beautiful job." He was a nice, gentle guy. He saw me smoking a cigarette, and was friendly about it, but several times throughout the night he told me, "You're going to quit now? You're going to quit?"

Greatest band accomplishment: From an achievement perspective, working with a Grammy-winning producer. On a personal level, I would have to say the fact that I found a group of guys to go into this with for the long run, after a slew of drummers or people who were not committed for personal or business reasons.

Where do you want to be in five years: Touring globally with a No. 1 record.

Next gig: 12:30 a.m. Sept. 5, Evolution Gastro Pong, 233 E. Chicago St. No cover. - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"5 New Albums by Milwaukee Musicians"

Ian and the Dream, "California Cauliflower" (Sept. 5, ianandthedream.com)

Listen to "Steppin' On My Shoes" from Ian and the Dream's "California Cauliflower."

There are corny lyrics here and there, but it's hard not to like these happy-go-lucky dreamers, especially when songwriting frontman Ian Ash gets his geeky Ben Folds-style piano pop on for "Keeps Me Running" and the lovey-dovey "Thank You Girl."

Release show: 12:30 a.m. Sept. 5, Evolution Gastro Pong, 233 E. Chicago St., as part of the Yellow Phone Music Conference. Free. - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"Dreaming Big in Milwaukee: Ian and the Dream Head to Yellowphone"

Wednesday on Lake Effect:

LeVar Burton talks about his 23-year run as host of the public television series, Reading Rainbow, and his work today as an advocate for reading education – work that will bring him to Milwaukee this month. Later, music producer, musician, and Viroqua native Butch Vig discusses the state of the music industry and the new album coming out soon by Garbage, the band he co-founded in Madison in the 1990s. And we’ll hear a performance from the Waukesha-based band, Ian and the Dream, whose own new album comes out this week.


LeVar Burton, host, Reading Rainbow
Butch Vig, musician and keynote speaker, Yellowphone Music Conference
Ian and the Dream, Waukesha-based band​


LeVar Burton: Reading Rainbow Helped Build A Generation of Readers
Garbage In, Garbage Out: Musician/Producer Butch Vig comes to Milwaukee
Dreaming Big in Milwaukee: Ian and the Dream Head to Yellowphone - Lake Effect- WUWM Milwaukee Public Radio

"Ian & The Dream Debuts New Song"

The local band Ian and the Dream has a new album coming out September 5, 2014.

It's called California Cauliflower.

The band came on Wisconsin Tonight to debut the song "Steppin' on My Shoes".

For more information visit: http://ianandthedream.com/ - Today's TMJ4

"Ian & The Dream on Wisconsin Tonight 2013"

Ian and the Dream
By Rachael Glaszcz. CREATED Aug 23, 2013

The band Ian and the Dream played for Wisconsin Tonight viewers. - Today's TMJ4

"414 Music Live: Ian & The Dream"

Here at 88Nine, we are excited to announce that Milwaukee band, Ian and the Dream, will be preforming at the Radio Milwaukee studio on Thursday for this weeks edition of 414 Music Live.

Starting as High school friends, Ian Ash and Chivo, came together to form Ian and the Dream in 2008. The band’s name was an early acknowledgment of the uphill battle they understood they would be fighting in order to make a name for themselves in the Music Industry.

This Milwaukee band has made amazing strides. Their story is not one of holing up in a cabin in Medford, Wi, only to emerge with a critically acclaimed debut album. Their story may not be as romanticized as Justin Vernon's, but it is certainly admirable. The duo has garnered attention by working slowly; winning contests such as Bodog’s Battle of the Bands and a “Top Singer” award at the Waukesha County Fair. Persistence such as this won the band an opening-slot with the Beach Boys.

The success story of Ian and the Dream is not the only relatable thing about these hometown heroes. Their Pop/Rock blend of music is earnest and refreshing. Ben Fold’s producer, Stephen Short hand can be heard in the striped down instrumentals and schmaltzy piano. Ash’s voice cuts through the melody wonderfully, allowing sincere lyrics to take prominence.

Ian and the Dream will be releasing their third album, California Cauliflower in September. This is the band’s first self produced album The CD release party will take place on Friday, September 5th, at Evolution MKE as part of the Yellowphone Music Conference.

Make sure you check out their music before the new release by making it down to Studio Milwaukee this Thursday. The show is free and open to the public.

Doors at 5:00, performance and on-air interview at 5:30.

The studio is located at 220 E. Pittsburgh Avenue in Walker’s Point.

See you there!
- See more at: http://www.radiomilwaukee.org/414-music-live/414-music-live-ian-dream#sthash.LGa0ilJ7.dpuf - 414 Music Radio Milwaukee

"Poised To Be Pop-Superstars Meet Ian & The Dream"

(PCM) Before I heard one song by Wisconsin-based Ian & The Dream, I had a feeling they’d be good after reading glowing feedback about their singing and songwriting by Bruce Johnston of The Beach Boys and iconic producer Butch Vig. I read a little deeper and found out that two of their earlier records were producer by Grammy-winner Stephen Short, whose credits include Paul McCartney, Queen and Genesis. With luminaries like that, odds are the music was going to be good.

Let me tell you, the bio hype was spot-on. These gentlemen turn out the hits and they
keep em’ coming. On their latest release, California Cauliflower, highlights include “That’s Love” and “Thank You Girl.” “Steppin’ On My Shoes” is a fun, funky number that made me want to dance.

The songs are melodic and memorable. Some lean towards power pop and others are piano pop. But all of these songs will stick in your head for a long time. My personal favorite was “That’s What Kept My Heart Alive” which can be found on the Saturns of Stars EP. That song is a smash and I could hear it in any big budget romantic comedy. Did you hear me Drew Barrymore, Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Aniston?

The artist lists their influences as The Beatles, The Beach Boys and Weezer. I agree with that, and I can also see some similarities to Sting, Billy Joel, Jack Johnson, Gavin DeGraw and Howie Day. Head to iTunes and check out some material from Ian & The Dream. They clearly know how to write and deliver a song as strong as anything on pop radio today.

Band Members: Ian Ash, Chivo & Brian Farvour
www.youtube.com/ianandthedream - Pop Culture Madness

"Ian & The Dream "California Cauliflower""

What's happening right now? I got this disc "California Cauliflower" by Ian and The Dream - and try as I might, had a hard time judging the "book by the cover." That being said, I had to actually make effort and play the disc to form an opinion and I think I'm either blown away or being Punk'd. One word. Refreshing!

I'm assuming the artist is going to want more of a review than "refreshing" so here it goes. It's almost like old school Maroon 5 with a little taste of Chili Peppers. It's fun. It's catching. Production is great! Song writing is stellar and vocals (which I'm a hard sell for) is surprisingly fresh! He's not reinventing the wheel by any means, but he's also not trying to be something he's not. He knows his wheel house and makes it work very nicely.

This is a great record to spin while you're driving with the top down, or ya got the windows open in the house, doing a deep spring clean and need a good distraction from the misery that is cleaning.

I don't know how old these guys are 14? 24? Hard to tell these days. But either way, they could have a long career ahead of them. Check'em out on iTunes. You'll thank me later. - BackstageMusician.com


Hello to all, nice to be back at it on a Tuesday morning, the last day of March 2015! Lots going on in the music world as usual but that is a good thing. In the first half of 2014, music streaming revenues have surpassed CD sales for the first time in the United States. That’s according to data published by the Recording Industry Association of America last week. Total streaming revenues, including revenues from subscription-based and ad-supported on-demand services as well as non-interactive online radio services, increased 28% year-over-year to reach $860 million. I cannot say that I am surprised. Yesterday Jay-Z launched a new music streaming service, TIDAL. This is the first music streaming service that combines the best High Fidelity sound quality, High Definition music videos and expertly Curated Editorial. Priced from $9.99 to $19.99 this new service offers a majority of the company to be owned by the artists. Check it out at – http://tidal.com. So today we have a band by the name of Ian and the Dream coming out of Wisconsin. These 3 musicians have come together and created an upbeat, fun, & catchy sound that leaves you feeling good and wanting more. Their new album “California Cauliflower” is out now and its well done. Join us today as I speak to the guys on winter in Wisconsin, the new album, respect for the Beach Boys, and so much more!

Stoli: Where are we talking from today and how was winter in Wisconsin?

We’re talking at my home in Waukesha, birthplace of Les Paul and the electric guitar. Winter was absolutely brutally cold for the second year in a row, but what can you do?

Stoli: Looks like your governor will be running for president. Do you have an opinion on him and will you support him?

I met him at Marquette University last spring when my brother was commissioned as second lieutenant in the US Army. He seemed nice. There’s a lot of controversy surrounding him, and yes, I do have some opinions. I’d rather not judge him, I think to some degree everyone is doing their personal best. Be true to your vision, as long as it’s not harming anyone else.

Stoli: Offer us a brief history on how you came together and what is behind your name – Ian And The Dream?

Bassist Chivo and I met when he moved into my neighborhood- we were just in middle school. We became instant friends and played music together. Brian came into the fold three years ago, and we’re really glad to have him! Our name is really pretty simple- have a dream. Some people might call that a mission, or a purpose. For me, that dream is to be writing, recording and performing music for our audience. Hence, Ian & The Dream!

Stoli: How long did it take you guys to find your sound and develop how you wanted the band to be seen by the people?

I’d say a good several years. What do they say, you have to put in your 10,000 hours? We cut our teeth many ways. Chivo and I used to play a residency downtown Waukesha every other weekend, so that got us pretty tight. Working with various producers over the years also helped a lot, the Grammy winner Stephen Short for one. That guy taught me so much about life, love and music. He really helped us brand ourselves over the course of a few years.

Stoli: I am really enjoying your album, ‘California Cauliflower.’ How long were you working on that album and where did do the recording/mastering?

Thank you. It took us nearly a year to complete the album during 2013-14. We recorded it at our home studio in Waukesha and it was mastered at my friend’s studio in Hubertus.

Stoli: If you were to make a music video for the single what song would you choose and what would that look like?

We did a video for “Steppin’ On My Shoes.” It’s kind of a parody on Fred Astaire’s old dance moves- we’re twirling canes, bouncing off the walls, and having a good time. Rae Cassidy Klagstad (formerly of San Fermin) appears in the video. She knows the Fred Astaire stuff inside and out and she taught me some pretty intricate moves!

Stoli: You can tell that you invested in the physical CD which I commend. Why is that still important to you in this digital age?

Thanks. Well for one thing, we wanted to make sure people viewed “California Cauliflower” as an album. It’s not intended to be a collection of singles or a compilation. We put a lot of thought into the sequencing of the tracks and how the overall emotional arch should be. The name of the album and the story behind it was filled with rich imagery- it needed a vivid cover and the picture of me with Brian Wilson inside. I really had a lot of help putting that package together- I owe many thanks to our duplicator Chris, and our photographer Becky who was very patient and thoughtful in helping get everything in our package together and looking right.

Stoli: On your site I get the feeling you respect & admire the Beach Boys. What is it about that legendary band that inspires you?

Haha, does it really show that much? Indeed, I do like the Beach Boys. So much about them is inspiring- the harmonies, the chord progressions, the recordings- but especially Brian Wilson. He’s such an interesting and gifted person. It’s like he’s personally connected with music as a higher power in some way. I’m really looking forward to seeing his movie “Love and Mercy” this summer. I’ve met all five living Beach Boys, and they complimented my singing, which was truly special to me.

Stoli: Besides playing music what other hobbies/interests do you have?

I started doing yoga a couple of months ago, which I really enjoy. I haven’t explored the spiritual side of yoga yet, but I’m curious as to what that’s all about. So far the one hour classes have been a good introduction and I feel more flexible and relaxed. I practice Vipassana meditation, which is a big part of my life because I do it for two hours a day. I also like to have a lot of fun- go out and sing karaoke, see a friend’s band somewhere, go running or rock climbing, and even the occasional Zumba dancing! And of course, riding my motorcycle is lots of fun when the Wisconsin weather permits.

Stoli: On the album you have various references to California. Do you guys yearn to live in San Diego or Los Angeles some day?

I guess to some degree I’ve always imagined I’d end up living in California- yet here I am in Wisconsin! The references to California on the album came about in a much more random way. The opening track “Girl From California” was inspired by the Red Hot Chili Peppers- I thought that musically it sounded like something they might write, so I followed Anthony Kiedis’ tendency to write about girls from California and it was as simple as that! By the time “California Cauliflower” was written, I had met Californian Brian Wilson and was dating a girl who’s family lives in California, so it all fit together naturally.

Stoli: Your social media catalog is well done. What site do you find works best keeping & attracting new fans?

Thanks, Mike. And thank you Chivo, isn’t Chivo doing a good job being our social media ringleader? We like Soundcloud a lot, that’s a site where our audience tells us what they like about a song on a more specific level. We can see how our fans are connecting emotionally to the music, and what songs they connect more to, even at what moments of those songs! It’s pretty neat to watch. Our Instagram and Twitter accounts are doing well too.

Stoli: What is coming up for Ian and the Dream and where you @ online?

We’re in the beginning stages of making our next album- tracking and editing drums. We’re gearing up for a fun summer of music festivals, too. You can see some dates at:

www.soundcloud.com/ianandthedream - Skope Magazine

"Ian & The Dream"

The power pop trio with the work ethic of an indie rock band, (Ian Ash, Chivo, Brian Farvour) have been making their mark in their hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, thanks in part to musical roots that run back to middle school for these guys. The band first hit us with a poppy, hook-heavy and undeniably catchy collection titled California Cauliflower, and now they’re preparing to unleash a fresh new work upon us – and we got the download. Ian says:

Ian & The Dream3“Fans can expect it to sound different than the last record – a little more atmospheric, more reverb, with all the familiar big guitars and vocal layers. I was definitely inspired by the last Weezer record, Everything Will Be All Right in the End. I thought, wow, that’s the tones and sounds I’m imagining for our record. I’m excited to get some of these new songs out. I’m finishing a track called ‘Got Into Your Garden’ that I think is very indicative of our core sound – sunshine, melody, emotion, all wrapped into an uplifting message. I think people will feel better after they’ve heard it. I think fans can expect to hear a songwriter who has grown up and has different things on his mind than when he made California Cauliflower.” Click to www.ianandthedream.com to keep up with Ian & The Dream and prepare for the new record. But first, keep reading – there’s still so much more to get into in all the answers to the XXQs below.

XXQs: Ian & The Dream

PensEyeView.com (PEV): How would you describe your sound and what do you feel makes you stand outfrom others in your genre?

Ian Ash (IA): I’ve heard us described us power pop, which I think fits us well. I think we stand out because we put a lot of emphasis on melody and chord progressions. I always go for writing melodies that will invoke strong emotions even when you’re not paying attention to the lyrics.

PEV: What kind of music were you all into growing up? Do you remember your first concert?

IA: We come from pretty diverse backgrounds – I was into the Beatles and oldies, Chivo was a metalhead, and Brian (Farvour) listened to everything from Foo Fighters to punk rock. The Red Hot Chili Peppers are our common ground – we all listen to them. Our first “concert” was in our neighborhood where Chivo and I met. We had a bunch of friends come to a house party where we played out on the deck. It was lots of fun!

PEV: What was it like trying to break into the music scene in your hometown, when you first started out as a band? What was your first show like together as a band?

IA: We had a fun first show at a bar called Donnie Boys in downtown Waukesha. Lots of people packed into a tiny area – good memories. Breaking into our scene was an interesting experience because we sound so different from most of the artists around here. We never identified with an “indie” sound – the indie work ethic, yes, but not our sound. Our sound is very accessible, so we branded ourselves around that. We went to all sorts of business meetings, saw some of the other popular bands play – the things you want to do to expand your horizons.

PEV: What has been the most frustrating part of the whole “music business”?

IA: Watching out for scam artists! So many people just want to take your money and do nothing with it – so we’ve had to learn how to carefully and wisely invest in our future. Lots of people are preying on the fact that serious artists are willing to pay their dues. Yes, you have to pay your dues, but make sure you’re getting value in return from a reputable character.

PEV: What can fans expect from a live Ian & The Dream show?

IA: A lot of energy! They can expect interesting visuals, emotional moments, funny moments and three guys who really cut loose on their instruments and enjoy every note of it.

PEV: What is the first thing that comes to mind when you step on stage?

IA: Time to be in the present and just feel. Thinking time is over, the logistics are all in place – now it’s time to lose yourself in the moment and leave it all on stage.

Ian & The Dream5PEV: How has playing in Ian & The Dream been different from working with other artists or projects in the past?

IA: It’s more tight knit with a sense of community than other groups. We’re not afraid to put what everyone is thinking on the table – there’s no internal politics or people craning their necks to be heard. Just friendship and brotherhood. Musically everyone is very open-minded. We all just want to serve the song and the good feelings behind the music, so that comes first above all else.

PEV: What is the underlying inspiration for your music? Where do you get your best ideas for songs?

IA: Just the sheer necessity of having to write to express myself has always been an inspiration. Everything that happens to us – our love lives, philosophical questions, the desire to be understood -all make their way into the music. Some of the best ideas come out of the blue when you least expect them, and then you’ve got to capture lightning in the bottle so to speak.

PEV: Thinking back to when you first started out, do you ever look back on your career and think about your earlier days and how you’ve arrived where you are today?

IA: Oh, sure. It’s funny to think back to how little we used to know about the business, or how we used to be musicians but not really entertainers. What a difference! The ways we’ve grown as individuals are profound, and I think it makes for a more inclusive experience when you see us in concert.

PEV: What’s one thing we’d be surprised to hear about the members of Ian & The Dream?

IA: That we’ve been together so long, and that we’re very loyal to each other. Me and Chivo started playing music together in middle school and we’re still in the same band, though the name has changed. We’ve seen each other grow and change a lot. We’ve pushed each other to be better. Most people don’t play music together for this long; too many external factors tend to push bands apart. But we’ve grown closer and I’m thankful for that.

Ian & The Dream4PEV: Tell us about your latest project. What can fans expect from this work?

IA: We’re beginning work on our next album now. Fans can expect it to sound different than the last record – a little more atmospheric, more reverb, with all the familiar big guitars and vocal layers. I was definitely inspired by the last Weezer record, Everything Will Be All Right in the End. I thought, wow, that’s the tones and sounds I’m imagining for our record. I’m excited to get some of these new songs out. I’m finishing a track called “Got Into Your Garden” that I think is very indicative of our core sound – sunshine, melody, emotion, all wrapped into an uplifting message. I think people will feel better after they’ve heard it. I think fans can expect to hear a songwriter who has grown up and has different things on his mind than when he made California Cauliflower.

PEV: What is the feeling you get after a song is complete, and you can sit back and listen to it for the first time?

IA: It’s one of the best feelings an artist can have. I’m one of those guys who has a vision of a recording in my head before I start – I hear all the parts like a big symphony in my head and I have to get it down on tape soon, or the melody will keep haunting me day in and day out! I’d say it’s a pretty blissful feeling.

PEV: With all your traveling, is there one area you wish you could travel around and play that you have not yet?

IA: Liverpool! Wouldn’t it be great to spend some time in the Beatles old haunting grounds?

PEV: How have all your friends and family reacted to your career? What’s it like when you get to play in your hometown?

IA: They’ve been incredibly supportive – they’ve always encouraged us to keep going, probably because they know how much I’ve always loved to write, record and perform. They know it’s what we’re meant to do and that we can’t help but do it. I’m very thankful they’ve stuck by our side. They always come out to the hometown shows, and those are some of the best shows.

PEV: What can we find each of you doing in your spare time, aside from playing/writing music?

IA: I meditate a lot using a technique called Vipassana, which means to see things as they really are. I also do yoga, which has helped me find the quiet space in my mind that’s so essential for creativity. I love motorcycle riding, playing chess, rock climbin g- the list is endless! Chivo is big into video games; he can beat me at pretty much anything. Brian is a family man – he’s got such a special bond with his wife and daughter – they just set up a mini drumset across from his, and now they have father/daughter drum-offs together.

PEV: Name one present and past artist or group that would be your dream collaboration. Why?

IA: It would have to be Paul McCartney, simply because he inspired me to play and write music in the first place. However unlikely that collaboration may be, if Kanye could do it, why not us?

PEV: Is there an up and coming band or artist you think we should all be looking out for now?

IA: I’d say Vinyl Theatre. They’re hard working, nice guys with a great sound. I met them at Yellowphone Music Conference in Milwaukee and we did a show with them at Shank Hall. I’m sure they’re going places!

PEV: If playing music wasn’t your life what do you think each of you would be doing for a career?

IA: Hmm – good question. I would probably be teaching something – meditation, yoga, some kind of skill that more people should have for the world to be a better place. I think Chivo would be a video game developer or a social media coordinator – he’s very talented in the cyber world. Brian would be a comedian for sure. He’s just so naturally funny and charming.

PEV: So, what is next for Ian & The Dream ?

IA: Working on our new record, and gearing up for some fun summer festival dates!

For more information, click to www.ianandthedream.com - Pens Eye View

""California Cauliflower CD Review""

Girl From California is a feel-good sort of pop-rock that takes equal parts seventies rock, funk, soul, and an easy-going sound and makes them something that will work on current radio stations. The infectious harmonies created by Ian and the Dream will stick with listeners long after their album has ceased; this is one of the first albums that we have heard in 2015 that makes it seem as if summer is coming and that cold Ohio nights may be in the real-view.

Steppin’ On My Shoes has a laid-back sound that soars on the back of a ska / reggae set of drums and a smart set of instrumentation that allows the drums and guitars to work together in harmony. There is a bass line that adds a considerable amount of fullness to this composition, further bolstering the overall momentum of California Cauliflower.

Wind Up When It’s Done has Ian and the Dream take on a mid-nineties and oughts alternative style, linking together acts as diverse as Weezer and OK Go. As always, the band is able to insert their own inimitable style into the composition. I’ve Got You Where I Want You is a chiaroscuro of the band’s immaculate arrangements and a more dirty, rock-tinged fuzz that showcases that Ian and the Dream have a number of tricks in their bag, even at the later registers of California Cauliflower.

Make it a point to visit Ian and the Dream’s Facebook and Twitter for additional information about California Cauliflower and the band’s latest news. Interested individuals can hear samples from the album from the act’s Youtube or Bandcamp.

Top Tracks: I’ve Got You Where I Want You, Wind Up When It’s Done

Read more: http://neufutur.com/2015/05/ian-and-the-dream-california-cauliflower-cd-review/#ixzz3ZPh8u3dJ - NeuFutur Magazine

"Jammerzine Exclusive: Meet Ian & The Dream"

If I could describe Ian Ash of Ian and the Dream it would be in one word. Renascence. As in cultural revival. Let’s face it. After hearing hundreds of bands every day you begin to see a pattern develop in musical tastes. That patter was shattered when I heard “California Cauliflower”, out now on iTunes. I talk to Ian about his music , influences, and the general state of the music scene and how the band was able to make “California Cauliflower” both relevant and interesting more and more with every song. - Jammerzine

"Dream On- M Magazine July 2015 Issue"

p. 124

"The band, with the help of a publicist, released their album 'California Cauliflower' independently at last year’s Yellow Phone Music Festival… All of this hasn’t gone unnoticed…” - Tea Krulos

"Ian & The Dream with a performance on CBS 58 News that will blow you away"

Milwaukee -

He's the homegrown vocalist who has been named top singer at the Waukesha County Fair, with a guest performance with the Beach Boys to his credit.

Ian Ash of "Ian & the Dream" was a special guest on the CBS 58 News at 4 p.m. Tuesday right before his set on the KNE New Music Stage at Summerfest.

"It's going to be a good time." Ian explained. "Positive energy, playing from pure emotions and living in the moment."

Two high school best friends formed the group back in 2008.

Both had been individually very active in Milwaukee's music scene by then.

Ian had won the Summerfest Pepsi Talent Search at the tender age of 13 and Bassist Chivo had been playing hard rock on several different projects.

Together they competed in the Bodog's Battle of the Bands and were named the “Best Milwaukee Band,” landing them performances in front of larger crowds such as the Metro and House of Blues in Chicago.

Ian's vocals earned the praise of Grammy award-winning Beach Boy Bruce Johnston which encouraged them to pursue their dream.

They have collaborated with Stephen Short, a Grammy award-winning record producer, who took them to the famed Sonic Ranch Studios in Tornillo, TX.

Short produced an EP that brought out the best elements of Ian & The Dream: concise pop songs with uplifting honesty and emotion. How fitting that Ash, a songwriter who sat inside dissecting Beatles songs growing up, would get to work with Short, a sonic wizard who had worked intimately with Paul McCartney in the seventies.

But the true test of an artist is outside the studio and Ian Ash blew viewers away when he sang with heart, soul and skill during a live broadcast of the CBS 58 News.

Listen for yourself. - CBS 58 News

"Join Brett Stewart as he ventures through a deep web of exceptional independent music"

“This is music that has all those fantastic elements of the Beach Boys- it’s kind of that California pop that has been lost since the 1960’s… He’s unearthing it again and turning it into something that’s their own”
-Brett Stewart

Begins at 54:10 - Jukebox Podcast

"Ian & The Dream- California Cauliflower"

When I visited the home page of Ian & The Dream, the band behind the new indie effort ‘California Cauliflower,’ I saw assorted photos of him with Brian Wilson and other Beach Boys. That photo of Ian Ash and Brian Wilson says infinitely more than any biography ever could: this is a California record with some serious vibes. As a massive Beach Boys fan, I’m quite excited for Ash’s effort.

What would happen if you combined sunny beach styles, slap bass, and irresistible harmonies? Check out ‘California Cauliflower’ and you’ll know. ‘Girl From California,’ the opening song of the lengthy set, embraces all of these elements in perfect bliss. I haven’t heard an indie band tackle this style in such a long time, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard it done properly. Ian & The Dream remarkably revives the beach-rock genre with immense vigor.

One element of this sound is the lyricism. It has to be smart and witty, but lighthearted and exciting. Ash nails it perfectly with songs like ‘Steppin’ On My Shoes’ and ‘That’s Love.’ My goodness, the Beach Boys are strong with that latter track. I do want to mention something important: I keep talking of the pinnacle Californian band because Ian & The Dream assume the role in a contemporary fashion so well. Their sound is still surprisingly original and stands on its own two feet without any comparisons. Making comparisons is just my job as a critic; I have to find relatable lines to draw for audiences.

‘Wind Up When It’s Done’ grabs the reigns for an acoustic-powered love ballad. This classy tune is one of my personal favorites: it’s so genuine and sweet. The piano-driven ‘Keeps Me Running’ has similar energy. At thirteen tracks, this album does run into a bit of an issue with the blending of songs. Ash nails his sound, but he doesn’t experiment far past it after he finds his groove. Thus, the thirteen tracks meld together in a spray of ocean breezes. There are some unusual highlights, however, such as the saxophone on ‘Keeps Me Running.’

The emotional core of ‘California Cauliflower’ is ‘Thank You Girl.’ This beautiful serenade is simply stunning. Skip straight to this track if you want to understand Ash’s sound and musical personality. It’s been a very long time since I heard such a good pop love song. Ash’s lead vocals are beyond comparison. He commands your attention and stands as a strong modern frontman.

‘California Cauliflower’ is a wonderful rollercoaster of good vibrations. If we’re utilizing our Beach Boys comparison, though, Ian & The Dream are pre-Pet Sounds. Their music is not emotionally or musically rich enough to stand poignantly, with the exception of ‘Thank You Girl,’ a track that shows the most promise of the bunch. It’s a notable effort that will be a pivotal stepping stone to something more meaningful. Reaching a higher level of songwriting should be the primary focus of their future efforts. The sound is there, it’s time to harness it into something powerful.

Check out Ian & The Dream online: http://www.ianandthedream.com/ - Independent Spotlight

"Featured Homepage Artist on Reverb Nation.com"

Featured Homepage Artist on Reverbnation.com (currently late June 2015) - Reverbnation.com

"Wisconsin Indie Band Ian & The Dream on Having the Passion for Music"

by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

I feel like the music business is…
a lot of work- but I’m getting used to it! You have to have the passion to face it every day. The pros are that people are usually willing to help you simply because they love what you do- the cons are it is especially littered with too many con artists trying to take your money and give you nothing in return! You overcome pitfalls with persistence, commitment and the positive attitude that something better is in store for you.

Social Media…
I like that you can reach people instantly with social media- I like that you can stay fresher in a fan’s mind. The challenges to overcome are staying up to date on how every network is constantly changing- and having to adapt your content to fit the needs of that particular network.

I prefer to release full albums…
for the sake of getting better press. But I like to mix up the philosophy by posting individual tracks from the album over time on Soundcloud, Youtube, etc- to stay fresh in listener’s minds.

I would love to spend 5 minutes with…
Paul McCartney, definitely! He inspired me to learn all the rock instruments and he’s such a positive guy. And he actually enjoys attention from his fans, unlike many celebrities.

Being trendy…
has always been important in this business, that’s nothing new. You have to pay attention to trends. I do feel like there’s too much of an emphasis on looking obnoxious- I mean image is important, yes. But does everyone need some crazy prop attached to them in order to get their music noticed? I’d rather someone fall in love with an artist for how they sound first and how they look second.

I’m most afraid of…
being misunderstood! Some people think that because we take our careers so seriously, that we are concerned with being big stars or being somehow different or having a holier than thou attitude. But that’s just not the case- when you’re this consumed with passion for music, of course you have to push it as far as it will go. But we do that for love of the music and because we want everyone else to feel the joy of the music!

Success to me is…
being true to who you are and feeling comfortable with yourself while doing it. I felt a great feeling of success when I won a top singer contest and got to open for the Beach Boys. I achieved it by believing in myself and keeping my eyes open for opportunities.

I want Ian & The Dream to be successful on the largest level possible…
I want to tour the world, record records and inspire people to live better lives and be truer to themselves through my music.

I challenge myself…
Must go to the gym and stay strong!
Must do vocal exercises and stay strong.
Must keep up my guitar chops!
Stay physical.

I challenge myself mentally…
I meditate, I read, I try to learn new things whenever possible.

I challenge myself socially…
I make myself reach out to new people, go to new places and network in different ways.

Coming home from school and seeing my parents watch the Beatles Anthology on TV. I had to learn to play guitar right away!

Radio Blastin’…
It’s about being out in your car, whether that be just driving around or on tour, and having fun. Your windows are down, your radio is blastin! It was written one summer when the hook just popped in my head and I was thinking of driving around. The recording session involved getting my sister and a lot of her friends to contribute gang vocals and other noises.

The sad thing was our old manager was being a jerk and tried to bar us from getting the masters of that work we did in a Madison studio, so we had to show up in person with the Grammy award winning Stephen Short to convince him to give us the masters so we could transfer them on to the studio work we were doing in Texas.

The funny thing was when we wanted to get a real laugh on the track, I had Chivo tickle my sister to get her to giggle, that’s the laugh you hear on the track!

Ian & The Dream

The Music…
You can expect to feel positive and uplifted. We wish to accomplish a lot with the album- tour behind it, get lots of press, and ultimately shop the songs beyond that to the powers that be!

Milwaukee, Wisconsin…
The music scene is vibrant! We have the worlds largest music festival, Summerfest, that we play every year. Something fun to do in Milwaukee is visit all the ethnic festivals throughout the year: Germanfest, Polish Fest, Irish Fest, they’re all right here on the Summefest grounds!~

Music Video for “Steppin on My Shoes” –
Social media links:
Website: www.ianandthedream.com

Sonicbids: www.sonicbids.com/ianandthedream
Reverbnation: www.reverbnation.com/ianthedream

www.soundcloud.com/ianandthedream - American Pride Magazine

"Q&A With Ian & The Dream"

Q&A with Ian and The Dream
March 31, 2016

Ian and The Dream is a Pop/Rock band from Milwaukee which began in 2008, when two high school best friends began embarking on their dream. Sure, they already had been active in Milwaukee’s music scene: front man Ian Ash won the Summerfest Pepsi Talent Search performing an original song at age 13 and bassist Chivo had already cut his teeth playing hard rock in several projects but after seeing an opportunity to compete for a major label record deal, Ian & The Dream were formed.

We connected with the guys as part of DOPECAUSEWESAID's campaign on ReverbNation searching for the DOPEST Rock, Pop, Soul, Hip-Hop, and Electronic music artists in the world. After reviewing more than 4,500 songs on ReverbNation, we selected Ian and The Dream and the rest is history. Below is our interview with the guys about their musical goals for 2016, the music scene in their hometown Milwaukee, and much more.

Carlton Boyd

If you had to describe your band/music in three words, what would they be?

Uplifting, positive, melodic

What are your goals musically this year for the band?

Releasing our new album "New Dreams" and touring behind it, plus making lots of fun radio and TV appearances along the way!

What's the music scene like in Milwaukee, especially for emerging artists? Is there a music scene in the city that supports local acts?

The music scene in Milwaukee is vibrant and busy. It's a good scene for emerging artists to be noticed by festival talent buyers and build a good local fanbase if you know which venues to play. There's lots of friendly musicians and organizations that are willing to help too.

Explain your band's name; how did it come about?

Ian & The Dream- the name could mean a lot of things, like the fact that music is my dream, but really for us the name is about "taking time to dream"- or doing what makes you truly happy and loyal to your authentic self.

Tell us about your tour. Do you have a favorite song to perform or one that gets the greatest reaction out of the audience?

Playing live is a blast for us- we've had some interesting adventures throughout the midwest. Last year, we opened for "Nashville" stars Lennon & Maisy at the Mall of America in Minnesota. This year we'll be doing 2 appearances at Navy Pier in Chicago! I'm excited for where the road takes us.

I think our favorite live song to perform would be "Steppin' On My Shoes." - We like interacting with the crowd and having everyone sing along, and I get to have a fun jam with the guys on the outro. - Dope Cause We Said

"Sunday Morning Session: Ian & The Dream"

““Ian & The Dream refuses to be pinned down by genre- instead they want to celebrate the love of life, the ties of friendship, and the never ending desire to create- the stuff that dreams are made of.””

Full 6 minute TV special at link above. - CBS 58

"Evolving the Dream with Ian & The Dream"

““Ian & The Dream reminds me of...a little Jason Mraz Twist, a Weezer influence, and even a little Michael Buble!”” - Talking Music Podcast - Ben Janzow

"Reverbnation Release Dates (June 3rd and Beyond)"

We’ve got rappers. We’ve got EDM artists. There’s a finalist from “The Voice.” We’ve got performers from far and wide, from Australia to Canada to London. There’s alt-rockers, alt-pop singers, pop-rockers, folk-rockers, Christian rockers.

Some are in their teens, some others are in their 40s and 50s, and every age in-between. Some use their own names, some use new monikers.

ReverbNation-affiliated artists are a diverse bunch, as usual. More than 1,300 in the past week and a half have submitted their music to Pauseandplay.com, seeking to be included on the site’s massive new-music release schedule.

On with the countdown …
June 3, 2016
Artist: Title: Label:
Bad Habits (London hard-rock band) “Hell on Wheels” (four-song EP; Hear here) (Bad Habits)
Crystal Clayton (alt-pop singer from Blue Springs, Mo.) “Crystal Clayton” (six-song EP; Hear here) (Crystal Clayton)
Kim Killspeed (Australian pop-folk singer) “Inside” (producer: Jeff Martin; Hear here) (Kim Killspeed, June 6)
Nola B. (Spring, Texas, hip-hop artist) “Sos2: The Starve” (guests: Cali Cal, Flex; Hear here) (Nola B., June 7)
Ed Roman (Canadian folk rocker) “Red Omen” (first single: “I Am Love”; Hear here) (MTS, June 7)

June 10, 2016
Artist: Title: Label:
Joey Job (Christian-gospel artist from Ellenwood, Ga.) “Most High” (feat. Joon; Hear here) (Gainsta Bank Ent.)
Marshall (Thomasville, N.C., country singer-songwriter) “Saints and Sinners” (seven-song EP; producer: Travis Wyrick; Hear here) (Marshall Rocks Country, June 8)
Melodic (Newark, Del., R&B-pop singer) “Lucid Dreaming” (new single: “I Found You [Love]”; Hear here) (Writimin, June 14)
Pullman Standard (L.A. rock act) “Hurricane,” “Starting Static” (the band’s trailer was recently stolen and recovered, but more than $25,000 worth of gear is missing; a Go Fund Me campaign has been set up to help them replace their equipment; Hear here) (Pullman Standard Music, June 14)
2TALLIN’ (Fresno-based EDM-pop artist) “Party Club” (feat. P.J.W.; Hear here) (Re-Spin Industries, Inc., June 9)

June 17, 2016
Artist: Title: Label:
Alison Lewis (West Hollywood, Calif.-based singer) “Seven” (Hear here) (Shamayim Music)
The Lost Weekend (alt-rock band from New Haven, Conn.) “Denial” (producers: The Lost Weekend; first single: “Nothing Concrete”; Hear here) (The Lost Weekend)
Jonathan Miller (EDM-pop singer-songwriter from Portland, Ore.) “5 (Deluxe Edition)” (featuring three bonus tracks; new single: “War With Love”; Hear here) (Jonathan Miller Music, June 21)
ScottyChams (Canadian rapper) “In the Dark” (six-song EP; Hear here) (We the 9, June 20)
Surviving the Era (Sacramento alt-rock group) “Parallax” (five-song EP; Hear here) (Surviving the Era, June 18)
Victoria Watts (Philly singer-songwriter) “Live in Brooklyn” (five-song EP; Hear here) (Victoria Watts)

July 1, 2016
Artist: Title: Label:
Lily Lambert (Americana singer-songwriter from Phoenix) “Moving On” (Hear here; See here) (Lily Lambert)
Sept. 9, 2016
Artist: Title: Label:
Ian & The Dream (alt-pop band from Waukesha, Wis.) “New Dreams” (Hear here) (Ian & The Dream)
Nov. 18, 2016
Artist: Title: Label:
Tyler Colt (pop-rock singer from Redondo Beach, Calif.) “A New Day” (Hear here) (Tyler Colt)

Recent Releases
May 27, 2016
Artist: Title: Label:
Terry Balfour (Glasgow rocker) “Wars Free / Heat of the Night” (Hear here) (Terry Balfour, June 1)
The Big Glasshouse (Christian rock-pop trio from London) “In the Beginning …” (Hear here) (Zoom Music)
Chuck-C (Canadian hip-hop artist) “Welcome to My World” (Hear here) (Chuck-C, May 31)
Dockko (Fairmount Heights, Md., rapper) “One Night” (Hear here) (Zobe)
Future Heroes (Denver hip-hop act) “WordArt” (Hear here) (Future Heroes)
KB The General (D.C. hip-hop artist) “Best of the Best” (Hear here) (KB The General Productions, May 31)
Laura LaValle (Indianapolis-based soulful pop singer) “Nobody” (Hear here) (Laura Lavalle)
Nikki Lorenzo (West Hollywood, Calif.-based retro-pop singer) “Unravel” (five-song EP; Hear here) (Nikki Lorenzo, May 31)
Rilee O’Neill (Montgomery, N.Y., pop singer-songwriter) “You’re Not Alone” (Hear here) (Rilee O’Neill, May 26)

May 20, 2016
Artist: Title: Label:
AD8 Keyz (Indianapolis rapper) “Neva Gone Change” (guest: Young B.A.R.R.S; Hear here) (CROOKEDollar Media Group, May 18)
Adonnis (L.A. pop singer-songwriter) “Love Is Life” (four-song EP; producer: Adonnis; Hear here; Read here) (Adonnis Entertainment)
Audience Killers (synthpop trio from Latvia) “Floating Islands” (first single: “Sounds Like You”; Hear here) (Trii House)
Bittersweet Collapse (Fayetteville, Ga., hard-rock group) “Portraits and Vanity” (Hear here) (Bittersweet Collapse)
Cristina F (NYC-area pop singer-songwriter) “Greatest Mistake” (four-song EP; Hear here) (Cristina F, May 22)
Dark Chocolate (hip-hop artist from Murfreesboro, Tenn.) “From Prizms to Penthouses” (Hear here) (Dark Chocolate, May 24)
The DH Project (rock instrumentalist David Justin Handy from Martinsville, Va.) “The DH Project” (Hear here) (The DH Project, May 24)
Ben Dragon (L.A. electronic artist) “Tell Me Your Name” (feat. Adrian Hibbs; Hear here) (Fire to My Ears)
Olivia (Canadian pop singer) “Weightless” (six-song EP; first single: “Outshine the Stars”; Hear here) (Olivia)
Stephanie Salas (Mexican singer-actress) “Electro-Acustic” (five-song EP; Hear here) (Stephanie Salas, May 25)

May 13, 2016
Artist: Title: Label:
Alice Sweet Alice (Kansas City alt-rock quintet) “Viola Organista … and Other Impossible Dreams” (Hear here) (Cauldron Soundwerx, May 12)
Banjo Nelson (folk singer-songwriter from Ogden, Utah) “Banjo Nelson” (six-song EP; Hear here) (Sonorous Sounds, May 11)
Dragonfly 13 (Bronx-based funk band) “Let the Music Bring You Back” (Hear here) (Dfly)
Gordy Garris Group “Down at the Disco” (Hear here) (Gordy Garris Group, May 17)
T. Hill (Fredericksburg, Va., rapper) “World Domination” (Hear here) (Mervilton, May 12)
Brenda Lê Jones (San Francisco jazz singer) “Live to Love” (Hear here) (Brenda Jones, May 18)
Katcha (Australian pop duo) “No Ordinary Day” (Hear here) (Katcha, May 17)
Lindita (Atlanta pop singer) “Come Thru” (Hear here) (Lindita)
Danielle Lyndsay (D.C.-based R&B singer) “Lie to Me” (Hear here) (Danielle Lyndsay, May 16)
Permacrush (L.A. rock band) “Dirty Looks (From Six Foot Models)” (Hear here) (Indie 500, May 15)
P.G Prophecy (Atlanta-based gospel/hip-hop artist) “Real Talk” (seven-song EP; Hear here) (Fireproof Music Gospel, May 12)
Spencer Reed Band (Cleveland alt-rock group) “Heavy In My Head” (producer: Dave Douglas; Hear here; See here) (Spencer Reed Band, May 12)
Chaz Robinson (Indianapolis-based electronic pop artist) “Without You” (Hear here) (Spectra Music Group, May 17)
Ships Have Sailed (L.A. alt-pop/rock duo) “Whispers” (five-song EP; Hear here) (Ships Have Sailed Publishing)
Versatile Legacy (Miami hip-hop duo) “No Money” (Hear here) (Versatile Legacy, May 16)

May 6, 2016
Artist: Title: Label:
Blackbird Sing (Americana quintet from San Antonio) “Cinco” (five-song EP; first single: “Battle of Sanan”; Hear here; See here) (Bonus Cup Music, May 5)
Blind Joe (aka Minnesota country singer Joseph Bommersbac, who competed on NBC’s “The Voice” in 2015) “By the Fans, for the Fans” (producers: Rick Beato, Ken Lanyon, Blind Joe; Hear here) (Blind Joe, May 5)
Born of Scars (East Meadow, N.Y., rock quartet) “Circles” (five-song EP; Hear here) (Born of Scars, May 3)
J Burn (Bay Area singer-songwriter) “Randomly Banded” (Hear here) (J Burn)
Fighting the Phoenix (Canon City, Colo., hard-rock band) “Tides of Poseidon” (Hear here) (Fighting the Phoenix, May 10)
Gary Lazer Eyes (Orlando rock quartet) “Galapagos” (Hear here) (Gary Lazer Eyes, May 5)
JetLagBlack (West Jordan, Utah, rapper) “2 Minutes” (Hear here) (JetLagBlack, May 7)
Ceekay Jones (Taos, N.M.-based alt singer-songwriter) “Ceekay Jones” (six-song EP; Hear here) (Redor, May 9)
Chris Mann (a finalist on NBC’s “The Voice” in 2012, currently starring on the North American tour of “The Phantom of the Opera”) “Constellation” (12 original songs co-written by Mann; producers: Adrian Bradford, Willy Beaman, Walter Afanasieff; first single: “Echo”; MP3; Hear here) (Dropped Entertainment)
Kiirstin Marilyn (former lead singer of Verity In Stereo) “Ghosts” (six-song EP; producer: Benny Reiner; first single: “Headlines”; Hear here) (Spectra Music Group)
Delaney Morgan (soulful pop singer from Barkhamsted, Conn.) “Everything” (Hear here) (MoreBright Music)
My Mechanical Heart (Huntington Beach, Calif.-based rock quartet) “No Really, You’re Fine,” “Part of Me,” “You Don’t Have to Leave” (Hear here) (My Mechanical Heart, May 10-11)
Overclank (Italian hard-rock group) “Lost in Two” (Hear here) (Christian Alasia, May 9)
The Phoenix Rose (Brighton, England, reggae-pop band fronted by composer-singer Jarvis Smith) “The Phoenix Rose” (producer: Native Wayne Jobson; Hear here) (GypsyPop)
Kalon Rose (London-based pop singer) “The Day That I Was Killed” (Hear here) (Strumhum Music Group)
Young ol school Aj “Rejections” (Hear here) (Young ol school Aj, May 4)

April 29, 2016
Artist: Title: Label:
Allen & Douglas (Birmingham, U.K., indie folk-rock electronica duo) “New Spirits & Old Ghosts” (Hear here) (Allen & Douglas, April 30)
Black Slate (U.K. roots-rock reggae band) “Peaceful Demonstration” (Hear here) (TCD, April 28)
Dijonband (Sea Cliff, N.Y., alt-rock quartet) “Love Dad” (Hear here) (Dijonband)
Esha Esha (R&B artist from Chandler, Ariz.) “I Gotta Know” (Hear here) (Esha Esha, May 1)
Left Wing Fascists “Party Favorites” (14-song collection of recordings from 1987-2016; Hear here) (Left Wing Fascists, May 1)
B.R. Mackie (Australian-born, Brooklyn-based Americana singer-songwriter) “In Folkedelic Country” (producer: Mackie; Hear here) (B.R. Mackie, May 1)
The Willie Mellon Band (Americana/country act from Corpus Christi, Texas) “Robstown Justice” (Hear here) (Mellon Music)
Cary Morin (American artist from Fort Collins, Colo.) “Together” (Hear here) (Cary Morin, May 1)
Novus Cantus (brother rock duo from Albany, N.Y.) “Winter” (Hear here) (Novus Cantus, April 27)
Hawley Penfold (Denver-based pop singer) “Seize the Moment” (Hear here) (DaSoul Group, April 27)
Pet of the Month Club (Torrance, Calif., alt-rock act) “Downtown,” “Stop n Go” (Hear here) (Pet of the Month Club, May 1)
Jesse Blaze Snider (L.A. rock-pop artist) “Wickedly Wild” (Hear here) (Jesse Blaze Snider, May 1)
Spencer and Sequoia (Stamford, Conn., indie duo) “One Day At a Time” (Hear here) (Spencer and Sequoia)
Vexine (Chesterfield, Va., soulful rock band) “Little Sin” (first single: “Empty Hole”; Hear here) (ZAP, April 30)

April 22, 2016
Artist: Title: Label:
Anydos (Canadian R&B/soul singer) “Nne O Ma” (Hear here) (Anydos)
Coming Up For Air (Dayton rock trio) “Between the Party Lines” (Hear here) (Coming Up For Air, April 26)
Eddy Wow (rap, R&B, rock artist from Norfolk, Va.) “Eddy Wow” (Hear here) (10o10 Productions)
The Foo Dogs (Medford, Ore.-based alternative act) “Goddess,” “One Man Can Change the World” (Hear here) (The Foo Dogs, April 20)
Dino Forino (Kansas hip-hop artist) “Hater,” “What Part of the Game Is That” (Hear here) (DreamTeam Studios, April 23/25)
Edgar Galeano (Lewiston, Idaho-based Latin artist) “Pizzicato De Amor” (Hear here) (Edgar Galeano, April 24)
Harjgtheone DBA (Canadian pop artist) “Harjgtheone DBA” (six-song EP; Hear here) (Harjgtheone DBA, April 21)
The Infinite Three (London art-rock trio) “Lucky Beast” (recorded with engineer Jon Clayton; Hear here) (Actual Size Music)
Jack of None (experimental rock trio from Philippines and Chicago) “[who’s listening to van gogh’s ear?]” (Hear here) (Jack of None)
Daniel Jordan (Tulsa pop/folk singer-songwriter) “Introduction” (Hear here) (Daniel Jordan, April 23)
Banga McLoven (Cape Girardeau, Mo., hip-hop artist) “The Big Bang Theory” (Hear here) (Whalen A.B.M ENT, April 23)
Miss Sarah Trance (Madrid electronic artist) “Zero Point Last Galaxy” (Hear here) (Pin Label Productions, April 26)
Trinity Mpho (World Music Artist of the Year 2015 award winner at the African Entertainment Award in Canada) “Children of the Universe,” “Mama” (Hear here) (Trinity Mpho, April 24/28)
Gary Nelson (Bella Vista, Ark., singer-songwriter) “You’re a Big Boy Now” (Hear here) (Gary Nelson)
Samantha Preis (American singer-songwriter based in London) “Cruel Love” (Hear here) (Samantha Preis)
Gabriel Savage (Vancouver-based musician-DJ) “Real Eyes (Realize)” (Hear here) (Gabriel Savage)
Sloppy Joe’s “Eat Sloppy Joe’s” (Hear here) (Timezone)
Jericho Spitz (Chicago reggae artist) “If Him No Be Dead” (Hear here) (Jericho Spitz, April 20)

More ReverbNation Release Dates

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"Premiere: Ian & The Dream New Video "The Girl Who Knows Everything""

by Admin • June 21, 2016

Ian & The Dream play indie pop/rock music full of sunshine and positive energy. After releasing 2 EPs and their full length California Cauliflower (2014), they are ready with their follow-up, “New Dreams”, expected 9-9-16.


In the meantime, here is the first single from the upcoming album, “The Girl Who Knows Everything.” Upcoming events include July 4th at Klode Park Festival in Milwaukee, and Waukesha County Fair on July 22nd. - Skopemag.com

"Reverbnation Top 25 Breakout Artists of 2016 - Ian & The Dream"

The Story of Ian & The Dream
Sheila Walsh
Jun 23, 2016
2016, Break out Artist, Brian Farvour, Chivo, Ian & The Dream, Ian Ash, New Dream, Pepsi Talent Search, Reverbnation, September, Sheila Walsh, Shutter 16, Stephen Short, Summerfest, Wisconsin

The Story of Ian & The Dream

The story of Ian & The Dream began in high school, when frontman Ian Ash and bassist Chivo decided to join musical forces and create what is now one of the most popular bands in Wisconsin, and soon to be beyond. Before the duo came together in 2008, both men had made their presence known in the local music scene; Ash had won the Summerfest Pepsi Talent Search at 13 while Chivo made a name for himself in several hard rock projects.

Fast forward to 2016 and Ian & The Dream, who is now a trio, have played more than a handful of big stages, opened and/or performed for a number of high-profile acts, and earned plenty of praise for their art.

The band’s latest release, Ian & The Dream, creates a universe of magic as Ash sings about the human condition: living honestly, loving fully, and existing in the moment. The trio expertly combines sounds from the past few decades, which we all know sound vastly different. There’s an undertone of comfortable nostalgia within with the modern flair that is no doubt influenced by Grammy award-winning producer Stephen Short.

The band announced in mid-May that their second full-length album will be entitled New Dreams. It is set to be released on September 9th, 2016 and, according to frontman Ian Ash, fans should “expect to be surprised.”

I got the chance to chat with Ash via email and pick his brain on the new album. My first question for the frontman was a typical, run-of-the-mill prompt, asking “What can we expect from the new album?” Although my question was simple, Ash retorted with a complex albeit insightful answer.

“It’s one cohesive statement- songs flow together, cross-fade into each other- kind of like how one dreams at night, right?” commented Ash. After making the connection between this statement and the album’s name (New Dreams), I realized this was going to be an amazing interview.

When asked how the writing process during this album differed from their debut album’s process, Ash gave me answer that I just couldn’t paraphrase:

“Psychologists say that when we dream, the parts of the brain that deal with storytelling, meeting unfulfilled needs and resolving emotional tension become active. How is that any different from songwriting?

Are our dreams happening to us passively? Or are we in fact active creators and participants in our dreams? Sometimes when I write, I’m stuck in this zone- I hear melodies come to me all of a sudden out of thin air- and then I get to craft a song- but am I the creator or not?

On some songs, there was a deliberate attempt on my part to simplify my writing. I was listening to a lot of stuff on the radio and I thought, maybe I should write a song that’s just 4 chords all the way through. The result ended up being our lead single from the album, “The Girl Who Knows Everything.” I think it sounds a bit like Foster the People mixed with MGMT. We live in an era where there’s a big emphasis on rhythm and fresh sounds, so I was conscious of that when choosing the songs for this album.

At the same time, I’m a big believer that you should write what inspires you, no matter what the style may be- and that unrestricted sense of writing hasn’t changed for me. I love writing stadium rock songs, soft piano ballads, and lots of places in between.”

The frontman went on to explain how the album differed on a much more technical level, saying that he had the play the role of producer AND writer while learning how to separate the two jobs.

“I try to keep ‘writer’ Ian separate from ‘producer’ Ian- that is, I try not to be too self-conscious during the writing process, but then very self-conscious when I’m going to commit a song to tape,” said Ash. ”I’ve found the writer-producer relationship to be interesting and one that desperately needs complete trust, so to be your own writer and your own producer has got to be an experience like no other.”

Do yourself a favor and sift through their ReverbNation page; the music you’ll find is a true treasure and will fit into whatever playlist you’re currently jamming to. The first single from New Dreams is called “The Girl Who Knows Everything” and was released yesterday, with a full music video to follow suit. Look out for the album to be released September 9, 2016. Take a chance on Ian & The Dream because, as their bio states, “To boldly go into new territory, that is The Dream.”

Catch them on tour:

Jul 04

Klode Park Festival

Whitefish Bay, WI

Jul 22

Waukesha County Fair

Waukesha, WI

Jul 29

Milwaukee Ale House

Milwaukee, WI

Aug 07

Navy Pier

Chicago, IL

Sep 17

Deja Vu

Appleton, WI

Sep 30

Waukesha Freeman Friday Night Live

Waukesha, WI - Shutter 16 Magazine

"Conform to the Crowd or Start a Revival?"

What if you sacrificed everything to pursue a dream- your social life, your sense of belonging?

Musician Ian Ash of Ian & The Dream was determined to stay true to his self-image, even if it meant not fitting in.

He was the geek in his school, the only boy with long hair, and the only kid who was listening to the Beatles instead of rap, DJs, and electronic dance music.

The isolation was two-fold. Socially, how would he grow a following for his music without friends and being popular? Musically, how would he fit in with the current trends?
Photo: Darcy Fray
Ian Ash on break from recording Ian & The Dream at Sonic Ranch in Tornillo, TX.

The answer was unclear until a Grammy award winning record producer saw something special in Ian and took him to record in the world’s largest residential recording studio to produce his debut, Ian & The Dream.

That same year, he performed an opening slot for The Beach Boys, afterwards Beach Boy Bruce Johnston praised Ian’s singing.

Along the way, critics challenged that despite Ash’s obvious talent for writing and singing, perhaps his music wasn’t modern enough.
Photo- Waukesha County Fair
Ian Ash with Grammy award winning Beach Boys member Bruce Johnston

But all of this didn’t deter him. Ian & The Dream got a home page feature on popular music website Reverbnation and scored another opening slot for more modern artists too- “Nashville“ TV stars Lennon & Maisy.

Now ready to release another new album, “New Dreams”, Ian offers these five pieces of advice on how to stay true to your self-image in the face of adversity.

1. Be the master of your own image- don’t let others define it for you.

Dare to be different. Fall in love with your best traits. Love yourself for who you are- your body, mind, and spirit.

Don’t let others pigeonhole or typecast you- deliberately go against expectations and surprise people!

2. Have a mentor or two, but never take their word as gospel truth.

Always be open-minded and willing to try new things and follow advice. Seek out people who will tell you something you don’t know.

However, there will be times when your gut tells you to go against that advice and do your own thing. Listen to your gut. The Beatles had to fight their producer George Martin to record their own material instead of someone else’s!

3. Believe in yourself.

This may sound obvious- but how deep is your faith in yourself? Do you just “believe you can” do it or do you know you will do it?

Put on a crown and radiate a feeling of confidence, just like a king acts regally and inspires others to show respect.

From left: Chivo, Ian Ash, Brian Farvour
Ian Ash with bandmates from Ian & The Dream

4. Take time to dream.

You need space and alone time- take a regular retreat from life’s responsibilities- whether that means 10 minutes for silent meditation, or a half hour brainstorming session to set your week’s goals, or watching a movie about someone you admire to get inspired.

Visualize, conceptualize, and use your imagination besides just blindly following what’s worked for others.

5. Give without expectations.

Create value for others by being a nice person and genuinely taking an interest in them.

Don’t worry about how your talents or gifts will be perceived by others- you can’t control what other people think. But by giving freely to others, you open yourself up to receiving in ways you may have never imagined.

Sign up for Ian & The Dream’s email list for free music: www.ianandthedream.com - The Huffington Post

"Tracklist: 14 '& Bands'"

Ian & The Dream
Ian Ash is a good name for a lead singer. As tough as that cool solo moniker must’ve been for Ash to withhold from listeners, the name “Ian & The Dream” isn’t exactly a nightmare. In fact, it’s as warm, optimistic, and altogether positive as the band’s sound itself. - Milwaukee Record

"Fresh Indie Rock Tracks"

The Milwaukee band Ian and The Dream craft pop-rock driven songs with heavy melodies and hooks, like the new single, “The Girl Who Knows Everything,” with its decidedly 80’s new wave slant to it.

A second song, which hasn’t been released yet, titled, “The Heat of Her Soul,” reminded me at first of Dr. Hook’s “When You’re In Love With A Beautiful Woman,” but definitely has it’s own flare and appeal. Over the past couple of years, the band has been increasingly been on the radar of indie fans in the western Great Lakes region.

The band is the creation of Ian Ash (songwriter, lead vocals, guitar, keyboards), and also features Matt “Chivo” Chivas on bass and Brian Farvour on drums. In 2014, competing in Bodog’s Battle of the Bands, Ian and The Dream were named ‘Best Milwaukee Band,’ landing them performances in front of larger crowds at venues like the Metro and House of Blues in Chicago. - Indie Rock Cafe

"Ian & The Dream: New Dreams"

If Ian and the Dream’s 2014 debut, California Cauliflower, possessed all the elements for a successful 21st-century iteration of classic British Invasion and power pop, it sounded impeded by overreach on bandleader Ian Ash’s part (and, yeah, that album title...). A couple years later, and New Dreams sounds like the Waukesha native has taken a giant stride toward fulfilling the promise he frustratingly didn’t quite fulfill last time out.

On New Dreams, the imprint of Paul McCartney, Brian Wilson, Todd Rundgren and other heroes of pop craft from long before Ash’s birth can be heard writ large. The 10 songs are replete with vintage instrumentation and hooks enough to overflow a tackle box. This time the songs are more mature and less purposefully idiosyncratic, delivered by Ash’s growing confidence as a vocalist. Occasional, seemingly biblical lyrical references and a quote from Sufi psychologist Robert Holden in the CD booklet only add to the intrigue of Dreams. It’s not like the music isn’t compelling enough, though. - Shepherd Express

"Live Performances from Ian & The Dream"

Ian Ash from the Milwaukee based band Ian & the Dream first hit the local music scene by singing at a talent search contest at Summerfest. From there, the band connected with award-winning producers and even opened up for The Beach Boys. They play just about everywhere in the area, including the Morning Blend studio this morning!

Ian & the Dream are performing next Friday, September 30 at 6:30pm at Friday Night Live in Waukesha. For more information on the band and their new album "New Dreams", visit IanAndTheDream.com. - Today's TMJ4 "The Morning Blend"

""Live Performances & Interview on WEAU- 13 News Eau Claire, WI""

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- Dream is a wish the heart makes and now one Wisconsin band is living the dream by bringing love and honesty, to music lovers across the Midwest all while living in the moment.

Ian Ash, Chivo and Brian Farvour from Ian and the Dream joined Hello Wisconsin to share their talent on-air.

Ian Ash - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keys
Chivo - Bass, Vocals
Brian Farvour- Drums

Upcoming Events
11/12/16 08:30pm Mainstream Bar & Grill- Ian solo 404 W Main St. Waukesha, WI No charge!
12/09/16 04:00pm CI Living- WCIA News Television: WCIA 3 Champaign Champaign, IL
4/29/17 08:00pm Private Party Intercontinental Hotel Milwaukee, WI No charge!

The band is based out of Milwaukee, WI is a pop rock band, with major influences such as The Beatles, Weezer, and Oasis.

Their website biography reads, " In 2008, two high school best friends began embarking on their dream. Sure, they already had been active in Milwaukee’s music scene: front man Ian Ash won the Summerfest Pepsi Talent Search performing an original song at age 13. Bassist Chivo had already cut his teeth playing hard rock in several projects. But after seeing an opportunity to compete for a major label record deal, Ian & The Dream were formed. Competing in Bodog’s Battle of the Bands, Ian & The Dream were named “Best Milwaukee Band,” landing them performances in front of larger crowds such as the Metro and House of Blues in Chicago. Ian Ash won the title “Top Singer” at Waukesha County Fair, earning him an opening performance with the Beach Boys. When Grammy award-winning Beach Boy Bruce Johnston praised Ian’s performance, the band knew they were ready to reach higher in pursuit of their dream." - WEAU-13 News

""Ian Ash Shares Music on the CI Stage Including 'Gimme Money For Christmas'""

Champaign, Ill

We're kicking off the hour and weekend with rockin' music.
Ian ash lead singer for Ian and The Dream is here to share original music on the ciStage.

To learn more about Ian and The Dream check out a recent article from The Huffington Post.

Follow Ian and The Dream on Facebook.

Check out Ian's video for "Gimme Money For Christmas". - CI Living- WCIA - 3 News- Champaign, IL

""Young Millennials Have this One Holiday Season Wish- 'Gimme Money For Christmas'""

My mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year. I’m a lucky guy to have options like that.

I’m even more lucky to have a loving mother around to ask me that question in the first place.

I really didn’t know what to tell her.

She glanced over at me and made a gesture with her hands that looked like grasping at cash. I looked over at my fiancé who was also in the room and smiled at her.

Suddenly I knew what my mother was saying- she was asking if I wanted money for Christmas.

And in doing so, she unknowingly inspired me to write the lighthearted Holiday song “Gimme Money For Christmas.”
Photo: Brad Marth
Ian Ash of Ian & The Dream

”Who wouldn’t want money for Christmas?” I thought, especially those burdened by student loans, mortgages, or a disproportionate work-life balance.

I immediately committed myself to the facetious task of covering my newly purchased piano in strands of cash held together by scotch tape.
Photo: Ian Ash
The piano used in the music video for “Gimme Money For Christmas“ by Ian & The Dream

It seemed like a natural choice to include both my mother and my fiancé in this music video I was making for Ian & The Dream. It was no surprise to me that the two women closest to me in my life both did a great job.

What came as a surprise is the overwhelmingly positive response the video is getting, especially in my fiancé’s home country of Vietnam.

My fiancé was generous enough to let me use one of her crisp “Lucky money” bills she got from a relative in Vietnam for my music video.

A dictionary published by the Vietnamese Institution of Linguistics defines “Lucky money“ or “li xi” as “Giving money to children to welcome the new age on the first day of Lunar New Year”. It’s a small amount of money that may bring good fortune in the upcoming year.

Good fortune. That’s my wish for everyone this Holiday Season.

Did my mother know she was participating in a Lunar New Year tradition, or did she just think of the practical side of giving her son what so many other people really want this Holiday season regardless of tradition- money?
Photo: Rita Nguyen
Ian Ash performs with Ian & The Dream at Klode Park in Whitefish Bay, WI. July 4, 2016.

“A gift card is money you can do less with, and I’ll probably forget.” But it may not be a joke after all: a Time.com Money article asserts that gift cards are often lost no matter how personal they are for the recipient.

In other words, “Gimme Money For Christmas.”

May your cup overflow this Holiday Season, no matter where you are or what you’re celebrating. - The Huffington Post

""Gimme Money For Christmas" Featured on Funny or Die's Community Page"

visit www.funnyordie.com/community

Or the Funny or Die community Facebook page
to see their feature of "Gimme Money For Christmas" - Funny or Die

"More Milwaukee Made Songs Worth Stocking On Your Holiday Playlist"

Ian & The Dream — “Gimme Money For Christmas”
We’ve all thought it. Ian & The Dream finally had the courage to say it with a fiscally-focused video. - Milwaukee Record

"Video- Ian & The Dream "Gimme Money For Christmas""

Tis the season for giving, and this year, Ian & The Dream decided to skip the subtlety with their new video and song, “Gimme Money For Christmas”. Like most things that they release, the song is a complete earworm, and you’ll be singing it while you’re fighting off other straggling shoppers for the last housewares at Kohl’s on Christmas Eve. If you’re going to do a Christmas song, you might as well make it memorable, and that’s exactly what Ian & The Dream did. Skip all the pretense and check out a compelling argument for cash with the “Gimme Money For Christmas” video below: - Breaking & Entering

"Ian & The Dream's "We Know How to Fall" Featured on Rick Mercer Report"

Ian & The Dream's "We Know How to Fall" Featured on Rick Mercer Report - January 24, 2017.

Watch segment here: https://youtu.be/4mRq1PfLoDw - Rick Mercer Report

"Ian & The Dream's Song About Christmas Cash Gets 1 Million Facebook Streams"

For Ian Ash, it's been the Christmas gift that keeps on giving.

In November of last year, the singer and pianist for Milwaukee pop band Ian & the Dream was talking to his mom about Christmas present options, when she rubbed her fingers together, making a gesture for money.

"This hook popped in my head, 'Gimme money for Christmas,' " Ash told the Journal Sentinel.

It became a key part of the chorus for Ian & the Dream's gleefully commercial original holiday song "Gimme Money for Christmas." The song gave the band something else besides cold hard cash: wider exposure. The music video has been seen more than 1 million times on Facebook.

Who's who: Ash, bassist Matt "Chivo" Chivas and drummer Brian Farvour. Also performing "Christmas" for the Journal Sentinel performance: alto sax player Brad Marth, tenor sax player Rick Wetzel and guitarist Brian Zielke. Ash spoke for the band.

Making "Gimme Money for Christmas": Since the song was written last November and holiday days were numbered, I took it right in the studio two days later, and three days later I made the music video. It was an intense period of creativity.

Song influences: One of the greatest Christmas albums ever made is "A Christmas Gift for You" by Phil Spector. I would listen to that and modern Christmas songs, like stuff from Straight No Chaser. I did a lot of listening to big Christmas hits because I wanted to keep that vibe in mind.

Sample lyrics: "You don't have to drain your bank account/But you can strain a bit and give a large amount."

Reactions: The biggest surprise is people were starting to imitate it. It's the first song I've ever written that has gotten covers. I always believe in trying to say something with a universal message but that hasn't been said in this way before. I had a relatable theme that carried over. I wrote an article for Huffington Post about how I was surprised by the number of video shares in Vietnam. It's my fiancée's home country, and folks there give children a small amount of lucky money for the new year. I think that's the reason the song went semi-viral over there.

When you record a song like this, you have to sing with the right emotional sincerity and a little bit tongue in cheek. If you're too serious, it's not going to work, and if you try to be too funny, it's not going to work. But this worked.

Watch an exclusive video performance of Ian & the Dream's "Gimme Money for Christmas" at jsonline.com/music. Sound Check appears every first and third Thursday online and in the Journal Sentinel. - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


Ian & The Dream EP 2012
"5 Stars out of 5" -Leicester Bangs

Saturns of Stars 2013
"That's What Kept My Heart Alive" nominated for "Catchiest Song of the Year" -889 Radio Milwaukee

California Cauliflower 2014- full length album

Wishing the World- 2015 - Holiday Single

New Dreams- coming 2016



Why choose Ian & The Dream? They are veterans of live performances, radio, television, and the studio. They also write and record what Grammy award winners have called "hit-potential material."

They continue to perform at The World's Largest Music Festival, Summerfest. Ian has opened for the Beach Boys and his performance was praised by Grammy award winning Beach Boy Bruce Johnston.

They've performed on TV for Today's TMJ4 and popular anchor Carol Meekins called their performance and sound "sensational."

They've been nominated for "Catchiest Song of the Year" in this year's listening polls and continue to receive regular airplay on 889 Radio Milwaukee and other local outlets.

They've recorded with Grammy award winning producer Stephen Short, who has praised Ian's ability to craft hit songs.

In 2008, two high school best friends began embarking on their dream. Sure, they already had been active in Milwaukee’s music scene: front man Ian Ash won the Summerfest Pepsi Talent Search performing an original song at age 13. Bassist Chivo had already cut his teeth playing hard rock in several projects. But after seeing an opportunity to compete for a major label record deal, Ian & The Dream were formed.

Competing in Bodog’s Battle of the Bands, Ian & The Dream were named “Best Milwaukee Band,” landing them performances in front of larger crowds such as the Metro and House of Blues in Chicago. Ian Ash won the title “Top Singer” at Waukesha County Fair, earning him an opening performance with the Beach Boys. When Grammy award-winning Beach Boy Bruce Johnston praised Ian’s performance, the band knew they were ready to reach higher in pursuit of their dream.

Enter Stephen Short, Grammy award-winning record producer who was brought to the band’s attention late last year. Identifying a band with strong songs and musicianship, Short helped the band hone in on their identity. Taking them to the famed Sonic Ranch Studios in Tornillo, TX, Short produced an EP that brought out the best elements of Ian & The Dream: concise pop songs with uplifting honesty and emotion. How fitting that Ash, a songwriter who sat inside dissecting Beatles songs growing up, would get to work with Short, a sonic wizard who had worked intimately with Paul McCartney in the seventies.

The resulting release, Ian & The Dream, touches on themes of love, honesty, and living in the moment. One listen reveals the freshness this music has in this time and place. Melodies with flairs of oldies, combined with modern sonic textures, form a sound you haven’t quite heard before. To boldly go into new territory, that is The Dream.


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