Ian Arthure

Ian Arthure


I am a solo artist that I wouldnt group into any particular category. I Create my music by drawing on everything from Paul Simon, to Jack Johnson, to the Wu-tang Clan my brother used to blast in his room during his "delinquent" phase...I guess you gotta hear it to believe it, Im a One-man-Band.


I have been influenced by music since I was born. My father played guitar and I started performing on the piano at a young age. I draw on his classic rock vinyl and my own personal music favorites to creat ea completely unique sound. I have been told my sound is similar to Jack Johson, and also Elliot Smith. I would say i am set apart because I have never heard anyone who sounds like me. I've been told my live show is catchy because I am a very personable person and i create a very informal atmosphere which is nice and relaxed so everyone can just enjoy the music. Short jokes and come backs as well as random things that leave my mouth usually make there way in and become an exciting part of the show.


I have self produced and released Album titled "Radio Nights"

Set List

Lite Eyes
Lite house
Two coins(dispatch)
Blues ain't That Bad
Nobody Knows(Tony Rich Project)
Ghost(Howie Day)
Shoots and Ladders
Snow Angels
Rose Glasses
Rolling Midnight

Usually an Hour set but I can Play for like 2 and a Half if you want...