ian cunningham

ian cunningham

 Wageningen, Gelderland, NLD

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Lost upon a time in the West

Written By: Ian M Cunningham

Mist was risin’ round the horses hooves as we rode on out of town
Took the gully on the eastern side, there was no-one left around
I saw you lookin’ down
Where your lover lay, in the new turned ground
Saw you look away
Just a single tear, but you never made a sound

Hit the plateau in the noonday heat took direction from the sun
Struck on out across the burnin’ plain where we knew no-one would come
I watched you ridin’ down
Castin’ shadows as the day wore down
I wondered where we’d be
Who you’d think about, when the night came down

Lady … you gotta stop
We gotta talk before I go crazy
I said lady … You gotta stop
Cos the shot that rang out
It was only the start
Of our story

Drinkin’ water ‘n whiskey
Tumblin’ down, over rocks on the ground
Never knew if you had to be free
Or just runnin’ faster than me, faster than me, faster than me…

Sat and stared into the endless blue when my day came up again
You were gone before I talked to you and I never got your name
Still I carry on, always hopin’ we’ll meet up some day
Nothin’ left to show, just these memories, that I send you, as you go

Lady … You gotta stop
We gotta talk before I go crazy
I said lady … You gotta stop
Cos the death of your friend
That was only the start
Of our story

Forgotten Garden

Written By: Ian M Cunningham

The grass grows long outside
In the garden that we shared for years
The sounds of children playing
Echoing down the days …
To a morning long ago
When it seemed like there was no way through
You scattered all the raindrops
As you ran out the door
Took your things the same day, nothing to say
I watched you slowly walk away

I lie here all alone
In this corner that we shared for years
Sunset chasing shadows
Over the empty wall …
Now darkness floods the room
I really should get out of here
But I can’t find the reasons
For taking it on again
Think I'll just stay here alone, fade into stone
Back in this place I still call home


Well I guess I’ll never know
Where the twists and turns have taken you
From this forgotten garden
Overgrown memories
When the night brings an end,
There'll be quiet again
The endless silence between friends