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Forget the doctored up bio written by someone else… What up, world?
My name is Ian Davis and I’d like to think I’m pretty good at this rapping and producing music stuff. NO, I’m not one of those guys who TELLS you how great I am and hates on everyone. You know, the “I’m so nice, he sucks, she sucks, I got 20 classic albums you never heard of with the cell phone camera picture on the cover, the game ain’t ready, blah blah, blah”. Yes I make music. Yes I think I’m good at it, but it’s up to everyone else to say I’m great, I just do what I do and I hope people like it. I know EVERYBODY is a producer these days and EVERYBODY is the next Biggie/Pac/Jay-Z but believe me when I say; I have worked and studied my craft religiously. I started young when I brought this cheap Zoom drum machine and a $200 Dollar Yamaha keyboard. I always had these words, melodies and rhythms in my head (I know, sounds crazy, right) and they never went anywhere. They just built up in my dome until I could release them. So to free up some room upstairs, I began making beats around 15 or so (younger if you include the MTV music generator). I always written lyrics and rapped but before I made my own tracks, I had to rely on other beat makers. I always hated the songs not being exactly like I wanted so I started doing it myself. I started working with my best friend and we called ourselves E&L Beats. I can’t front, I did learn and use Fruity Loops (man I used to sample tooooooooo much) but it never sounded or felt quite right to me. It was more hollow and robotic (thanks to my audio engineering classes, I now know why.

Fast forward to my college years when I linked up with a guy named Kymmar Williams. He had ties with Blackhand ENT and ran his own management company (Urban Suzpex). He started to manage us and I got my first taste of real production (yes there is a difference between beat making and producing). We made music for commercials, NBA wizards stuff and for rapper Grafh. We did two songs for Grafh. My partner produced “Bring That Money Back” and I made “Make It Hot”. I remember the video shoot for “Make It Hot” so clear. All the people in the room were moving to MY creation. This all came from my mind to my fingers to these speakers… I knew then that this was what I wanted to do with my life. Then I got rich and lived happily ever after, right? –nope. The song never got on his album and work started getting light. Later, we would sever ties with Kymmar. I admit now, as a man, I was childish then. Looking for the quick buck and letting other people’s situations interfere with mine. Maybe Urban Suzpex wasn’t the right place for me but I should have been a man about it, my bad homie. But hey, God has a master plan for us all. Thankfully that was not the last page in my career or for Urban Suzpex, but only the end of a chapter for both of us.

Not being on the album kinda hit me harder than I let people know. But instead of quitting I worked harder on my music. To get a better quality sound, I studied audio engineering (Philadelphia University of the Arts) and music theory (Widener University). But the greatest asset to my music came from just living a real life. Love, loss, heartache, lust, ups, downs, fast money, being dead broke, death and the approaching birth of my son- I dealt with them all at once it seemed and for the first time I had more to write about than just drugs, guns, hoes, being the man and partying. Don’t get me wrong, I’m from the hood (Chester, Pennsylvania. No, not Philly. It's close by but miles away at the same time.) but I don’t consider myself a hood dude. I know too many real cat’s who actually live like rappers say they do for me to rap about stuff I don’t do anymore or associate with. I’m blessed not to have to hustle to make a living and I’m proud of that. I am not fake by any means so now I write about life- The good, the bad and the ugly, not just the street aspect of my life though i am proud of where im from. It made me who i am. Well any way... Going through all that personal crap made me a better person and musician but it cost me my partner. He wasn’t happy with our progress (and my personal issues, to be honest) so he thought it best to split and do his own thing down in Miami. I wish him only success. Being on my own for the first time in my career wasn’t all that bad. I actually got better and better. I started to write, produce and record my own music. I also sharpened my stage performance by taking my Motif keyboard and doing local gigs. Then one day, something great happened to me.

When recording my song “She Crazy”, I got offered an internship at the studio of Grammy Award Winning Producers Dre and Vidal (shouts to the big homies). A lot of people don’t understand how priceless an internship can be. Even though it’s free, I’m learning from the best. I got the chance to meet them both and I told Dre that I would be like them sometime soon. I’m sure he was like, “yeah right” but I t


She Crazy

Written By: Ian Davis

Verse 1:

She say she hate me … and I’m like “So?
Let me get my things!” and she’s like “No!

It’s all in a box TO THE LE_ don’t say it
That line’s worn out baby girl, don’t play it

Press pause and listen to some reason though
Cause if I skip, I’ll really be leaving, yo…

She had a look on her face, was the meanest though
Grabbed the TV remote then proceeded to throw

And it missed me-I’m like “girl you know where you can kiss me?
Where the sun don’t even go”

And at this point, I’m like I really need to go
Cause she runnin’ ‘round tryna find things to throw

So after some bad words and a couple of dishes
Breaking some plaster and a couple of pictures,

Get this: I finally do see the door
But you know what? I love her, even so …and you know….


Here we go again
This’s how our arguments always end
In the end, I still won’t let her go
But sometimes I just wanna let her know

That She crazy!
She like but you know what? But you made me!
I’m like yup, you know what girl we crazy - and yeah crazy hurts.
But maybe this is crazy enough to work

Verse 2

My boys are like” GOOD RIDANCE!”
You know what, yo? I probably should listen.

But when I finally start thinking calmly
Guess what happens, mmmhmmm, she calls me

Talking bout ”I been thinking all week.
How you justify walking out on me?”

Well you did kinda throw a fit out on me
Plus your dad kinda put a hit out on me

Got our ups and downs like a roller coaster
But all it does is grow us closer

Yeah sometimes I wanna go and choke her
This kinda love could be shown on Opra

Sit on the sofa and let her doctor Phll me
They say love hurts but do it got ta kill me!?

I know you heard that you and I are suicide
But in the word suicide, there’s U and I (you and I)



You need to go to church. We need to pray on it
Spend a day on it, meditate on it

There’s something in our love life that ain’t right
Need to get the ghost get baptized twice

I will admit, yeah, that our fights
Come from some dumb things that I might

Do without thinking, then you without thinking
Will try to pay me back and that’s not right



Love don’t cost a thing!? (laugh)
They ain’t never bought, fought then lost a ring

And yeah it’s crazy how we break up
But I know you love how we make up (lets go)




She Crazy

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