Ian Dudgeon

Ian Dudgeon


It’s not often that a singer/songwriter and band can bring together well written songs, a well refined live show and a soul searching desire for what is real. Ian Dudgeon and SoulStir deliver a passionate message intertwined within strong melodies and extremely catchy "radio friendly" songs.


Ian Dudgeon & SoulStir have delivered a refreshingly intelligent, spiritually reflective album that takes after the U2/Collective Soul approach to sound and lyrics, and is a pleasure to listen to.

Sonically reminiscent of mid-80's U2 and earlier Collective Soul, the strong, warm guitar-based tones and intense lyrics truthfully dig deep into, inspire and sooth the soul. Fall To Pieces is a boldly honest 11-song melodic ride through the emotional ups and downs of wrestling with the dark and scary places of our souls as well as the deeply spiritual parts of life, while leaving you with a positive sense of feeling uplifted.

Upbeat songs such as the title track and Good Enough, pull us in with catchy guitar riffs and melodies, while the near-epic, Dream About, carries us for over five minutes of anthem-style bliss that throws one's mind back to more innocent times when dreams were all ahead of you. But instead of being left with that small feeling of disappointment - the song is uplifting and almost kick-starts many of those warm feelings back into circulation - and that the impossible just might be possible.

Other tracks such as All I Want Is You goes deep into the soul, dredging the bottom dark places but doesn't leave you there. The process is therapeutic, explaining that you're changing me/you've awakened my soul/and I cry out/All I Want is You.

Fall to Pieces is a full length 11-song studio album, produced by Dan Cutrona. Guest appearances include Norman Barratt (Genesis/Norman Barratt Band).


All I Want is You

Written By: Ian Dudgeon

My mind is full of many things
Spinning 'round a ferris wheel and
Going nowhere

My heart is crying out for love
And hurting from the things I've lost
I'm going nowhere

All my friends have come and gone
And some have trampled on my heart
But I'm going nowhere
In the darkest times I've found
All I can do is bow my head
and cry out

All I Want is You
All I Want is You

The world is full of fools who teach us things
That they can't bring to the table themselves
So why should I listen to their lies
When all I feel is a burning desire
to cry out

When this world has let me down
You're the one that I can count on
You take me places that nobody knows
You're changing me, you've awakened my soul

And I cry out....

All I Want is You


Debut Album - Fall To Pieces - 11 songs released in 2007.

Singles: Fall To Pieces, Good Enough and Dream About all reached #1 on Songvault.com's Pop Top Hits Radio from August to December 2007.

Fall To Pieces reached #3 on Songvault.com's Pop Song Vault Radio Top 10 in November 2007.

Fall To Pieces is available for sale in iTunes and virtually every major online music store.

Set List

Typical set is 40-45 minutes:

1. Good Enough
2. Where do I Run
3. I Don't Mind
4. Come to Know
5. All I Want is You
6. Come Together (Beatles cover)
7. Torn In Two
8. Dream About
9. Fall to Pieces