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"This Is Modern"

Reggae meets funk, with a little bit of rock, on the second release from Canadians, I.AN.EYE. With an incredibly unique name, they are sure to spark your interest right off the bat, but it's their tunes that actually make you appreciate what these guys from north of the border are doing. They mix smooth vocals and incredibly cool instrumentation with beats and rhythms that are straight out of Jamaica. The funky, organ-fueled track 'Rest Your Head' is truly a highlight of the album, with radio-friendly written all over it. Other tracks like 'Stumblin' By' and 'Goodbye Blues' mix elements of chilled out acoustic rock with Bob Marley influenced rhythm to create a unique and truly inspiring reggae sound. They even mix in some unconventional reggae instruments, with a cello appearing on some tracks, drawing similarities to Zox's use of violin in their heavy reggae sound. It's amazing that a band from Toronto can emulate the sounds of the island of Jamaica from so far away, but I.AN.EYE is surely bring the warmth through their music to the generally cold climate along the northern coasts of the Great Lakes. - www.thisismodern.net

"Scene and Heard review"

Toronto-based reggae quintet I.An.Eye will also give you the folk roots fix you have been searching for but haven’t found. We Are One, the band’s first CD is instantly appealing. ‘Rest Your Head’, the lead off track, is a traditional reggae tune that moves your shoulders, closes your eyes and begins the trip:

The band’s two vocalists and songwriters Andrew Hanna and Chris Assaad are cousins; their chemistry is both lyrical and mystical. The use of a cello in a reggae song is another cool touch -- playing in the background is equal to the fluid vocals that sing the praises of life and laughter. Add in a wah wah bass, and nine melodic and meaningful songs later, you wish that nine more would flow through your speakers. So play it again. And you will!

The feeling you get from listening to We Are One is as good as getting the last Red Stripe from the icebox on a hot Ocho Rios Beach.

- Andy Gemza - www.sceneandheard.ca

"Chart Attack CMW 2005 Review"


There's something undeniably alluring about these boys — their fire-infused performance, meaning-potent songs, humour and they showed such chutzpah by having to jump up there with no prep time. "Group hug everybody," guitarist Chris chimed while we waited. Drummer Don's tattoos and cellist Riaz's fingers were more than enough eye candy.


A cellist!! Thank God! I thought we were gonna drown in all the previous Fender Strats. I.An.Eye definitely stood out from their predecessors with their sonic inventions and actual ability to harmonize. This is music that's in love with new emotions and new experiences. It replenishes the soul-starved. The audience was hooting well before a note emerged.


These guys were so good, I had to consciously look for flaws — three out of the four wore identical black Puma sneakers, Chris's forehead looked a bit greasy, Riaz kept his eyes on his bow, guitarist Andrew had dark circles under his eyes, but all this only made them more endearing, dammit. And my, how the ladies loved Andrew and Chris, or LL Cool AC, for short.

For the full version of the review go to
http://www.chartattack.com/DAMN/2005/03/0530.cfm - Chart Attack/Christine Estima


WE ARE ONE - LP (2007)
THE SMOKE CLEARS - EP (October 2004)
(streaming available at www.ianeye.ca)



Chris Assaad and Andrew Hanna were born connected by family bonds and were always together. They played and travelled and grew like brothers. It was twenty-two years later that these Toronto, Canada-born cousins discovered their musical connection and creative chemistry. In 2002 a simple, earnest musical duo called I.An.Eye emerged onto the eclectic Toronto music scene.

The early days were a frenzy of song-writing and exploration of music from the likes of Ben Harper, The Chili Peppers, Jack Johnson and, the Legend himself, Bob Marley. The boys started playing acoustic sets around town and realized they were on to something. They’ve come a long way from their humble beginnings as an acoustic duo. While Andrew and Chris remain at the creative helm as the core of the I.An.Eye sound, they have welcomed to the family classically trained cellist Riaz Hassan, Dave McMillan’s funk-rock fusion on bass, and the dead-on, laid-back beats of Kevin Mendes on drums.

I.An.Eye, the Rastafarian concept of God and self being indistinguishable, provides both a name and an ideology for the band, with their reflective lyrics and spiritual performances. The music is a mix of inspiring, soulful folk-rock, reggae, funk and blues with infectious hooks and dynamic emotions. This all crystallizes on stage where the music is free to transform and elevate. They captured a piece of that magic on their 2004 EP The Smoke Clears and followed it up a year later with their first LP We Are One. UK-based record label Moon Ska World is set to release We Are One throughout Europe this fall, bringing the I.An.Eye experience to a whole new audience.