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Ian Fleming

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This band has not uploaded any videos



""Ian Fleming does NOT suck!""

"When you listen to Ian Fleming's debut release "The Wrong One", the thing that stands out the most is his voice. The man's got AWESOME rock pipes. A little Chris Cornell, a little Lou Reed, with a hint of snarl which is killer. Fleming's lead single "I Suck" is playful and self-deprecating, but also powerful and most importantly, catchy as hell. Regular everyday people are bombarded by music, so when something comes along that is truly memorable (in a good way), that's a big deal. Another stand-out track is his cover of "Eye In The Sky", the '80s chestnut from The Alan Parsons Project. I don't think I fully appreciated it back in 1982, but now I am really taken with it, the lyrics especially, and Fleming's muscular reinvention of the song propels it to a new place. If I were a major label, I would take "I Suck" and run with it all the way to the bank as it has the potential to be a #1 hit on the modern rock charts. I would follow that up with "Eye In The Sky" to show that Fleming is a lot more than a one hit wonder, and then pinch myself for being smart enough to have signed this superstar-in-the-making while I still had the chance." - Rosanna Lee KCSN 88.5

""It's really great""

It's really great!
-Kevin Ryder - The Kevin & Bean Show


"The Wrong One" LP released 3/13/09.
The single "I Suck" has received radio airplay on KROQ in L.A., 94.1 WJJO in Madison, WI and others.



Ian Fleming is a seasoned artist from Los Angeles. He lost his mother at age 3, had a rough childhood and eventually ended up in foster homes. Growing up his only solace was music and an overwhelming feeling that his mother was somehow watching over him.

Ian first picked up a borrowed Guild bass at age 15 and fell in love. He soon after started playing a six string as well. Ian is completely self-taught and even saved his lunch money for a year to buy his first axe. Playing an instrument quickly became a means to write songs for Ian and the next obvious step was recording. He bought a cheap 4-track tape recorder and got to work, writing and recording his first song at 16. Ian soon went on to play in numerous bands, start a freelance recording business and make music his life.

He's the classic "tortured soul" with a scarred but genuine heart. Years of pain are cleverly orchestrated in his music. Perhaps the most exciting thing about Ian is the deep hope and strength that lives in his songs. His music draws from a very large spectrum, yet always seems to retain his own unique flavor and focus.