Ian Hanson

Ian Hanson

 Denver, Colorado, USA
BandAlternativeNew Age

Ambient solo bass that is at times mellow and relaxing, and at others fully engaging and dramatic. Drawing inspiration from nearly every genre of music, new and old; with influences ranging from classical piano solos to driving funk rock and even hard rock. No sound off limits; no song too unique.


Ian has been playing bass for over ten years, many of which spent with a band of some variety. His main focus, however, is now in writing solo bass pieces, exploring all of the possibilities the bass has to offer. Inspired by pioneers on the instrument such as Les Claypool, Flea, and Victor Wooten, Ian has spent several years forming his sound. In one moment, he draws inspiration from Flea and presents a funky, driving groove, then flows into an ambient, melodic interlude, reminiscent of something written by Victor Wooten. Next, he ventures into the eclectic, a la Les Claypool, before bringing a harder edge and adding a touch of darkness to his sound. All this he does while creating depth and texture with varying dynamics and tempo change. By striving to blend all of his influences into a coherent sound, Ian hopes to create music that is refreshingly unique yet comfortably familiar.

Set List

A list containing over an hours worth of original compositions, as well as a few unique arrangments of memorable songs by timless artists.