Ian Harrod

Ian Harrod


A singer/guitar player with a timeless voice and songs that urge people to look at what is going on now. A few uplifting songs, a few politically driven songs, and some that are more surreal imagery. Mostly positive messages and some familiar songs too.


I am Ian Harrod a singer from Raleigh NC. I took voice lessons from a Broadway singer named Bob Wrenn for four years before moving to Brevard, NC to go to school. From there I really started playing the local scene a lot in a duo with Terina Plyler. We were playing music that spreads positive messages of peace and good energy. I have been recently playing bass in many Asheville bands including The Honeycutters and The Space Heaters (we just played with David Wilcox at LEAF) but would like to keep singing my songs for people as well. I feel a need to point out worldly issues like genocide and hunger and how we could so easily create a peaceful world if that's what we intended.
A little cheesy and a little blunt at times, but Ive got some songs and a voice you'll love.



Set List

I would do mostly my own songs with a few covers spread around to bring some familiarity for fun. Covers include Paradise by John Prine, some bluegrass songs, some classic rock like the Beatles and CSN, some other folk song might slip in there and some swing or jazz. Because I play bass with lots of folks I love playing many genres. I like to sing about trees, the beauty of today, faeries, rivers, love, some more intense dark and even angry songs. I have a couple of story kind of songs, but mostly its all about the message as far as my writing goes.
A typical set would be about 45 minutes to an hour, could play two or three sets, preferably two.