ian haynes

ian haynes


I play acoustic music on guitar and banjo with a bit of harmonica, drawing from my love of roots and folk. I live in the mountains of rural B.C. and my songs reflect the ruggedness of the beauty that surrounds me.


Ian Haynes lives with his wife in the interior of British Columbia in the heart of the West Kootenays.

Born and raised in rural farm-land Québec into a household where music was always prevalent, his father is a jazz guitarist, his mother a vocalist. Ian was encouraged from a young age to take up an instrument, and he did. His first love was drums, then guitar. He naturally picked up bass guitar, harmonica, and even banjo.

Growing up, he was exposed to everything from Hank Williams to Black Sabbath, eventually carving out his own style of playing and song writing.

After living and working as a musician in the Toronto and Montréal folk scenes for several years, he moved to British Columbia, where his song writing matured into what you hear now: tales that reflect the rugged wilderness and beauty of his surroundings, drawing on his love of roots, folk, and acoustic based music.


Postcard Angels
Moon Over Kootenay Lake

Set List

I perform songs from both Postcard Angels and Moon Over Kootenay Lake CDs, with the occassional Bob Dylan and Townes Van Zandt cover. My main focus is original material.