Ian Joseph Zumback

Ian Joseph Zumback

 Glens Falls, New York, USA

From the bar to the altar. Former hardcore music guitar player and vocalist turns off the amplifier of sin and self. Turns up the amplifier for God.


Ian Joseph Zumback originally began music by playing guitar when he was 8 years old and formed his first band at the age of 11. At the age of 15, he began writing and performing music with friends. Ian regularly performed with local hardcore bands, and put out various recordings of original music into his twenties. Though what began purely as a passionate interest became a coping mechanism and vehicle for pride, self indulgence, and sin. At the suggestion of a friend of Ian’s wife, Ian and his wife Susan began to attend a local church. After a Christmas party on December 11, 2005 Ian had a life changing experience and surrendered his life to Jesus Christ as His Lord and Savior.

Since surrendering his life to Jesus Christ, God has blessed Ian with opportunities to serve with various music ministries which have included being asked to serve on a worship team during an Easter service held at the Pepsi Arena in Albany, NY with 6,000 in attendance as well as back international worship leader, Robin Mark on electric guitar for two events held in upstate NY.

Within the past year, Ian has been blessed to have been able to minister his original music and share his heart with his community at local churches, fundraisers, and a local outdoor Christian based festival. Everywhere he goes and serves, he hopes that his personal testimony and music will inspire others to seek a personal relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ. In November of 2011, Ian recorded a live 5 song solo acoustic demo of original songs titled “Risen” which was available in limited release. Ian resides in Glens Falls, NY with his wife Susan, and son Jonah. Ian and his wife Susan cheerfully serve in various areas of ministry at New Hope Community Church in Queensbury, NY including but not limited to the worship team.


Every Tongue will sing

Written By: Ian Joseph Zumback

Every tongue will sing
by Ian J. Zumback
Everlasting God – the Lion and the Lamb
You shed Your blood upon the cross and by Your will I stand
You heal the sinner’s heart and mend the broken life
That we might stand before the King in eternal life
You’ve opened up the Heavens by Your love and grace
Now my heart’s reward is to see Your face
You raise the dead to life and heal this heart of mine
You welcome us with loving arms - Come and live in me
Every eye will see
Every tongue will sing
Every knee will bow before
Jesus Christ the Lord
You’ve cleansed us through and through
That we would live for You
That we might share in love’s reward
For this I will believe
that nothing I have done could stop Your love for me
so now I’ll sing Heaven’s song and lead the lost to Thee!
You’ve opened up the Heavens by Your precious blood
And now my heart’s reward is to love your Son!

The God of all hears us (worthy of praise)

Written By: Ian Joseph Zumback

The God of all hears us (worthy of praise)
by Ian J. Zumback
Shout to the Lord
All the earth praise His Name
for the God of all hears us and He’s worthy of praise
Shout to the King - bring an offering of love
For the chains of death are broken
Praise to Jesus above - Praise you Jesus
Amazing love – how can it be My Saviour’s blood was shed for me
Amazing grace – like a river flows
It heals the heart and cleansed my soul
My sin and shame, my guilt and death
Was paid in full at His last breath
Now I’ll praise Your Name – You live again!
Oh Jesus can you hear us, we offer our praise to You!
Born again in Your great love
Your Holy Spirit filling us to offer up our lives to You
Sincere devotion to honor You
Remember how our Saviour bled
A crown of thorns upon Your head
Now the dead are raised – Now we live again!
Oh Jesus can you hear us, we come here to worship You!
Praise You forever and ever

Where does my help come from?

Written By: Ian Joseph Zumback

Where does my help come from?
by Ian J. Zumback
I lift up my eyes - I lift up my song
To the Lord in Heaven, The Creator of all
I lift up my dreams - I lift up my hopes
to the One called Jesus, my Strength and my Song
Where does my help come from – it comes - It comes from the Lord
I’ll cast all my cares - I’ll lay it all down
Take up my burden for Heavenly crown
Though I walk through fire
Though I walk through rain
Though I walk through darkness
Forever I’ll say
He will not suffer my place to be moved
Even in the darkest days
The Lord is my Keeper
The Lord is my Friend
He will preserve my soul
I lift up my eyes
I lift up the cross
To the world around me
The poor and the lost


Ian Joseph Zumback recorded a 5 song solo acoustic demo in November of 2011 of original songs titled, 'Risen' with limited release.