Ian Kane

Ian Kane

 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

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sounds of picasso

Written By: ian kane

sitting with me in the garden chairs
head full of reasons, and his fist full of cares
the breeze is inviting as it toys with his hair
the cats are complaining in the still summer air

the bottle of wine
has left the bottle behind
the night's been like shakespeare
and the mood has been kind

well, for every piece of fruit in the bowl
he's got a story to tell

the smiles of his twenties
left some lines on his face
the candles are dancing
as the record keeps pace

thoughts of religion
from the joint that we shared
sound like picasso
in the darkening air

well, if i had a lire for every sigh
i'd be a rich girl
i'd be a rich girl
i'd be a rich woman
i am a rich woman

well, the breeze is blowing
and there's work to be done..

it's a dream that i had