Ian Maxion

Ian Maxion


Energentic, Soulful, Powerful, Entertaining, Lovable, Down to earth, Funny, and Emotional! Ian Maxion is everything you'd want in an artist.


Ian Maxion simply put is blessed with a desire to entertain, and with the ability to entertain all comers successfully. Since he was a young child, Ian Maxion has had the true passion within him to become a professional recording artist. Ian would walk into room, and his presence would automatically attract the spotlight. From his honorary performance at his high school graduation to his numerous shows, choirs and plays, Ian Maxion continued on his quest to grow as an individual within the music world.

Although he began to gain some notoriety in Northern California, while booking numerous local concerts for Bay Area acts, it wasn’t until the Summer of 2003 that Ian’s career really took a turn for the better. Tempting fate with an audition for the hit show “American Idol”, Ian drove over eight hours to Pasadena, for the opportunity to gain entry to the status of mega-stardom. There was not much luck to be had for him at the audition, with the judges that is. However, fortunately for Ian Maxion, he caught the eye of a producer from a LA based production company named ERA Productions. Eddie Galan, the producer and President of the company, believed Ian had the drive, personality, and talent to make it. Eddie Galan gave Ian the chance of a lifetime by paving the way of his career, signing Ian Maxion to management and production deals!

Since joining ERA, Ian has since accomplished a plethora of things on his quest to stardom. Touring with such major label acts as Nina Sky, Jesse McCartney, DREAM, Trevor of O-Town, RJ Helton, and Myra has been only the beginning for Ian. He has also gone on to receive such awards and accolades as the “2004 New Artist of the Year” at the San Francisco Music Awards, “2004 Most Promising Male Singer of the Year” at the “Bay Area Celebrity Star Award Night Gala” and “The Outstanding Teen Singer of 2003” award from the Reno Gazette. Currently, Ian Maxion is growing quickly in the hearts of others in countries such as Indonesia, The Philippines, and Japan, where his tracks have already begun airplay and request have begun for an Ian Maxion international tour.

With so much enthusiasm and heart, his dreams have yet to be fulfilled. This rising star has dealt with losing loved ones, broken hearts, cynical critics and cruel peers who never fail to try and break him down with their words. Ian uses all of this and the rest of his life’s experiences to his advantage, while in the studio writing his newest songs. His drive will not allow anything to get in the way of his dreams coming true. Do not underestimate Ian’s drive, passion, and love for music, just expect to be hit with it soon!


Ian Maxion's influences are from a variety of genres. They include but are not limited to:

Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Stevie Wonder, Boyz II Men, Usher, Alicia Keys, Craig David, All-4-One, Westlife, and Janet Jackson

Ian Maxion is as "real" and down to earth as it gets, and he takes the time to respond to EVERY single fan whenever possible.


Save Me (Just In Time)

Written By: A.Alvermark/F.Ådahl

You know it's freezing cold
I'm shivering to the bones
Enough with the attitude
I'm blowing the cover

It's a little too much to bear
Don't know if you really care
Sick and tired of being
in this state of mind

Gonna be fine yeah
Gonna be loved yeah
Is it alright baby to cry

Save me just in time
I'm leaving out reason or rhime, and making wishes in a time of a break up
Live in fairytales, ain't it just what my mama said and
How can it be that I finally wake up

Now you want me to analyze
Don´t you think that I've paid the price
But hey it's okay
I stand in the open

Love is a dream you say
A lot more than far away and
It´s gonna take some effort
and a whole lot of time

Gonna be fine dear
Out of my mind dear
Is it alright baby to cry


Back in 2003
you were the only one for me

Save me just in time
Enough with reason or rhime
making wishes in a time of a break up
Wishes never fail, ain't it just what my mama said
How can it be that I finally wake up

Try Imagining

Written By: Gregory Watton, Eddie J. Galan, Ryan P. Gentry, Kenny Smith

You and I will live our lives
As if on the silver screen
You and I will act together
Sail away past fantasies

And even if we wander
I know that we’ll get through
Time will stop
And Hold our memories too

Sometimes when things get tough
And you think that you’ve had enough
Don’t ever let it cross your mind
I want forever to be yours and mine

Try Imagining
If we lost this love forever
Try Imagining
I would go wherever
To bring you back to me

I’ll try Imagining
If the future wasn’t ours to face
Would you still find a way?
Try Imagining

We will fly up into heaven
On stardust and golden wings
We will swim against forever
Take control of eternity

And even if we falter
Fight against all creation
Take a breath
It’s just your imagination

Sometimes when things get tough
And you think that you’ve had enough
Don’t ever let it cross your mind
I want forever to be yours and mine


Live a dream
Or a fantasy
If you’re with me
Just try Imagining
Take me with you
High into the clouds
Solve a mystery
Just Try Imagining



Ian Maxion-Self Entitled EP Album (7 Songs)
-Released by ERA Productions (3/23/05)

Set List

1. Show Intro
2. Let's Dance
3. Nothing's Gonna Make Me (Search and Rescue Remix)
4. 1000 Miles A Minute
5. Save Me (Just In Time)
6. Work of Angels
7. Try Imagining

Ian Maxion set can be anywhere from 15 minutes to 45 minutes. There are currently no covers included in Ian Maxion's set list.