Ian McCleary

Ian McCleary

 Morris Plains, New Jersey, USA

My music usually deals with friends and the feelings I've had in my life. I occasionally deals with something political. The lyrics are influenced also by poets and by events. My music is not just folk music, even though it could be classified as folk music by many people.


My influences are Cocteau Twins,Jeff Buckley, Buddy Holly, The Beatles, Elliott Smith,Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Leadbelly, and Neutral Milk Hotel. I'm different from most musicians because I dont try to think about my influences as much as what sound good. It's usually whats me.
I began freshman year in a band called the Motown Boys at Morristown High School, and then changed the band name to The Shamrocks a year later. We played at school coffeehouses but nothing much more then that. It was hard keeping members so I began to doing my own thing senior year. The summer of 2009 I began getting into folk music and indie. That's where I found something I really felt passionate about. This year I organized a concert in my town, to raise money for autism awareness, something I feel very strongly about.


Center of That Storm

Written By: Ian McCleary

The visions of rain are in your snow
I found the perfect place to go
I know your sleeping into books
given half awake sort of looks
by your parents with such concern
as if your pillows could care less
if your head swells and turns

I'll take my poems to your place
So we can feel different ways
But dont sleep on me or dose
dont rest your head on your chin
if that sounds good to you
rest your eyes when you get home
cause life is driving by

As I looked out the window lazily
your hands were unconsciously writing
I leaned back as the sky drew
an orange painted dot
Your skin shined too with that dot
and I got embarressed so easily
I tried to code any of those thoughts

You then mentioned that girls name
you were cold as ever not the same
there were seperate wars in our cores
we saw painting didn't know what for
One sung like a hebrew psalm
the other was a pretty voice
used for a deadly bomb

All your girlishness came with your laugh
as I became more of myself
Then I knew that we were friends
something I had known before
and I let my metal clothes slip
and the sun catch It's breath
I was a bit unused I guess

Ballad of Molly

Written By: Ian McCleary

Growing up in a household ever so calm
exposed to me that there arent any external
problems My parents taught me that everyones
in tune they fed me optimism with a sunny spoon
They say the mountains form by God's own grace
and that faithful is from faithful and that
faith is from faith. There are angels that dont
reason they only provide to carry my
body through my lifes wild ride

As I tried clothes on in a clothing chain
I didnt see intolerable employees tease my brain
And as I crossed the barriers I was ill informed
they made sure I was visible as I was scorned

Recieving mockery like Jesus not knowing how
to blend, two roses lit my face how rubies can
We left the store like two visitors leaving shore
To faith of a second land with open doors

To Get To You

Written By: Ian McCleary

I'd die for you in a house in flames
If you were hurt I'd swim through blood
up to my knees and up to my head
I'd swim to get to you

I'd climb tall pines to get to you
I'd fall off a bridge if that meant love
I'd burn all of my favorite clothes
I'd burn everything to get to you

I'd sail for miles to a distant shore
I wouldnt need a compass to get there
There wouldnt be a need for large sails
Cause I could pass any storm

I'd face the lake to look at you
and to look is to get to know you
you've been a mirage when your not there
and you never blur you creep into my dream

I'd walk a day down dim dark roads
I'd run a marathon with my eyes closed
The passion glows beneath my bones
and my heart sings without It's mouth closed

Youll Be Here Soon

Written By: Ian McCleary

Angel you'll be here soon
baby you'll be here soon
you might come in the morning
maybe the noon
girl you'll be here soon

I dont know what you'll look like
I dont know what you'll see in me
I dont know where you'll come from
I dont know how you'll be to me

I've been waiting for the opportunity
To have a girl that talks to me
when will the sun rise over that hill?
when will that time be?

Imaginary Girl

Written By: Ian McCleary

He goes to the Watnong mountains
with the mind of a homeless bear
he hears the telephone towers crackle
his ears become shocked in sound
He brings with him his only love
who he rubs but he cant see
she is his compass on the route
his imaginary girl

As the melting tires hit the barren road
his eyes go in circles all around
he has no attention for the driver
he's been to a few lonesome towns
he hasnt seen any golden coins
or the singing of the streets
has no reach of old friends
except for his imaginary girl

She sings him sweet silent songs
he sings all the songs he knows
but as he begins to show his love
she's the imaginary girl


New Horizons EP March 2010
WJSV Morristown
Stairwell of Emotions LP Aug- Sept 2010
Advent LP- To be released April-May 2011