Ian McFeron

Ian McFeron

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Ian McFeron, whose lyrical prose has been compared to Bob Dylan, Ryan Adams and David Gray, weaves together a variety of roots-Americana traditions to create his own unique form of roots-oriented American music.


McFeron got his start in the Seattle music scene after his self-produced debut album Dont Look Back (2003) was discovered by 103.7 fm The Mountain (AAA-formatted KMTT, Seattle, WA). A recent college graduate and virtually unknown local artist at the time, McFerons poetic lyrics and tightly composed songs inspired the media giant to put the albums lead off single Love Me Twice into rotation. Listeners responded strongly, and within months, McFeron would share the spotlight with international and national artists such as Patty Griffin, Nanci Griffith, Shawn Mullins, Brandi Carlile, Mike Doughty, Sister Hazel, Amos Lee, Hayes Carll, and Missy Higgins.

His early successes in Seattle launched McFeron headlong into a full-time recording and touring career. Continuing to operate as a fully independent artist and self-functioning record label, he would go on to release five more albums in rapid succession, delving into a variety of musical traditions such as blues, folk, pop, gospel, alt-country, and jazz. Currently, McFeron is on tour in support of his sixth album Summer Nights, recorded in Nashville, TN with a cast of musicians drawn from Ryan Adams and Patty Griffins touring bands, including Doug Lancio, Brad Pemberton, Billy Mercer, Micah Hulscher, and McFerons longtime musical partner Alisa Milner.

From the beginning, McFeron dedicated himself to building audiences the old fashioned way: on the road. Traveling from city to city, state to state, nation to nation, McFeron performs an average of 200 shows a year spread throughout the United States and Europe, inspiring listeners with his beautifully crafted songs and honest narratives. On the road, McFeron is often joined by Alisa Milner, a Texas-style fiddler, cellist, and harmony vocalist and long-time friends Norman Baker and Mark Bateman on bass and drums.


I'll Come Knockin'

Written By: Ian McFeron

Well your lips are sweet, and soft like silk but your tongue is sharp as a knife. And even though I stood up on stilts I still couldn’t reach that high. But if you give me one more chance- we’ll I’ll give it one last try. So honey look in my eyes… I’ll come knockin’ at your door and you and I will go walking down by the seashore, because you warm my heart in your gentle hands. You make me feel like a better man. Come alongside me dear and this time we’ll take it slow. When you ask me what keeps me holding on, well I guess I don’t really know. But when you hold me in your arms there’s nowhere else I want to go. And I just thought you should know… I’ll come knockin’ at your door and you and I will go walking down by the seashore, because you warm my heart in your gentle hands. You make me feel like a better man. You don’t get too many second glances at a chance to change your mind. And they say lightning won’t strike twice but I’m feeling lucky this time… So I’ll come knockin’ at your door and you and I will go walking down by the seashore, because you warm my heart in your gentle hands. You make me feel like a better man.

Bringin' It Back

Written By: Ian McFeron

I was downtown at the station
I had just too much time to kill
She had designs on a bad situation
I had a vacancy I needed filled

She said “I seen your eyes walkin’ up my black boots
And I’ve known your kind of man before
What your woman doesn’t know can’t hurt her”
But I don’t mess around no more

So I’ll be bringin’ it back
Bringin’ it back home
Bringin’ it back
To your door
You know darlin’ I wouldn’t leave you alone

Well her eyes flashed with condescension
She ran her tongue across the back of her teeth
And said “boy you don’t know what you’re missin’”
I said “I’m sure that it’s something sweet

I don’t know how it all got started
Or when I started makin’ my home with you
I was bouncin’ like a rubber ball
But now I’m stickin’ to you like glue

How The Money Comes

Written By: Ian McFeron

I came here by a troubled road
Cause I got the music in my hands
And I sing those songs about a girl that’s gone
The one I knew when we were kids
Now I remember this town from years before
And really it don’t seem to change
Except the money is gone, the streets are worn
And I got more lines in my face

I’m tryin’ to keep my skillet greasy
And keep my pockets filled
Cause money comes but it don’t come easy…
And I expect it never will

When the jukebox stops my guitar knocks
And I play those songs again
When I close my eyes she’s walkin' right beside me
Holding tightly to my hand
Some people laugh and sing and shake it down
And some just sit and sway
And when the bucket of change goes passin' around
They pass a little bit back my way
Lord knows

So hold me close but don’t you tie me down
I got to keep movin'
With all those blues hounds tryin’ to catch me now

When the lights go down the shades are drawn
And all the cables have been tied
I share a whiskey drink with the barkeep
Before I load the van outside
These streets are so still with that morning chill
And the lights are glowing green
Well I got just enough cash to make the gas
From Memphis to New Orleans

The First Cold Day of Fall

Written By: Ian McFeron

If you’d a told me you were walkin’ out
I might a tried to make you stay
Cause here I am talkin’ at the wall
You’re the one that got away

I used to think that you’d be comin’ back here
I’m startin’ to get that you’re really gone
Cause I could never tell it in a word
I tried to sell it for a song

On the first cold day of fall
I turn the heat up in my car
And roll the windows down
I remember you were laughin’ with your eyes
And I was tryin’ not to smile
But you were makin’ it hard
That was a good way to start

Now I been walkin’ miles with no direction
Searchin’ the heavens for a star
But it never matters which way you go
It only matters where you are

They say time will tell
And I’ve learned my lesson well
It doesn’t mean that it’s wrong just cause it’s hard
It doesn’t mean I didn’t love you
Just cause I broke your heart

Down the Road

Written By: Ian McFeron

Everybody’s talkin’ ‘bout job lines and hard times
Well it’s enough to get ‘cha blue
It gets to looking like a backyard dog fight
Of people just trying to make it through

All this time spent chasin’ dimes
And you can’t take it when you go
But you can let it go
And you might find what you’re lookin’ for
Is just a little ways down the road

Everybody’s talking bout the big wave and earthquakes
Shakin’ those towers to the sea
Sometimes you got to let the big ones lose some
Sometimes you just got to let it be

Out of the ashes, out of the fire
A new day will start to grow
And if you let it grow
You might find what you’re lookin’ for
Is just a little ways down the road

So you can call on me any time that you can use a friend
And you can lay your troubles down on me
Cause I got all the time you wanna spend

Cause time is movin’ too fast now
What happened to the old towns?
And country lanes we’d go walkin’ down so slow
So can we take it slow?
You might find what you’re looking for
Is just a little ways down the road

Oh I wanna give you my whole heart, my whole mind
You can take all my money too
Cause honey I could be a poor man eatin’ from a tin can
I wouldn’t mind if I had you

You say that love is all you need
If you believe it could you let it show?
Cause when you let it show
You might find what you’re lookin’ for
Is just a little ways down the road
You might find what you’re lookin’ for
Is just a little ways down the road


2011- "Summer Nights" produced by Doug Lancio and recorded at Studio G! in East Nashville, TN

2009- "Love Me Blue" single "Good Morning I'm Still Here" played on Sirius XM "The Coffee House" and "Love Me Blue" is played on 103.7 FM "The Mountain" in Seattle

2007- "Let It Ride" single "Comfort In The Bottle" is played on 103.7 FM "The Mountain" in Seattle

2006- "Fistfight With Father Time," single "It's Over" is played on 103.7 FM "The Mountain" in Seattle

2005- "A Long Way To Freedom," single "Half a Million Dollars (and a bottle of red wine)" is played on 103.7 FM "The Mountain" in Seattle

2003- "Don't Look Back," single "Love Me Twice" is played on 103.7 FM "The Mountain" in Seattle

Set List

We play original music with a cover thrown in here or there, and can play any length set up to 4 hours. A sample 90 minute set would be as follows:

1. Shine a Little Light
2. Anna Behind the Veil
3. Pretty Girls (shoot me down)
4. Summer Nights
5. You’re Still On My Mind
6. Fistfight With Father Time
7. Pig Song
8. New Solution
9. Sunlight
10. The Scarlet Dream
11. My Old Lovers
12. Love Minus Zero (No Limit) (Bob Dylan)
13. Love Me Blue
14. Come See Me Before You Go
15. I’ll Come Knockin’
16. Guess I Will
17. Windchime
18. Take Up Your Life
19. Hard Since You’ve Been Gone
20. The Weight (by The Band)

Me and Julio Down By The School Yard (Paul Simon)