Ian McGlone

Ian McGlone


Original, stylings that will seep into your soul. Thoughtful lyrics that will get into your head. Off the wall stuff that might make liquid come out of your nose. That's what you get when you get Ian.


The only boy who could ever reach you is this son of a preacher man. Yes he is. Ian McGlone, philosopher, hopeless romantic, German speaker. Birds, women, and even pug dogs are know to inspire him. Ian began his musical career in the fourth grade playing the trumpet. When Ian told his high school band instructor that he wanted to join the choir, his instructor told him, "Sing, why you can't sing!" Take a listen. You tell us: Can Ian sing?


Just a little 8 song CD pumped out in Kathy Barwicks house in 9 1/2 hours. It's called 9 1/2 Hours.

Set List

I have about 10-15 ready to play originals. I also know some Bob Dylan, Garth Brooks, Hank Williams, and also some Blue Grass Standards. I always like to end a show with an improve song, where I make up the lyrics based on audience cues. I have a couple hours worth of material.