Ian McIntosh

Ian McIntosh


Australian suburban culture in an original pub rock scene.


Ian McIntosh is a singer-songwriter from Perth, Western Australia. His songs have roots in Australian suburban culture; themes deal with peer pressure and growing up, reminiscing and loss and breaking free of one's own boundaries. The music is presented in a style which is born of Australian pub rock, but which is undeniably original.

Samples of Ian's work can be heard at www.ianmcintosh.net, which currently redirects to the site of his recent project CrashPod, www.crashpod.org.


Swallow You Whole

Written By: Ian McIntosh

When I was king
ruler of Algeria
I clicked my fingers
oh yeah we had it good
I was in charge
five or six or eight hundred
I took so much
oh yeah we had it good

So I was there
living in Algeria
I was a doctor
of physics nuclear
Yeah this is true
oh but for the grace of God go I

And when it all gets through
it will swallow you whole

Oh how the mighty
how the mighty take a fall
And the blame
I apportion it all
Onto those
who haven't made the same errors
I dry my tears with
these tattered rags of false honour
I need you more
more than I'll admit to you
but hold fast - hold on
Did I mention I lived in Algeria...ruled by me

And when it all gets through
it will swallow you whole

And when we meet again
I'll see you wrapped up
in your fascinations,
dropped into your obligations


EP: Socks by The Missing Garden Gnomes
EP: Moody by CrashPod

Set List

Typical set list, lasting around an hour:

Swallow you whole
Jedi night
Ever changing light
Had to be there
The Dare
Second Time
Spark of Jealousy
Wrestling Moments
To Slow Things Down
Put Your Hand Upon My Face
Self Improvement
Bad News From Home (Randy Newman cover)
You're the One That I Want (country version of the Grease song)