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"Ian Noe"

This is from Bobby Harrison, former morning anchor for WYMT News.
"Seeing Ian Noe live is like witnessing Neil Young at his Youngest. It is like seeing Bob Dylan in the quiet confidence of his Freewheelin' days. There is something golden about it, something you can't quite put your finger on, something that feels more like home than home, yet something that takes you to a place you've never been to before. It is everything you ever wanted in seeing a guy with a guitar play his own music.
Listening to Noe's self-titled debut album, though, is quite the different experience. That does not make it any more or less anything. If seeing Ian Noe live is like being a part of something larger than life, listening to his album is like being there when the mystery is explained. It is the unveiling of the curtain. It is listening to the musician backstage after everyone else has left the concert. Some of the tracks feel slower and quieter than you remembered them. But in the end, you get the feeling that you know more about this young man than you did before.
Noe's writing is better than anything this side of Wilco's Jeff Tweedy. His lyrics feel real, his words truthful. Even when this artist from Eastern Kentucky writes about Galveston or unwinds in the bluesy sort of way that he does on "I Love Her Fine", you get the feeling that he's been to Southeast Texas and that he really does have more blues in him than a white kid from Appalachia ever should.
"Of All The Broken Ships" and "Don't Let the Morning Bring You Down" are the two tracks you'll tell all your friends and family about. They are songs that should've been written many years ago. Like any great song, they are tunes that you swear you've heard before. They take you to places you've always wanted to seeā€¦but better yet, they bring you back home as well.
If you want to experience something that only the first few audiences of Young and Dylan experienced, see Ian Noe live. If you want to see something more intimate and if you want a sincere portrait of Ian Noe, listen to his album."

- Unknown


Ian Noe (2008)
1. Hello My Friend
2. Don't Let The Morning Bring Ya' Down
3. Sing It Loud
4. Mama, I'm On My Way Home
5. I Love Her Fine
6. Of All The Broken Ships
7. Galveston
8. All Along My Way
9. Miners
10. Good Morning Glory

The Silent Anthems Album (2008)
1. Sign of the Times
2. Oh, Babe I'm Going Away
3. I Dreamt of World War 3
4. Hard Times Blues
5. A' Drifting Down That Lonesome Line
6. Stand
7. Coal Miners Blues
8. Sad Old Picture Shows
9. Barbara's Song
10. Talkin' Gas-So-Mean
11. Ain't Nobody Stopped Me Yet
12. Midnight
13. Hear The Wind
14. Fathers of Freedom
15. Sweet Virginia (Live)

Several of Ians songs have been played on WUMB radio in Boston, MA and also WJSN in Jackson, KY

Many of Ians newer songs can be heard at www.purevolume.com/iannoe



Ian Noe considers himself more of a songwriter than a singer, but from the first seconds of hearing him, its obvious that he is great at both. Born May 9, 1990 in Eastern Kentucky, Ian Noe had a guitar in his hand from an early age. Brought up on the great ones of folk, Dylan, Guthrie, Prine, and others, Ian quickly developed a knack for acoustic roots music. He began playing in local talent shows, school assemblies, and festivals.

Ian plays several instruments including guitar, harmonica, and piano.

It was only in the early part of 2007 that Ian even began writing music, and it was quickly evident he had a great ability to tell stories of his own through music. He entered the Appalachian StarSearch in Hazard on October 20, 2007, and won the grand prize singing his original song ''Don't Let The Morning Bring Ya Down.'' Due to that win, Ian was invited to perform at a Rhonda Vincent concert in Hyden a few days later.

Ian began writing more and more. He released a cd of 10 of his songs in early 2008.

After the tragic events on the campus of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA in April of 2007, Ian wrote a song dedicated to the victims of the tragedy. He played this song, "Sweet Virginia" for Virginia Tech students on the campus in Blacksburg in April of 08 on the anniversary of the shooting.

In June 2008 Ian won first place in the State FFA Talent Competition in Louisvile, Kentucky.

Ian was also selected as one of the 5 finalist in the 2008 Boston Folk Festival Songwriting Contest.

Now with close to 100 original songs, Ian is doing what he loves most, playing music for others to enjoy.

For more info, you may go to www.iannoe.com