Ian Pettit

Ian Pettit


Every once in a great while, a new talent comes along that is simply incomparable. Armed with an eclectic musical vocabulary and an ability to rock face on nearly any instrument, Ian Pettit comes to the scene with the goal of changing the industry for the better through his masterful craftsmanship.


I once asked my father when he first knew that I would be a musician. He responded with a story that took place when I was about 18 months old or so. At the time my dad was playing drums in a band, and they would practice in the basement. At times he would take me downstairs and let me make noise on the kit, but one night at practice, the first person to show up was (surprisingly) the guitar player. He came down the stairs and said something to the effect of, "Hey there little man, why don't you lay me down a beat?" Apparently I immediately responded with a relatively steady "boom, bap! boom, bap! boom bap!" on whatever drums I could reach. Not a bad start, I'd say.

When I was in second grade, our class all took violin lessons for a short while, to prepare for a group recital of "Hot Cross Buns" and "Mary Had A Little Lamb." When it came time for the recital, my inquisitive and experimental nature reared it's head, and when it came time for some of us to bravely play the songs alone, I attempted "Mary Had A Little Lamb" on the high E string instead of the other four that we were instructed to learn them on. Of course, I hadn't practiced fourth position yet, so the note was flat, but the attempt was valiant nonetheless.

By the time I was 13, I had long since dismissed the violin in exchange for drums and choir (I still mourn stopping the violin to this day). However, these weren't enough for me, and after successfully playing 3 chords on a guitar, I decided that I would pick up the strings again, but with more "edge." One thing led to another, and today I find myself well versed in all of the instruments that I have picked up, and I love to play them all. To my amusement and some delight, I find that, depending on who you ask, I am known to be a "sick player" at one of the instruments or the other.

When someone asks me what kind of music I like, or what my influences are, I often find it hard to give an accurate answer, because it is such a broad topic. I won't say that I like it all, because there is a lot of music that I downright detest. However, the closest thing to a straight answer that I can give is this - If there is something about the music or the production that I don't already know how to do, and if there is something really poignant or fascinating about the lyric content, then I am willing to give it a try, and will probably enjoy some or all of it. Of course, some music still blows me away in it's intricacy, emotional content or production quality, and those pieces end up being the treasures of my collection. I love music from most genres, and continue to refine my taste. In any given day I might listen to classical, jazz, hip-hop, classic rock, electronica, west or east coast rap, drum and bass, bluegrass, old punk, new punk, heavy metal, pop rock, or classical Japanese koto music. In other words, if it kicks ass, I'm into it.

I believe that I have the skill, the passion, the drive and the gift with words to carve out for myself a successful and prolific career in music. If I prove to be so blessed, maybe I can even turn the tides a bit and give some more radio play and popularity to the best music that is out there today, which sadly remains hidden from most people's ears. So here's to a brighter tomorrow, and I'll see you at the top!

And in case you are wondering, the songs at the top are but the tip of the iceberg, and I'll be coming up with new tunes before too long!



Written By: Ian Pettit

I've felt the way I feel before
Like someone's beating me repeatedly
I've been overcome, overwhelmed and subjugated
By a will that's not my own
There's no room for a broken heart
Inside these ribs of mine
I need one that keeps on beatin'

Would you show me the way?
Would you take me away
Or would you give me away
Once I'm no more good to you?
Like an old shoe that's tattered, torn and faded
If there's naught but emptiness
Within this heart of mine
When the blows keep on repeatin'
And repeatin, and repeatin' and repeatin'

Or will you save me from this poisonous tide
Before it sweeps away all that is left inside?
And will you set me free from these heavy chains?
And are you gonna leave or will you remain?

The shock of it confounded me
Flung me into my reverie
I was started up by the shadow on the floor
As you floated into my living room you said,
"There's no reason for you to cry
'Cuz you know, 'cuz you know, you know that I
I will be good to you I promise to
And your heart, and your heart I will restore.

"And I will save you from this poisonous tide
Before it sweeps away all that is left inside
And I will set you free from these heavy, heavy chains
And I will never leave you, I will never leave you, I will remain!

"I will remain!"


Written By: Ian Pettit

My lady you're lovely
And I'm hooked on your kiss
I was sinking in sadness
Now I'm drowning in bliss
Were you a prayer answered?
Was my timing just right
That you'd let me love you on that magical night?

'Cause I've had the best time
In a long time
And I'm glad that it was with you
They say that I'm crazy
But I need a lady
And my heart is saying that it could be you

Did I mention I'm lonely?
Are you lonely too?
Because I'm looking for someone
To start something new
It's not just your body
Or the look in your eyes
But it's in the way you took my heart by surprise

And I've had the best time
In a long time
And I'm glad that it was with you
They say that I'm crazy
But I need a lady
And my heart is saying that it should be you

Do you know that you're precious -
A treasure to me?
You're a gem of creation
And you set my soul free
Though a passionate moment
I still know it was real
Since I came to you broken but your love helped me heal

And I've had the best time
In a long time
And I'm glad that it was with you
They say that I'm crazy
But I love you baby
And my heart is saying that it could be you

Ho Hum

Written By: Ian Pettit

Say ho hum cuz you're probably dumb
But since you are you don't know it
So turn off today from the television way
Get wise to the prophet and hearken the poet

You know who's behind you, so just turn around
You've had your back turned for too long
To the weak and the dying, the wounded and crying
It's time to change your song

But the truth is painful, and it blinds you to open your eyes
As white light comes flooding in
Exposing American lies
Though you try and try to stop all the truth from making a sound
You may bury it deep but we keep all our ears to the ground

Put down your pencil, pick up your gun
There's hundreds to take from the rack
Your rights have been sold to the man with the gold
With his paranoid mind and fear of attack

Someone gets paid just to make you afraid
The sum of their greed is astounding
They line foreign pockets with money for rockets
Their ears ever deaf to the sounding

Of the horns in the distance, come from the valley below
From the place where they're keeping all of the people who know
How to care, how to care, how to love, how to heal a wound with a smile
So turn it on, crank it up and sing it out, but don't touch that dial

Set List

My set list is drawn from however many of these songs are needed to fill up the time slot. Need a half hour? No problem. 2 hours? Also no problem.
I pick songs from the following list, as well as whatever I might be trying out at the time of the gig.

-Daisy Chain
-Ho Hum
-Run Along
-Tomorrow Comes
-The Life

-The Professor/La Fille Danse
-Young Pilgrim
-Two-Way Monologue
-Pink Bullets
-Gone For Good
-Hazey Jane II
-A Fond Farewell
-Bottle Up and Explode!
-Let's Get Lost
-The Golden Age
-Guess I'm Doing Fine
-Bottom of the Barrel
-Piazza, New York Catcher
-The Stars of Track and Field
-It's the end of the world as we know it
-In the Morning of the Magicians
-I Like Chinese
-Kathy's Song
-For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her
-Feelin' Groovy
-Fire and Rain
-The Dreaming Tree