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I once asked my father when he first knew that I would be a musician. He responded with a story that took place when I was about 18 months old or so. At the time my dad was playing drums in a band, and they would practice in the basement. At times he would take me downstairs and let me make noise on the kit, but one night at practice, the first person to show up was (surprisingly) the guitar player. He came down the stairs and said something to the effect of, "Hey there little man, why don't you lay me down a beat?" Apparently I immediately responded with a relatively steady "boom, bap! boom, bap! boom bap!" on whatever drums I could reach. Not a bad start, I'd say.

When I was in second grade, our class all took violin lessons for a short while, to prepare for a group recital of "Hot Cross Buns" and "Mary Had A Little Lamb." When it came time for the recital, my inquisitive and experimental nature reared it's head, and when it came time for some of us to bravely play the songs alone, I attempted "Mary Had A Little Lamb" on the high E string instead of the other four that we were instructed to learn them on. Of course, I hadn't practiced fourth position yet, so the note was flat, but the attempt was valiant nonetheless.

By the time I was 13, I had long since dismissed the violin in exchange for drums and choir (I still mourn stopping the violin to this day). However, these weren't enough for me, and after successfully playing 3 chords on a guitar, I decided that I would pick up the strings again, but with more "edge." One thing led to another, and today I find myself well versed in all of the instruments that I have picked up, and I love to play them all. To my amusement and some delight, I find that, depending on who you ask, I am known to be a "sick player" at one of the instruments or the other.

When someone asks me what kind of music I like, or what my influences are, I often find it hard to give an accurate answer, because it is such a broad topic. I won't say that I like it all, because there is a lot of music that I downright detest. However, the closest thing to a straight answer that I can give is this - If there is something about the music or the production that I don't already know how to do, and if there is something really poignant or fascinating about the lyric content, then I am willing to give it a try, and will probably enjoy some or all of it. Of course, some music still blows me away in it's intricacy, emotional content or production quality, and those pieces end up being the treasures of my collection. I love music from most genres, and continue to refine my taste. In any given day I might listen to classical, jazz, hip-hop, classic rock, electronica, west or east coast rap, drum and bass, bluegrass, old punk, new punk, heavy metal, pop rock, or classical Japanese koto music. In other words, if it kicks ass, I'm into it.

I believe that I have the skill, the passion, the drive and the gift with words to carve out for myself a successful and prolific career in music. If I prove to be so blessed, maybe I can even turn the tides a bit and give some more radio play and popularity to the best music that is out there today, which sadly remains hidden from most people's ears. So here's to a brighter tomorrow, and I'll see you at the top!

And in case you are wondering, the songs at the top are but the tip of the iceberg, and I'll be coming up with new tunes before too long!