Ian Rhett

Ian Rhett


Ian is a cause-related singer-songwriter who only recently discovered he could sing and write songs. His first efforts received immediate success and opened a door Ian has fully stepped into. Soundslike: Johny Cash meets Pete Seeger, with hints of Jeff Buckley, Marvin Gaye and Bill Withers.


An early morning epiphany on New Year's Day 2004 broke a lifelong creative block and propelled Ian on a life-changing journey that has had him performing at events at the request of two Presidential Campaigns (Kerry, Kucinich), on the main stage of the Fillmore, the Capitol steps in Birmingham, Alabama and stages across the country.

His very first recording, "(Didn't Know I Was) Unamerican" was released on July 4, 2004.
The song's video was launched to his address book of friends and family and a few online communities and immediately saw widespread distribution on the internet, being called "A Must See Video" by Ben & Jerry's and TrueMajority founder Ben Cohen. The video added thousands of new activist members to TrueMajority's e-Activist list.

And in recognition of Ian's talents, over 10,000 people have signed up for his email list, eagerly awaiting new music from this freshly minted voice.

And they don't have to wait long.

Ian is working on the release of an EP, "Missing" featuring a trilogy of original songs about the tragedy of a loved one who one day doesn't come home, inspired by true stories and events. The title track's innovative online video (viewers will see a slideshow of missing persons local to wherever they are watching the video) is currently in production and the songs are lining up for a series of timely releases leading up to the next election.


(Didn't Know I Was) Unamerican

Written By: Ian Rhett

The Words <<

"(Didn't Know I Was) Unamerican"
(cc) ian rhett, 2004

Didn't know I was unamerican
For choosing to give a damn
Or unpatriotic
For daring to take a stand
For what I believe in
Looks like freedom to me -
Expressions of liberty
Wanting our America to be
A responsible hegemony

Didn't know I was a communist
For wanting to share the wealth
It doesn't take an economist
To measure the cost of health
And what I believe in
Looks like heaven to me -
One human family
Where everybody's got enough to eat
And something warm to cover their feet

Didn't know I'd be labeled a terrorist
For daring to speak my mind
It's becoming more precarious
For failing to toe the line
And what I believe in
Sounds like freedom to me -
Like the Sons of Liberty
In 1773
Dumping 45 tonnes of tea

Didn't know I was in the minority
Of people who love the Earth
I hope it becomes a priority
Before it gets any worse
And what I believe In
Looks like heaven to me -
Where angels take the shape of the trees
Giving us clean air to breathe
From the rivers to the mountains and seas...

DIdn't know I hated my country
For acknowledging the Truth
This war is despicable profiteering
At the expense of our youth
And what I believe In
Looks like heaven to me -
All of humanity
Living as community
In relative harmony

I know it's just a song
But if the whole world sang along
How much longer would it be this way?

Everyday Superman

Written By: Ian Rhett

Everyday Superman
(cc) 2005 ian rhett

I wanna grow up and be like Jack LaLane
I wanna go out and do all kind of insane
Things like swimmin in the ocean, towin a boat.

I wanna 20 something girlfriend when I'm 82
And lift a pick uptruck with only one or two
Fingers and a battleship chain around my throat

He's an every day superman
In every way cooler than
Anything I could ever aspire to be.

I wanna grow up to be like Johnny Cash
And be real mean and kick some ass
Without ever liftin a finger or breakin a sweat

I'll skip the amphetamines but not the Holy Ghost
I know that in heaven he's gotta be the most
Baddest motherfucker to ever show up yet

He's an every day superman
In every way cooler than
Anything I could ever aspire to be.

I wanna be just like Martin King
I wanna be repeatin' freedom's ring
From way out west to the deep dark south

I want to organize, sermonize and deputize the people
To love one another and believe that we can keep all
The rights and the liberty that we are lost without

He's an every day superman
In every way cooler than
Anything I could ever aspire to be.

I wanna always be like Jesus Christ
Drinkin lots of wine and eating right
Teaching faith, love and compassion to everyone

And let my life be an example of how to be
In love with everything that you can see
All it takes is believing you and God are one.

You're an every day superman
And for all the world, a super girl
In every way cooler more charming
and delightful and intelligent and beautiful
Than I could ever aspire to be.

(I Know Why You're) Semper Fi

Written By: Ian Rhett

(I Know Why You're) Semper Fi
(cc) ian rhett 2005

Please hurry home
Y'know I can't help but worry about you
And I know that life goes on
But I don't know how I can without you
And I know why you're Sewper Fi...
'til the end

I didn't want you to go
But I knew that you would anyway
And I'm so proud of you
I mean it every time I say it
And I know why you're Semper Fi
Til the end

And if there's a time
For everything under the Sun
Then let these wars we're waging
Be the last ones ever to be won
By anyone.

Well I know that you're guarded
By your brothers and sisters in arms
And they'll always take care of you
Doing thier best to keep you from harm
And I know why you're Semper Fi
'til the end

And I don't want you to die
But I know that you would in a minute
Without even asking why
Doing your duty to the limit
And I know why you're Semper Fi
'til the end


And I know why you're Semper Fi
'til the end.


"(Didn't Know I Was) Unamerican" Single - July 4, 2004
"(Didn't Know I Was) Unamerican" EP - October 4, 2004
"Semper Fi" EP, October 2006
"The Missing Song" Single - March 2008

Set List

Sets can range from a single song to a 90 minute stretch. 90% originals with a few covers from Leonard Cohen, Bill Withers and Prince. His soulful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner has been offered at rallies and vigils and pretty much anywhere he's invited to perform it. It is an honor to offer.