Ian Sadler

Ian Sadler


Guitar based, singer songwriter, dylan/van morrison/sara mclachlan/waterboys influenced - high lyrical content.

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Written By: Ian Sadler

Why'd you have to die
No-one there
To hear your cries
But I think
That was just a lie
And we have no …
No place left to hide

Ever known in your short life?
Did you ever
Hear a nursery rhyme?
Now an issue
Will anyone miss you?
Did anyone ever kiss you?
Did we all fall down?

All red, black and blue
Colours now
Associated with you
A terrible thing
To know that you were failed
One by one
We drove in all the nails

Who is there to blame?
Mirror gives
The answers once again
Please haunt us
From your cold dark grave
Let us feel
All your hurt and pain.

Pervades through our hearts
We left it
A little to late to start
Caring now
As you wear deaths ugly shroud
Look down upon
The maddening crowd

Will you God protect my child
If I should look
Away for a short while
They run around
Voices all scream and shout
Has anything changed?
I still have my doubts

Why'd you have to die?
No-one there
To hear your cries
We all know
Your face but not your name
Anonymous child
You didn’t have to die.