Ian Salmon

Ian Salmon

 Kent, Washington, USA

Ian is a unique story teller that uses the art of stand up comedy to teach, entertain and heal.


Salmon, a Jamaican native, was raised in Takoma Park, Maryland by his mother Cinderella Salmon. He began stand-up comedy in the early 90s and has been cranking out laughs ever since.

The comedian is noted for is his ability to keep his jokes fresh and unique. He weaves together experiences of travel, divorce and fatherhood, creating an enthralling web of comedy that will leave people in side-splitting laughter. With everything hes done, the man has endless material to use for the reward of a good laugh.

In 2000 Salmon was a finalist in the HBO U.S. Comedy Arts Festival. He was also a semi-finalist in 2003 in Comedy Centrals Laugh Riots, a national competition for best new comedians in the country.

In 2009 Salmon moved to Los Angeles to try his way with actingafter Eve Zibart, a writer for the Washington Post, told him he would make a great actor. He has been seen in TV shows Flash Forward, The Mentalist and Criminal Minds; and in the films Dark Eyes and Minority Report.

Salmons career has taken him all over the world, from his stint in L.A. to cities like Amsterdam, Beijing, Belgium,Shanghai, Japan,Okinawa, London, but it is the founding in 2011 of Cinderella Cares a Lung Cancer Charity that raises funds and awareness through the arts named after his late mother Cinderella Salmon that is his greatest achievement to date!

Salmon has rededicated himself to raising awareness and funds for research and early diagnosis through his gift of humor, a former smoker himself he is determine to save lives through laughter. .


2011 Ian Salmon Live at The Funny Bone Dayton, OH available on Amazon.com.