Ian Senior

Ian Senior


I have been called by the critics "Norway's best songwriter". I explore the twin rivers of melody and melancholy, writing intelligent songs on serious themes, yet wishing them to sound fresh and uncomplicated.

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Beacon Isle Records
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That Good Night

Written By: Ian Senior

They said take the money, they said take the fall,
Make it look good sonny, go down in the fourth,
But I will not go gentle, not without a fight,
I will not go gentle, into that good night.

Little Bird

Written By: Ian Senior

I see the tears that fall, from your sweet brown eyes,
You should be in another world, making someone else cry.
And though the summer has gone, you have stayed behind,
Don't let your thoughts run wild and cloud your mind.

Another World

Written By: Ian Senior

I can see you on the other side,
But you can't hear me through the glass.


My discography can be viewed om my website www.iansenior.com