Ian Sklar

Ian Sklar

 New York City, New York, USA

Ear Catching melodies and facile fingerwork on the rhythm guitar. Lyrics that may make you think twice, at least once.


Risen from a musical family. From the moment his hands touched grooved vynal he followed the black spiral outward and upward without losing site of the past. Influenced by his parents wide range in musical taste ranging from Dave Brubeck, Elvis, Buddy Holly, and Even Don Ho!? Also inspired by inner turmoil and lifes trials and tribs.

The Beatles inspired Ian to start writing his own music when he realized they existed. That was about 15 yrs ago and he has not stopped since.

Great great grandfather was the lead violinist in the Vienna Philharmonik. Is cousin to Walter Hautzig the world renowned pianist and probably the last great romantic pianist. Ian has had music in his head since he could remember. It's "In my blood".
" I recall lying in bed composing symphonies in my head as I was going to sleep, I didn't understand it so I didn't act on it" Later when at the age of 9 he picked up an old guitar at a garage sale he started writing his own music in the rock style. The songs are solid and Ian plays to his audience and adapts to the occasion.


Ian Sklar: "Stories From My Window" 1997, "Acoustica" 1999, "MC2=E" 2006. Upcoming "Sklarface" More on http://www.myspace.com/iansklar, http://www.iansklar.com

Set List

Should I Give Myself, Promised Land, Do you want to Fall in Love, Funny Feeling, Rust, Red Pen, Save Me Do, Shadow of My Former Self, Heartbreak Town, Sinatra, Scene of the Crime, Original Sin, These Walls,