Ian Thorn

Ian Thorn


If I could you know I'd dream my time playing for this/Take something from this I need a life, Drink from a pool of rhyme/Tossed myself out on my knees and I'm jokin' and wastin' time. (copyright 2006, Chris Clinton). Yeah, that's how I'd say it.


The Company is Chris Clinton on guitars, vocals and percussion; Crystal Rose on bass guitar, background vocals and percussion; and Mike Wine on drums.

Chris has been a singer, songwriter, guitarist for 19 years, with influences like Collective Soul, The Cult, Drivin' n' Cryin', U2, Matt Gilbert, among many others. Chris has played extensively as a solo acoustic act, playing numerous places such as the Yacht Club and being house entertainment at Cheri's, as well as playing numerous private parties, including the notorious "Bonnerville."

Crystal began playing drums at age 9 and bass at age 12. She joined her first band at age 11 and has played drums for 5 bands since. She was raised on country music, but has recently realized the meaningful music of rock and roll.

Chris and Crystal met in the late 90's when Crystal was playing drums for Midnight Express and Chris joined the band on lead guitar for a brief time. Both went on to other venues and played together several times over the years before forming The Company in 2006.

Mike Wine has played semi-professionally for God only knows how long. He's a pretty private guy; he won't even tell us how old he is. But he's not old, best we can tell.

Our website, www.ianthorn.com, has been up since the summer of 2006. We're also on my MySpace at www.myspace.com/ianthornband.


We currently have a Limited Edition Demo EP available for sale at shows with 5 of our originals, released in 2007. We have tracks from the CD streaming at www.myspace.com/ianthornband.

Set List

Our typical set list contains about 25 songs and is about 2 hours long. About 5% of our songs are originals. Our covers include Collective Soul, Drivin' n' Cryin', The Cult, AC/DC, Tom Petty, U2, AudioSlave, ZZ Top, Outfield, Chris Isaac, etc.