Ian Yim

Ian Yim


Ian will blow your mind with the range of his musical talent. His voice is reminiscent of Marvin Gay, his songs steller and his production edgy and innovative. Ian has an incredible range which allows him to sing both beautiful high notes and smooth sexy low notes. He definetely leaves you wanting more.


24 year old Ian Yim was born and raised in Toronto. Ian has spent his life devoted to music, both independently and through his schooling. Ian spent his main schooling at Claud Waton School for the Arts in Toronto. Throughout school, Ian was forced to major in one instument, but instead his voracious musical appetite led him to learn as many instruments as he could. Backed by solid theory and chord knowledge, Ian has been able to perfect his singing, piano, guitar, bass and drumming skills.

Ian has been a member in many bands, including his most current stint as Emmazing Records' founder Emma Cook's bass player. He is also featured on her album Manifesto as drummer, bass player and back up vocals(www.emmacookmusic.com). Ian plays and performs regularly with Toronto singer/songwriter Usra Leedham, appearing in 2003 on the CBC television show Zed Tv. (www.usraleedham.com).

Throughout Ian's career as a musician in Toronto, he has done much work for commercials and television shows, including a playstation2 commercial and some vocal stylings on the soon to be released 'Playmakers' DVD.

Ian has collaborated with many different musicians, including house producer Westmagnetic. He co-wrote and performed the song "Real" on Westmagnetics recently released 'Fire EP.' 'Real' was most recently re-mixed by two different producers, one of which is the world renounced Nick Holder.

Although Ian is a jack of all instuments, his most heart-stopping talent lies in his ability to write songs and deliver them. Ian is an accomplished Hip Hop dancer and is currently working on a demo where his songwriting, singing, producing and dancing ablities are exposed. A Canadian Star just waiting to shine, Ian definitely has the makings to be the next big thing in urban music. His musical integrity and poignant lyrics make him a performer worth noticing.


The Fire EP, released in 2003 by Westmagnetic for Ultrasound Recordings. Ian performes the song 'Real,' as well as earning himself a co-writing credit for the song.

Set List

Ian plays a range of original songs and old r&b standards, particularly Marvin Gay.