Iari Melchor

Iari Melchor

 San Jose, California, USA
BandPopAdult Contemporary

Clever, witty, honest, melodic...

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  • Iari Melchor Guitarist, Pianist, Vocalist

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Falling Forward

Written By: Iari Melchor

You don't know me but you swear you've seen me before
Like a ghost in your mind
You're terrible with names but you never forget a face
And you smile and say you remember mine
If truth is meant to free our souls
Well then sweet confession here I go

I'm falling forward, I'm uncovered
I'm drowing, desperately in love and it feels like
I'm flying and you're my destination
I'm hoping against hope you feel the same way, too

I hope you've seen me, I've been watching you for awhile
You're beautiful...so beautiful
I've memorized your face and every night it's the same
I dream of your lips and how they taste
I'm like a top you've spun around
Can't tell up from down I must be

Repeat Chorus

Been loggin' miles on the internet
Tryin' to see your face every chance I get
Cos too much is not enough for me

Hoping against hope you feel the same!

Repeat Chorus