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Realistic, conscious, a social and generational bridged in the culture of Hip Hop. An exsplosive dynamic shift in the music industry. A Fresh New Gift to the creative art of expression that will change and mold the mines that will shape the world.


The prolific Mississippi-born entertainer "NEMESI" is without a dout the New ConerStone an shift in the hip-hop industry to day. He has been involved and collaborated on many successful projects and continues steady progress within the Rap commune. It was in Europe that "NEMESI" first explored his passion for music and acting. He was living in Europe in 1993 when he recorded "Move" and "What Am I Here For" on a T.O.C. project with Annika Klar, Andreas Fischert, and JÜrgen Herbarth. The same year he wrote and performed "For Your Love". He continued to tour while in Europe and appeared in several music videos.

Since his time in the European theatre "NEMESI" has been able to successfully merge his two passions. While working on a project with Set 4 Life Entertainment, he starred as "David" in the independent film, "Looking Down The Barrel of A Gun". Several of the songs for the soundtrack of the movie where written and performed by "NEMESI". In addition he has performed with fellow rappers DJ Smurf and MC Shy-D. He also co-wrote and recorded songs with Lady Mystery and Leroy on the compilation "All in Due Time" (2001).

This 1999 Cobb County NAACP business leader award recipient serves as an inspiring role model for our youth through his music and his DirectionWear™ clothing line (which promotes moving in a positive direction). This positive and talented individual is definitely coming-up on the come-up and is a force to be watched in the future.

More recently, “NEMESI” has released his 4th CD entitled "Motion Picture" which has been well received and is supported by the TASF (Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation /; his CD can also be purchased there. This Rap giant is truly poised to make the world capitulate to his mastery of the delivery of rhythmic verse. Keep your eyes and ears open for the new sounds available from "NEMESI" for his album has dropped and its impact on the music scene will be devastating.

I would be remiss if I failed to mention the fact "NEMESI" is a proud soldier in the United States Army. Is his years of dedicated service he has obtained the rank of Sergeant First Class and continues to serve with distinction.


The Solder Album
Waydown--Soldier Girl--Come Back

Motion Picture the Album
Hits Singles-- Rise--Pressure--Mississippi Hustler

Set List

Tupac Amaru Center for the Arts
1st Annual Camouflage Party (MoCutz Ent.)
Club Apache
Cafe Barrizza
Club Edenu
Atlanta Underground talentmart T.V. Show
Club 429
Sweet Auburn Fest 2007(Atlanta)