Soulful, inspirational, and


Ibn Smith, known to the music industry as Ibneza, aims to heal the world with his raspy and smooth balladry voice. Possessing a diverse range, love, and interest ranging from r&b, gospel, alternative, rock and country. He was moved to come up with his final cohesions of songs reflecting his experiences as a young man. He managed to record a compilation and released and album independently. Ibneza collaborated with a group of ingenious producers who produced and toured with Dru Hill, and solo projects within the group. Nathan "ChaBoy" Mooring and Lil Rod for Monkey Boyz Productions helped make projects like, "U Should B Mine, Where Do I Go, and Knock, Knock sound official. The songs shows Ibneza versatility and quality in his voice. Through music he wants to relay the message of love, peace, joy, and celebration. When he graduated from Mergenthaler High School, he began taking his artistic talents into heart. He began studying with William Beale, a vocal coach, who worked with Johhny Gill and Stacy Lattisaw, and gained most of his experiences form singing in the choir and quartet groups. He also used to sing with Woody Rock formerly of Dru Hill in a group before that took him to stardom. Although his contemporary vocals are often compared to many great singers, he accepts the comparisons as compliments and from this he has gained a variety of styles in singing. Ibneza's influences ranges from Stevie Wonder, Brian Mcknight, George Benson, Boyz II Men, Jodeci, Michael Jackson, James Brown, and Marvin Gaye to name a few. Meanwhile the singer, writer, and producer has appeared in some national television programs such as Channel 2 News, and commercials. He also performed in many different venues throughout the country. He's performed at Convention Centers, Church, festivals, colleges, schools, weddings, clubs, and parties. He also performed at the B.E.T soundstage. Ibneza has even shared the stages with acts like Woody Rock, Jazz, 112, 702, and Ruff Endz just to name a few, and even singing my recorded song in a basement studio for Leelee of S.W.V in the past. He is currently recording and preparing on a release so, "Watch out for it. " It's different and unlike any other.


Haven't yet released anything, but it's in the works