IBO and KinDread

IBO and KinDread




His musical roots are planted on the tiny island of Nevis and has now manifested into the conscious Roots Reggae band "IBO and KinDread."

IBO, the lead vocalist hails from the island of Nevis and has many years of experience touring North America with his previous bands Imperial Force out of Montreal and Strugglah out of Calgary, opening up the gates to what is now a thriving Canadian touring Reggae circuit. IBO has opened shows for Burning Spear, Sugar Minott, Alpha Blondy, The Wailers Band, Jimmy Cliff, Shaggy, Ini Kamozi and Culture, and has played for the likes of Half Pint, Ken Boothe, The Mighty Diamonds, Scare Dem Crew, George Nooks, Alton Ellis, Ras Ghandi, Pinchers and Leroy Sibbles. IBO is also a founding member of the Calgary International Reggae Festival and has played a great role in producing, promoting and elevating Reggae music in Canada over the years.

IBO and KinDread, a group with a positive message is a driving force on the Canadian Reggae circuit who delivers the message of Rastafari, love and reality and have inspired many people as they tour across North America.

The band has released one album and two singles to date on the Smokeyroom Productions label to which IBO is signed. The album "The Prayer" has sold over two thousand units in Canada, in a Reggae market that is not known for high volumes of album sales. The first single "It's a long way" was recorded at Anchor Recording Studio in Kingston, Jamaica and the new single "Sweet like a Sugah" will feature labelmate Ras Ghandi. Members of the band come from Nevis, Jamaica and Canada all having a vast amount of musical experience, ranging from studio sessions to playing the Jamaican hotel circuit and backing band for top Reggae artists.


Lee is a top class guitar, bass and keyboard player from Jamaica with the experience of playing the hotel scene, Reggae Sunsplash, Sumfest, to doing studio work with top Jamaican producers. He has worked with Half Pint, Leroy Sibbles, Ed Robinson, Ken Boothe, Ras Ghandi and Sugar Minott. Lee has been producing and writing with IBO for the last twelve years and together they have produced five albums and three singles out of the Smokeyroom studio. Lee brings a unique style of keyboard playing and harmony to IBO and KinDread which enhances the sound of the band and its production quality.

Iwah is blessed with the gift of playing the guitar which he has been playing since he was a young man living in east Vancouver. He has always had a love for different styles of music and has played with acoustic, African and Reggae bands. Iwah has also had the opportunity to play with notable artists George Nooks, Half Pint, Monty Morris, The Mighty Diamonds and Ras Ghandi. IBO met Iwah while on a Western Canada tour, they stayed in touch and link up through Jah works and destiny. Ever since all has been blessed and the music has been elevated, as Iwah brought his own unique feel to the sound.

BlaeBlae is the young lion in the band and has shown with his knowledge of the bass and keyboards that age does not limit his contribution to the sound that the band presently has. BlaeBlae comes from a musical family, his brother is one of the top dancehall artists in Germany who goes by the name of Fitawari, and his older brother Dale plays bass for Jimmy Cliff and Mutabaruka. Bassie has also played at Jamaica Grand and Breezes hotels honing his skills before coming to Canada where he linked up with IBO and KinDread

Naza, who on occasion will sit in with IBO for the love of it when IBO is playing in Calgary, has been playing the drums since 1998 and has also covered a lot of ground musically. He started playing Gospel music in the church and later went through different styles of music including R&B, Latin, Jazz and Reggae. Naza has played at Jamaica Grand, Bracco and Breezes hotels, Irie Fest and Reggae Sumfest, and has also played for top artists like Mr. Lexx, Sean Paul, Ziggy Marley and Morgan Heritage. Because of his versatility and different styles it has helped Naza to develop his own unique sound.

"The players of instruments shall be there and the musicians shall gather at his feet."


Dreams......(CD single) "Hotter than Congo pepper" BAM records 1993
Mama.....(CD single) "Aural Pleasures" Chubby Wubby Records 2000
IBO.....(EP CD) Afesha Music 2002
Hyperventilation.....(CD single) JUST feat. IBO & OudaOuda 2004
The Prayer.....(CD) IBO...Afesha Music / Smokeyroom Productions 2004
"It's a long way".....(CD single) "Daily Bread" Various Artists VOL 1 Smokeyroom Productions 2007
"Sweet like a sugah"..(CD single) "Real Roots Reggae.....a Canadian story". JuPeter records 2007

Set List


No more will I roam....( G Howell )
Seek Jah / Get ready...( G Howell )
Peace......( G Howell )
Deliver us......( G Howell )
I need a place.....( G Howell / H Whyte )
Million Children....( G Howell )
Clean hearts......( G Howell / R McRae )
Wicked ago run.....( G Howell / J Perry )
Raise I consciousness....( G Howell / L Wynter )
Queen & Empress....( G Howell )
Reality....... ( G Howell / L Wynter / D Gelly )
Morning in Zion.....( G Howell / L Wynter )
Sweet like a sugah.....( G Howell )
The world today......( G Howell )
Blaze your fire........( G Howell )
Dreams.......( G Howell )
Strengthen me now......( G Howell / L Wynter )
Blood runs cold........( G Howell / L Wynter )
Rasta woman........( G Howell / L Wynter )
So dry your tears.........( G Howell / L Wynter )
Seek & find.......( G Howell )
The scent of my herb......( G Howell / L Wynter )
Fighting for Jah..... ( G Howell )
Spirit high.......( G Howell / L Wynter /