Ibrahima Faye

Ibrahima Faye


A blend of ancient djembe rhythms, a voice echoing the traditional African singers, and a blues-flavored acoustic/electric guitar.


The Wolof of Senegal believe that with a long life, one can fix every problem; thererfore, their favorite wish is Gudd Fann (live long). Hence the title of this album. Ibrahima Faye grew up by the Atlantic Ocean in Dakar, the capital of the West African country of Senegal. In Ancient Africa, his ancestors' role consisted of passing down through music the history of the people from generation to generation. His great-great-great-great grandfather, Mbamb Ngorong, was the drum major of the emperor. During a battle, Mbamb was wounded as he stood drumming next to the emperor. He later founded the village of Kaba, which still exists in central Senegal.Today, Ibrahima Faye is following in his ancestor's footsteps. Besides being a painter and poet, Ibrahima Faye speaks four languages. He is also an intellectual with a bachelor's degree in literature and has taught in England, Senegal, and the United States. Still, Ibrahima Faye has always been close to his roots. His various academic and artistic talents are reflected in his music. His songs deal with the wisdom, beauty, and complexity of the African continent on the one hand, and the daily struggle of the common people on the other. In this album, Ibrahima Faye showcases his multi-instrumentalism. Besides being a singer-songwriter, he plays acoustic and electric guitar, djembe, and tama/talking drum. His voice conjures up the traditional singing style of the ancient Wolof griots and the lively beat of the neighborhood streets of Dakar. Gudd Fann-Live Long is truly a journey into the deep roots of a music with a soul.


Gudd Fann-Live Long (2007)
Radio airplay:
1. Voice of America (The African Beat)
2. Sud FM (in Senegal)

Set List

Set List:
Set 1 (1 hour)
1. Mame Boye (traditional version)
2. Samba Nidiaye (modern version)
3. Gudd Fann-Live Long
4. Mame Boye (modern version)
5. Samba Nidiaye (traditional version)
6. Amadou Diallo
7. Boul Bel
8. Bey Sap Tole
9. The typewriter (Djember instrumental)
10. Kabaak Lambaay
11. One Man's Pleasure
Set 2 (1 hour)
1. Hissene Habre
2. Xalaama Ndiir
3. Simplify Your Life
4. Goree Ko waral
5. Douti Pang
6. Jekk Tangk
7. Qui Bat Qui
8. Ben Tali
9. Djembe Jam (instrumental)
10. Sunset on the Nile