i by self

i by self


Acoustic music, heavily inspired by the likes of Joseph Arthur and Tom Mcrae. Strong dark melodies powering over simple tunes, with an early Eels and PJ Harvey vibe.


Once music has taken hold of your life, you can't turn your back on it. i by self creator Dan Patmore tried it, after getting frustrated with a limited sound and without the like-minded musicians he so desperately craved. He gave up on his old acoustic persona, disillusioned with music.

But, within two years he was back, writing, playing and performing with more lust for music than ever before, a middle finger raised to personal doubts and a professional DIY attitude somewhat lacking in his earlier endeavours.

The sound of i by self is simple tunes, with sometimes McCabe and more often than not melancholy melodies that fit a powerful and wide ranging voice. With influence and likeness to musicians like Joseph Arthur and Tom Mcrae and with a raw passion like PJ Harvey - this is alternative acoustic music at it's finest.

Look out for debut EP 'The man that was' being released with the help of The Cardigan Suite, sometime in late spring 2006.


EP - The man that was, coming soon

Set List

Intro - the man that was
No Friend
Hiding away
Say yes
In the end